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imagine_amusing_name2915 karma

You told them to stop. They refused. Thats rape.

Contract doesn't matter. it's rape. It needs to be reported to the authoritities. The contract will be ignored utterly. There is video proof. You NEED 100% to report this.

They will move on from 18yr olds to children, pretty much guaranteed.

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Are there any roles you've turned down you seriously regret and would leap at the chance if there was a reboot? or remake..

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Exactly this. It's likely you won't get any of the money, so refuse to settle out of court UNLESS they can prove they can pay X amount of millions immediately.

Don't sign any "no admission of guilt" clauses either. That way they get to pay you but don't down the line face criminal charges.

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They're all dead. All by long sharpened bits of wood.

It's a mystery and the cops are stumped because the murders stopped about 2 months ago :)

imagine_amusing_name30 karma

You can't contract away your right to not be raped, sexually abused, become an unpaid slave, be murdered, cannibalized etc.

Regardless of 'contract' if you stay stop during sex, it has to stop.

If this wasn't the case, a rapist could just FORCE you to sign a contract, and all they'd be guilty of is a breach of contract law when they rape you.