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imagine_amusing_name2430 karma

Are there any roles you've turned down you seriously regret and would leap at the chance if there was a reboot? or remake..

imagine_amusing_name30 karma

They're all dead. All by long sharpened bits of wood.

It's a mystery and the cops are stumped because the murders stopped about 2 months ago :)

imagine_amusing_name25 karma

Although by this point I think Miscavige will have gnawed his wife's corpse to the bare bones and be on the hunt for a new "wife" he can hack to death and feast on her raw insides.....

imagine_amusing_name19 karma

You were warned away from coke. What about pepsi? :)

imagine_amusing_name11 karma

I've started taking medical advice from Janitors instead.

This one told me to stick a broom handle up my ass and let him record it for "medical research programs". Do you think he's a genuine medical professional? I mean he has a pretty nice bucket and mop.