My short bio: My name is Michael Eckert, Sgt USMC. IG @Michaeleckert_fit

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Skadoosh_it5375 karma

How long until you fully conquer gravity?

meckertfit6837 karma

Couple months

notwutiwantd4103 karma

When you're doing those pull-ups that landed you on the front page, which muscles are you NOT working out?

meckertfit5859 karma

My calves... lmao

notwutiwantd2145 karma

meckertfit2543 karma

Hahaha that's why I said it!

FiveLitersOfFury2290 karma

As a former really fat guy but still currently kinda fat guy who goes to the gym 4-5 nights a week, pull ups are the one thing I cannot succeed at. Do you have any recommendations from a broader view of what I can do to get to a point where I can do real pull-ups? Killer videos tho man keep it up!

meckertfit3555 karma

Try doing negatives but for those of a heavier stature need to focus on building the tendons and muscles in isolation first because you'll get injured if you don't.

TSK-REAPER222090 karma

How long has it taken you to build your strength as you have?

meckertfit2781 karma

Since High School, I am 26 now so I would say about 10 years or a little more.

pizzaboxn1138 karma

How was your strength in high school?

meckertfit2056 karma

My brother was a rower and I competed against him doing pull-ups all the time, I would say about average for that age. Nothing special.

Inepta377 karma

I'm 20, not fit nor overweight. Just soft. I've been wanting to be toned for awhile now but I've always had issues with excersize commitment. Until recently (past 3 weeks) I've been doing 2 set of sit up, 15 reps morning and before bed. Along with multiple reps of 10 push-ups throughout the day. I usually just do them when I think about it, so about 50-70 push-ups a day, give or take. It's been keeping me on track. Do you think this is adequate for tonnage? I can't find much on Google.

meckertfit1233 karma

It's not about reps for tonnage, you really need to get into doing high interval training. It's all about intensity not quantity.

tripleo641800 karma

What is your drive to stay in shape? What goes through your head in those difficult moments when you don't want to work out but you have to?

meckertfit5075 karma

Oh shit this is a good one. My drive is for the people who can't do it. A best friend passed away about a month ago who I served with. He can no longer do it, so I do my best to go harder for the both of us. I am not perfect but I try as best I can.

entirelyfiction1084 karma

Sorry for your buddy, man. Great reason to keep on keeping on - I'm super jealous. You look fantastic!

meckertfit963 karma

Thank you!

TheHeartlessCookie27 karma

From the looks of things, you do it well enough for every fallen brother of America. :)

meckertfit91 karma

Never. Enough. If you get too good, inspire others.

seventy70701279 karma

How long have you had your dog for? Could you tell us more about the dog?

meckertfit961 karma

Lol he's not mine!!

Acoconutting1059 karma

You can still post pics and share info on the dog. We'd be okay with that.

Dont_aids_me_bro1231 karma

Do you have a story about a time when your muscles and ability to lift your body/ do crazy athletic shit came in handy in the real world? It looks cool in the gym and all, but has it ever come in clutch falling off a cliff or something practical? Thank you for your service !

meckertfit2561 karma

Actually the opposite, my over confidence got me a broken wrist 3 months ago...

Dont_aids_me_bro654 karma

Were you doin flips and shit or just fast pull ups for the ladies? Glad to see you can grip and everything well again it seems

meckertfit1578 karma

Competing my third year for Ninja Warrior and they had this local competition where I just muscled up onto the thing and fell onto the concrete from about 14 feet up. The exact wrong way to do it!

Kuonji469 karma

3rd year? what's the farthest you've gotten and what are your weak points on the course?

meckertfit1065 karma

The JUMPING SPIDER 3 times has taken me out. Hip flexor flexibility.

HopeSandoval267 karma

Can you confirm this redditors comment about Ninja Warrior: This show is bullshit.

meckertfit526 karma

Nothings perfect. It rained right before I went and I still had to go.

seri0usface61 karma

Good attitude here I like it

meckertfit100 karma


HappyComment827 karma

hello ridiculously-photogenic-pull-up-rowing-machine-marine-guy! here are some awkwardly forward questions:

How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

What's the best fitness advice you've ever received?

What's the best fitness advice you'd give someone working on getting in shape?


meckertfit1393 karma

5'11" 175

Remember the guy who quit? No one does...

It's going to be hard at first and you'll want to quit but don't.

333name645 karma

What is the hardest exercise you do that appears easy to the average person, and what is the easiest one you do that looks hard?

meckertfit911 karma

Well I broke my wrist 3 months ago and so doing a handstand is super difficult for me to do.

Those sideways pull-ups and front-levers are easy for me but look really hard! Because if you haven't trained for it they kind of are.

syber339151 karma

Any advice on getting strong enough to front lever? How long can you hold one? Also do you rock climb at all? If you built up finger strength i feel like you would crush it.

meckertfit274 karma

I climb v6-v8 and I can hold a 20 second front lever. Get ab slings and realllllly push your core on those!

k1mmay553 karma

Are you single?

meckertfit620 karma


person2567527 karma

Do u even lift bro?

meckertfit993 karma

I partake, on occasion.

mostwant_ded523 karma

Uhhhhh, do you fuck with the war?

meckertfit517 karma

Lil Dicky!

WakinyanDAWG512 karma

How do you like your coffee?

meckertfit811 karma

Lots of cream and sugar

FlamingCh1cken508 karma

What exercise regimen would you recommend to get close to the shape you are in now?

  • What's your diet, routine, etc.?

meckertfit1555 karma

My diet is just don't eat shit all the time. Put down the cookies once in a while but I don't count my Macros or get too into it.

Right now I am on a routine that is 500 pull-ups, 1 gallon of water, and 500 crunches a day for 30 days.. lol today is day 1 but successful so far!

moneyfornothing420479 karma

What are you favorite basic exercises?

meckertfit1330 karma

Pull-ups, I hold the world record for most in 60 seconds

meckertfit740 karma

lol yeah I had inflamed tendons for a week after that one!

blackflag209345 karma

What's your favorite flavor of Crayola?

meckertfit643 karma

Red Brick Shit House

Racorse330 karma

Get ready for this one. Favorite supplement?

meckertfit457 karma

Amino Energy

PM_ME_LIBERTY308 karma

Have you ever been approached to make a ridiculous infomercial for like Mike Eckert's totally insane ridiculous rowing in the air workout?

meckertfit297 karma

Hahaha no but I think you're on to something!

excitedgrot263 karma

If you had one story to tell people what would it be?

meckertfit686 karma

My dad once told me while I was competing, he said, why not you. I couldn't give him an answer and I wound up winning.

OzTheMalefic244 karma

Do you have any gymnastic, dance or performance background?

Some of the moves in the longer video where you show some amazing locking of position (fake stairs/steps) are the kind of moves people practice for ages.

You're like a super mime!

meckertfit367 karma

Haha I am an amateur rock climber so that helps!

WickedCoolUsername239 karma

When's leg day?

meckertfit708 karma

I just yawned.... I can't do leg day today...

fngrtps197 karma

What's a song that you sing along in secret but never in public?

meckertfit352 karma

Let it go... I don't really know why.

blesingri185 karma

What exercises do you do for the legs?

meckertfit896 karma


Justin-Beeber158 karma

How long have you been a Marine?

meckertfit227 karma

4 years

DarkPasta153 karma

Do you recommend rowing machines as an "at home" exercise? I do Jiu Jitsu, and do a little mountain biking, but I'm still in need of more core strength and (a lot of) conditioning. I'm 41, 6'3", about 240-250 lbs.

meckertfit201 karma

Get some ab straps. I owe a lot of my core strength to them!

Acoconutting137 karma

Have you or will you be deployed? I've been curious if all marines just get deployed or if they just hang out and work out all the time or something....

I actually don't know much about what the military does when they're not working out or doing some sort of combat or combat training

meckertfit295 karma

I was "forward deployed" to Japan, but not everyone deploys and I wouldn't call mine a deployment either.

alexisloraine122 karma

What running regimen do you do/use?

Who is your inspiration for being a better athlete or person overall?

And what is your favorite base you've been stationed at?


meckertfit232 karma

I am not the best runner but I can still make around an 18 min 3 mile. Short interval training to get the HR up helps!

I have met a lot of good and bad people and I choose to take the best qualities from them and try to inspire others. My dad would be someone I would like to be like as a person.

Iwakuni Japan!!

Scottler110 karma


meckertfit446 karma

Consistency is key because you start to not see instant results and get discouraged. So stick with it!!

worldsokayestmarine97 karma

Does Gunny know you're famous?

meckertfit101 karma

LMFAO, that was funny.

b0wdwn2m362 karma

Hello Mr. Eckert! I'm about to head into my freshman year at college and want to put my time in summer to good use, physically. I've gone to the gym to work out 4x a week but want a better routine instead of what I'm doing now. Could you share your routine me/ what you think would be good for an 18 year old guy? You look amazing btw holy moly

meckertfit150 karma

I personally use Time as my coach. Everything is at the top of the minute and you just go till you drop. Specifically though it would take me a while to make a specific routine for you because I am a personal trainer as well. My website will be up soon and that will help you a lot so keep in touch!

frozenflameinthewind58 karma

Does your dog enjoy showing off his bunghole as a general rule or was this a special treat just for us? 😜

meckertfit69 karma

Just for you all ;)

WeDoTheWeirdStuff46 karma

You know none of those counted for your PFT, right?

meckertfit54 karma

I could still push out 23 after that set.

DrewDozer38 karma

tits or ass?

meckertfit220 karma


rebuked28 karma

How much can you bench?

meckertfit79 karma

275 was my max, but now... after a broken wrist I haven't even tried.

number1punjabi9 karma

What levels do you do in rock climbing? Is it possible to do what you do/look like you through just rock climbing workouts? Any advice for beginning rock climbers?

meckertfit16 karma

Weight lift and cross train with climbing. Also Yoga! I climb v6-v8

sourpatchkidj7 karma

Are you an ectomorph? What would your advice be for someone who struggles with gaining weight/getting fit while living with depression?

meckertfit30 karma

Use working out as your release, it helped me get through tough times!

ombraraba4 karma

Hey dude youre goals how much do you squat?

meckertfit7 karma

375 I rep

dick-nipples3 karma

What is it like to have women splooshing all over you 24/7?

meckertfit17 karma

Hah it's not bad but I can't even reply to a lot of the messages I get. I am glad I am doing this!