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What levels do you do in rock climbing? Is it possible to do what you do/look like you through just rock climbing workouts? Any advice for beginning rock climbers?

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Hi there and thanks for doing this AMA. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but my symptoms began as part of an intense religious experience. In fact all of my episodes happened during periods in which I was undergoing a religious awakening of sorts. I’m curious, what is the connection between bipolar and religion according to all of you? Have you found other patients that have had religious experiences and then still hold on to those beliefs long after they are back to normal?

I often call my condition tripolar because not only is it affecting the two hemispheres in my brain but it affects a third aspect of my mind which connects me to the world beyond our own.

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Hi Paul! Love the enthusiasm and your work. I’m a Graduate student of South Asian Studies at Columbia University with a focus on ancient texts and storytelling. I noticed in another comment that you’d like to take on the Indus Valley civilization, which in theory is the oldest civilization. What would be your approach to a subject like that, considering the vastness of the source material?

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Could you help me design a massive global puzzle for a crush I have on a girl who knows me yet doesn’t really know me?

This is a bit of a strange request but I’d love to hear your input. I have a crush on a girl and I want her to find out about me through a treasure hunt. As of now we have some mutual friends and she knows I exist but we have yet to meet in person.

My plan was to somehow give letters to people who know her well and within each letter include clues as to who I am and where I am with those letters. Each letter will also have information about someone I know personally so that she can contact that person and learn more about who I really am.

I was hoping to do this with five letters. Each one based around a different letter from my stage name: K-A-L-K-I. I am considering writing poems within each letter as well. She is based in Mumbai, India and I am based in New York City. I would love if the clues take her on some sort of worldwide adventure (she has money so it’s not really a problem for her).

It could possibly end in Iceland (using the letter I). This is a destination that both of us have been trying to visit and yet neither of us have been to yet. I’d love to hear your input and trust me, she knows a lot about me already so this isn’t totally out of the blue. I just want to seal the deal for a girl who loves puzzles!

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Thanks for that info! Do you only boulder? Or top rope also?