I’m Kelly Kazek (Kay-zick). My title is Weird News Reporter and humor columnist for AL.com. That means I actually get paid to write about things like World’s Largest roadside attractions, car-part art, Bigfoot, haunted mental asylums and more. Although my AL.com stories are mostly about Alabama, I also write a lot about the South and I’ve visited weird sites across the country. I am also the author of 8 books and have a blog at KellyKazek.com. You can follow me on Twitter at @kellykazek.

I was a single mom for 20 years after my Baby Girl’s father died, and I remarried in October 2016. Sweetums is a 6-foot-7 Bigfoot enthusiast and we had a Weird Road Trip-themed wedding with a roadside attractions cake.

Proof: Here I am with the Sasquatch statue in my garden.

Ask Me Anything!

UPDATE at 7:20 p.m.: You guys are so good at asking questions. My arm is about to fall off! I will check back some over the weekend and answer some more. Thank you so much.

UPDATE Saturday 5.20.17: I'll be on and off all day attempting to answer more of the questions. If you haven't already left one, please send it to [email protected]. Thanks!

Saturday 2:45 pm. I made it thru all the questions submitted by 10 this morning so I'll stop now. Thanks again for joining in. I loved it!

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180secondideas693 karma

Do you need source material?

I know a gentleman (70 year old lawyer in Memphis) who ran into Bigfoot twice in the late 70s. I had heard about him for a decade, and a few years ago finally got to meet him. He has ZERO belief in anything paranormal or cryptozoological, but was in the Mark Twain National Forest and Bigfoot walked right up to him. Face to face.

Takes him a full hour to tell the story. Of everything I have seen or read about the unknown, this guy was far and away the most believable. I came away 100% convinced...and I tend to be a skeptic.

Ever since I heard his tale, I have felt like someone needs to document this guy.

aldotcom429 karma

Yes. I love that. Email [email protected]

oxfordcircumstances668 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've personally witnessed?

aldotcom1606 karma

If you mean as in Bigfoot or ghosts, I haven't seen those but I write about people who say they have. As far as roadside attractions, I've seen some seriously weird stuff. Last weekend, I saw tiny teddy bears (about 2 inches) made of belly button lint.

JackXDark478 karma

Do you think there's a relationship between the types of weirdness that makes the news, and the national (or international) psyche?

I mean... I have this idea that weird news is a kind of barometer for what's going on politically and socially. It's definitely not a precise thing, but various folk devils and moral panics or prevalent urban legends seem somewhat linked to economic concerns or world events.

Any thoughts on that?

aldotcom818 karma

Whoa...deep. Actually, you are probably right. It is interesting to me how people are so fascinated with abandoned sites these days. Is it because they are spooky or because it is a sign of what we are wasting? Why the rise in Bigfoot sightings lately? Is it because he's more intelligent than our politicians?

AlexanderShunnarah339 karma

Have you called me yet?

aldotcom148 karma

Hahaha. I will when I need you. And I hope I don't need you!

YoungPatricks213 karma

Do you believe in paranormal?

aldotcom502 karma

I do not believe in ghosts but I believe in the possibility. I suspect if I ever saw one, I'd believe! Same for Bigfoot, etc. I am a journalist who strives for accuracy and truth so in my stories on the subject of legendary creatures or ghosts, I always use the phrase “according to legend.”

stringent_strider155 karma

What are some of the weirdest sites you have visited?

Edit : autocorrect

aldotcom319 karma

In Alabama, my favorite is the Lady in the Bay. She’s a huge sculpture at Barber’s Marina in Elberta. She was commissioned by businessman George Barber, who has a great sense of fun and who also owns Barber Motorsports Park and Museum in Birmingham, where he keeps the world’s largest collection of motorcycles. He’s also responsible for Alabama’s Stonehenge replica, located in the same area. The Lady in the Bay, which I think is currently in dry dock for restoration, is interesting because she is a giant head and knees sticking out of the water. She kinda looks like she’s giving birth. You can see her here. Of course, I also love the fictional town of Spectre, an abandoned movie set near Montgomery AL where Tim Burton filmed “Big Fish” and where I got married. As for weirdest, there are so many. For instance, I got to view a collection of item saved from old Bryce Hospital, such as old electric shock machines and straight jackets, and as mentioned below, I saw some tiny teddy bears made of belly button lint last weekend, which was pretty awesome. And also, a portable embalming machine

janeetcetc128 karma

How did you get this job? What do you think about how the south is portrayed in tv/film? Guessing you've probably seen most of those places irl

aldotcom243 karma

I’ve been drawn to unusual topics since I became a reporter 31 years ago. Even when I was writing hard news, stories about tornado destruction and murders, I liked to write humor columns about odd trends and stories about quirky and little-known history and roadside attractions. I came to AL.com in 2012 when it launched its new brand focused on digital news. Managers said they wanted a “buzz reporter,” someone who wrote about trends. I asked if I could continue my humor column and write about weird stuff like our Stonehenge replica and strange town names and the Wolf Woman of Mobile. My Odd Travels feature was born. At first, I also wrote some news until eventually the feature became so popular that I was writing about Weird Alabama full-time. And the unofficial title is weird news, so I often write about strange headlines such as the founding of a nude church and why men have more belly button lint than women. You know, news you can use… As for the portrayal of the south, I think it's great that we embrace our quirkiness here. We don't hide our eccentrics, we put them right out on the front porch. However, sometimes when people outside the south write about us, it comes across as making fun of us. I strive to always maintain the balance of fun and hope others will too.

Fagballs3122 karma

Have you ever gone to visit a local legend with fair certainty that it is a total hoax only to have your mind changed by what you saw? If so, what happened?

aldotcom175 karma

Yes. Gravity Hill near Sylacauga. It really does work. Click here to read about it.

tayindawin94 karma


aldotcom73 karma

hahaha. I would LOVE to meet the Leprechaun of Mobile. Alas, I have missed him. But I have written about the Wolf Woman of Mobile. Click here to read about her. As for gold, here are a couple of pirate stories. People tend to forget we have a coastline.

buddythebear70 karma

As a journalist in Alabama, how did you feel about the portrayal of rural Alabama in the podcast S-Town?

aldotcom90 karma

Although, I hate to admit I haven't listened to all of it, I have heard about it's portrayals. As I wrote below, there is a delicate balance between making fun of the rural south and embracing its quirkiness. I plan to go listen and then I could answer better.

SocratesUrethra60 karma

Isn't the Alabama Bigfoot just ole Cletus from down yonder? Big ol'fella, strong as an ox, but a bit slow bless his heart.

aldotcom72 karma

And God love him.

johnhassell56 karma

Who has the weirder job these days -- you, covering weird news, or your colleagues covering Alabama state politics?

aldotcom63 karma

Great question! Here's the difference: They work really really hard to uncover information for the public and then I get to take that info and write silly stuff about it. So... me! Sadly, it's a great time to be a weird news reporter and humorist in Alabama. This column was about Bentley's "parts."

aurihasroyalblood53 karma

Hi Kelly, thanks for doing this Ama. I loved "Forgotten Tales of Tennessee", I received it as a gift a few years ago.

Have you ever read Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins? Or American Gods by Neil Gaiman?

Also, do you think you'll write any more books? I'd love to see a "Forgotten Tales of North Carolina"-- we have some pretty cool stuff here, ever been to Asheville?

Edit: Neil Gaiman not Terry Pratchett

aldotcom39 karma

Ooooh! I love getting book recommendations. I will have to read those. Thanks! The majority of my books have been about quirky regional history but one if a collection of humor columns called "Fairly Odd Mother: Musings of a Slightly Off Southern Mom.". I also have written a humor book about being a weird news reporter (working title: “Not Quite Right: Because Not Just Anyone Can Be a Weird News Reporter”) that I am shopping for an agent or publisher. I hope something will come of that. And thank you so much for the kind words.

rutlander39 karma

What are your thoughts on the missing 411 series?

aldotcom33 karma

Just looked it up and can't wait to check it out in detail. Thanks for putting me onto it.

ramseyarchibald28 karma

What is the plural of bigfoot?

aldotcom110 karma

Bigfoots, Bigfeets? My fave is the one I came up with: Sasqui.

marineturndlegofiend27 karma


aldotcom61 karma

If I ever see one, I'm certainly not gonna smell his nether regions so you're on your own to find the answer.

_Constructed_27 karma

Have you ever investigated the flatwoods monster?

aldotcom28 karma

No, but now I am fascinated and have to write about that. Thanks for putting me onto it.

birdsaresodumb24 karma

Have you ever heard of or covered the supposed underground river under UAB?

aldotcom36 karma

Yes! Kinda like the caves under the Madison County Courthouse in Madison, which is a real thing. I would love to be able to learn more about the underground river. Do you have info?

octopuswaffle22 karma

I imagine it is interesting interviewing the public on these subjects as believers can be SO passionate. What interview that you conducted did you find to be the most persuasive/ gave the most "evidence"?

aldotcom52 karma

The one I did recently abut the Alabama Booger Monster was the most convincing. Or the interviewees seemed to be the most convinced and the most credible. I also often talk to people from MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and various paranormal groups. They claim to have seen things and I can't argue. The Fyffe UFO sightings are a great example. The witness was a police chief. And yes I love talking to folks who are passionate about their beliefs.

scobro22 karma

Have you been to Sloss Furnaces? Sounds like an eerie place. If you were there, can you describe what it felt like?

aldotcom47 karma

Yes. It is a very cool place. In the daytime, it's not at all scary. It's so industrial. But it's interesting to think about how much work was done there in the past. If you go to Sloss Fright Furnace in the fall, it will be lots scarier, but still fun.

-RashyGrillCook-19 karma

what's the most terrifying place you've visited?

aldotcom54 karma

I've been to two reportedly haunted asylums. They were scary because of the state of the dilapidated buildings and the fact that they once had many mentally ill patients inside who may have been mistreated at times. They were Bryce Hospital, the old Alabama State Hospital for the Insane, and Searcy Hospital, formerly the Alabama State Hospital for the Colored Insane. Also I was pretty freaked out at Jemison, another once-segregated hospital for the mentally ill that is now abandoned. Note: These are all on private property and are guarded. Do not visit without permission.

brittanyxm017 karma

Have you ever heard of any hauntings at UAB? I work in one of the buildings near the VA hospital and my area definitely has some paranormal activity going on. I'm here at 6 am every day, and I'm in a card access only, fairly small area, and I'll hear doors on my hall opening and closing and hear plastic containers being slammed on the floor, but I'm the only person here and nothing has fallen and there's no mess. I constantly see shadow figures walking in the hallway. I've got a friend who works on a floor below me and he doesn't experience the same things.

Also, did you ever report on the Marie Hilley murder(s) back in the 70s when she was in Anniston?

aldotcom15 karma

I have heard of hauntings at every university in Alabama. There are always legends at colleges. However, I haven't heard credible reports from UAB. Maybe someone reading has and will share. As for Audrey Marie Hilley, what a bizarre case. It fascinates me. I voted her the most notorious person from Calhoun County in this post. Also, check out these other "black widows."

TheNecroRomancer15 karma

Have you checked out any of the stories from 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey? I think that book somehow found is way into every home in Alabama.

aldotcom13 karma

Love, love, love Kathryn Tucker Windham. Here is something I did on the real sites in that book. Her children have a great blog you should check out. http://ktwindham.weebly.com/

almondparfitt15 karma

any advice on how to be a humor writer? hard to do both well.

aldotcom62 karma

It would be too much to put here but you can always email me at [email protected]. Here's some general stuff: Use exaggeration. Make strange comparisons that are funny. It is tough to write humor because it is so subjective. Sometimes people will write they spit out their coffee while reading because it was so funny while others say they wish I were dead. You never know...

IamSaltLord14 karma

Do you have any friends or acquaintances in the same profession but in another part of the country? Do you have more activity being in Alabama, or is there other parts of the US that have more paranormal/strange happenings occur?

aldotcom26 karma

Actually, there is plenty of weirdness to go around, especially in Florida. I don't know any other Weird News Reporters. I try to visit lots of places outside of Alabama, as well, and have been to sites in 25 states. Lemp Mansion in St. Louis was my most recent "haunted site." Alabama has a lot of Bigfoot sightings at the moment but I don't know the reason for that.

kavinbecon14 karma

If you see an actual sasquatch, do you intend to kill and study it?

aldotcom57 karma

Omigosh! There is actually a big debate about this. The Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research group said they planned to kill one and people went crazy. It's like PETA for Bigfoot and HE'S NOT EVEN REAL! Lol. I love human beings. We are so crazy!

lurking_digger13 karma

Thank you for this ama, truly interesting.

Have there been any bigfoot sightings since Mr Strange went to DC?

aldotcom36 karma

hahaha. This is awesome! Big Luther is 6-foot-9 and could easily be mistaken for the big guy. However, my husband Sweeums is 6-foot-7 and he's still in Alabama. He tells me he wants a Bigfoot costume. I tell him he'll get shot. If he puts the life insurance in my name, he can have one.

SunTzuIsMyFavourite11 karma

Was it difficult at first to find the line between reporting something weird and maintaining a serious air to the subject matter?

aldotcom17 karma

It is a fine line. When I am writing a story versus a column, in which I can just be silly and say unbelievable stuff, I always write "according to legend." I don't want it to be written as if I support this person's beliefs. Having said that, I try to report what they say as accurately as possible and without sarcasm. Because, you know, they believe.

dbatchison11 karma

Roll tide or war damn?

aldotcom16 karma

War Eagle! Class of 1987 an author of Hidden History of Auburn. But I still write bout quirky things at UA.

theb5211 karma

Bryce Hospital: extremely haunted or just mostly haunted?

aldotcom29 karma

You know, it's being restored right now for use by the University of Alabama. Sweetums and I got to tour it when it was stripped down to the brick walls. It was amazing to see a building that was begun in 1852. I am so glad they are preserving it. I didn't notice any ghosts but Sweetums said it felt eerie to him. When it opens in 2020, you should go. They'll also have a museum of mental health at the site.

Everybody-dance-now10 karma

Do people in different subcultures have similarities? Like UFO people or people really into ghosts (in terms of Age/race/personality)

aldotcom12 karma

Interesting question. From what I have seen, people stick with one interest but within those groups ages, etc, vary widely

Thugzz_Bunny10 karma

Have you ever heard of or been to Corpsewood in North GA?

aldotcom15 karma

This one is on my list. I have read about it extensively and am fascinated by the story. I want to go before the ruins are gone. I was born in Georgia (came to Alabama at age 11) and have visited lots of weird sites there like the Georgia Guidestones. Can't wait to go to Corpsewood. If you've been tell me what you think.

EnterpriseArchitectA10 karma

I was in a doctor's waiting room in Huntsville this morning and saw something that made me laugh. You know you're in the South when you see a "Guns & Ammo" magazine in a waiting room. What's the most Southern thing you've seen?

aldotcom23 karma

That is awesome! I love that. I've written lots about southern phrases and southern mamas. I love this saying I put on a meme for my blog: "I'm southern so if I carry out my threat to slap you into next week, don't worry. I'll bring a casserole." Here are more southern things I have written that are pinned to a board on Pinterest. Just click each link for the story.

NewSewardHighway9 karma

What is your belief on aliens?

aldotcom20 karma

I never discount the possibility of things that could happen. It's a big universe and what if it weren't the only one? I just say I'll believe in them when I see one.

john_dune9 karma

How do your news stories compare to states like Florida?

aldotcom34 karma

No state can compete with Florida in weird news! However, I think Alabama holds its own. I don't actually cover news anymore but I write humorous reactions to weird news, such as naked people riding thru Walmart on a electric scooter. I get the fun job. Perhaps it's just because we have a reporter dedicated to weird news that we see plenty of it in Alabama.

neov3nom8 karma

Have you done any writing about lizard people?...I'm asking for a friend

aldotcom9 karma

No. I've only seen those in movies. Where are they supposed to be? I'd love to write about them. I have, however, written about the Wolf Woman of Mobile. That is an awesome story.

Out3rSpac37 karma

Anything weird in the Huntsville area? I'm from Decatur and would love to hear of any weird thing I've possibly missed nearby

aldotcom11 karma

There is so much interesting stuff here in Huntsville. There is the Dead Children's Playground at Maple Hill Cemetery and lots of quirky roadside stuff like the Eggbeater Jesus mosaic.. You should take the Huntsville Ghost Walk. If I think of more, I'll come back.

Dark_messengeR7 karma

What kind of proof are you looking for to validate that something "weird" is real?

aldotcom13 karma

I just have to see something besides claw marks on trees or Bigfoot poop, like perhaps a Bigfoot carcass. As a journalist, I need actual evidence I can touch or see. As for ghosts, I'd have to witness it for myself.

NBF18657 karma

Have you ever had to write about stuff in Mobile?

aldotcom10 karma

Yes, and I recently got to go into a Civil War-era tunnel beneath the Malaga Inn. I had to crawl through dirt and then came upon an old cot with the canvas bed in tatters. It was very creepy. My fave was Searcy Hospital in Mt. Vernon nearby.

SeerInTheWood6 karma

On a scale of one to ten, what is your deep down honest belief in the majority of the crypto monsters? (you don't have to count Bigfoot because we all know he is real)

aldotcom10 karma

Hahaha. I don't know...when you think of all the things that exist on the depths of the ocean that we haven't discovered...I think most anything is possible. But as a reporter, I need evidence. Bring me some! :)

Mc_Jameis_scrong6 karma

Have you ever interviewed Harvey Updyke? He is pretty strange and lives in Alabama.

aldotcom38 karma

No. I can't. I'm an Auburn grad and might hit him. lol

cookinshithatingshit5 karma

Burritos or cheeseburgers?

aldotcom12 karma

Burritos. Every time.

jnetelle5 karma

Hi, Kelly. What was on your roadside attraction cake at your wedding?

aldotcom15 karma

It was awesome! Made by Michelle Wilbourn in Athens. It was in the shape of Alabama and included a rocket at Huntsville, a Magic City sign at Bham, a Coon Dog Cemetery sign, a replica of the little church at Spectre and the big shark at Souvenir City in Gulf Shores. Here's a pic.

jp_books3 karma

Are you looking for an apprentice?

aldotcom4 karma

Hey, if AL.com is on board, I would love it!! You could answer some of these questions on this AMA for me.

ceribus_peribus3 karma

Weird News Reporter who writes about seriously weird stuff

With your background, have you considered joining the White House press pool? The strangeness of the current administration has the traditional media a little out of their depth.

aldotcom5 karma

Hahaha. We have enough weird political material to write about right here in Alabama

milo19483 karma

Why do you write about so many things(ghosts) that aren't real?

aldotcom3 karma

Two reasons (same as below): The people who do believe are passionate about it and readers are so interested. When readers stop reading about it, there will be no need to write about it.

GodivatheGood3 karma

Are there any monsters or urban legends that are unique to Alabama that the rest of the country may not have heard about?

aldotcom5 karma

The Alabama Booger Monster. The Wolf Woman of Mobile. I recently heard about a Cat Man but I haven't written about it yet.

SPDSKTR3 karma

Shout out to /r/Birmingham.

How do you feel about the comments sections of AL.com articles? How about the reputation they have on Alabama-based Subreddits?

Have you been to Saturn's Cereal Brunch Adventure on Sunday mornings?

aldotcom4 karma

No to the Adventure but it sounds fun. In this business, you have to learn to deal with trolls. When I was the editor of a small daily for 11 years, I learned to handle complaint calls and emails by starting, no matter how angry they made me, with "Thanks for your input." It calms me and allows me to respond reasonably. With trolls, I try to give it back to them. For a while I sued this disclaimer on my humor columns: "Disclaimer: The preceding is a humor column. You know, a bit of levity to brighten cold, dark days filled with political malfeasance. If you fail to chuckle, or even smile, rather than go about your day and letting me go about mine, I hope you will take the time to comment with "This is stupid!" or "Soooo not funny," or my personal favorite, "I hope you get FIRED!!!!!!" If you prefer, mail $2 to send me to comedy school. Either way, thanks for reading."

Dane-03 karma

Ever been to Alliance Nebraska.....? I'll bet you have ;)

aldotcom3 karma

Actually, Nebraska is not one of the 25 states I have visited. I intend to visit them all. Can you tell me what's interesting about Alliance???

thebeanerz3 karma

Does your SO actually have a Sweetums costume? Cuz that would be freaking awesome! Sweetums is my fav Muppet!

aldotcom4 karma

I know! We need to find one. He likes the Muppets too (he's in touch with his inner child). He really wants the Bigfoot costume but I would prefer Sweetums. His Twitter handle is @SweetumsSquatch.

psych0ranger2 karma

Do you have an opinion on whether Bigfoot is an interdimentional creature?

aldotcom3 karma

No. Wait...what dimension are we in right now?

Klaus_Goldfish1 karma

So you write about things that don't exist because they are impossible, and things that can be treated as nonexistent because they are mind-bogglingly unlikely?

aldotcom4 karma

I write about things other people do believe in, and believe in wholeheartedly. Who's to say they are wrong?

legendoflink31 karma

What has been your creepiest encounter?

aldotcom5 karma

It as actually a phone call and it was very creepy. She had a low gravely voice and told me she was possessed. I asked by what and she said demons. Of course, I’m wondering if it’s a joke and if she’s serious, what she thought I could do about it. It was so weird. So here’s a PSA: If you’re ever possessed, don’t call a reporter. We would have no idea what to do. Click here to read my story about it.

Murkee4201 karma

How would you convince me to come on a tour?

aldotcom2 karma

A tour of Alabama you mean? Here are just a few sites I'd recommend: The Lady in the Bay. She’s a huge sculpture at Barber’s Marina in Elberta. She was commissioned by businessman George Barber, who has a great sense of fun and who also owns Barber Motorsports Park and Museum in Birmingham, where he keeps the world’s largest collection of motorcycles. He’s also responsible for Alabama’s Stonehenge replica, located in the same area. The Lady in the Bay, which I think is currently in dry dock for restoration, is interesting because she is a giant head and knees sticking out of the water. She kinda looks like she’s giving birth. You can see her here. Of course, I also love the fictional town of Spectre, an abandoned movie set near Montgomery AL where Tim Burton filmed “Big Fish” and where I got married. Also, there's a shop called Birmingham Oddities that's very cool. That's where the belly button lint teddy bears are.

undersquirl1 karma

I imagine during your article writing you actually went to some of these weird places, what's your favorite?

aldotcom2 karma

Tons of them. I love it so much. The three abandoned asylums were my faves: Bryce, Searcy and Jemison. I have linked all in previous comments, or search AL.com for the name along with "Kazek." I also went into a Civil War tunnel in Mobile and dozens of historic cemeteries. I am partial to ruins, such as Dicksonia plantation. I have visited all the ones mentioned here.. Also, the Lady in the Bay, Stonehenge replica and the dinosaurs in the woods.

Chinasun041 karma

Hi Kelly! Fellow Alabamian here, although now I live in Tennessee, I grew up partially in Montgomery and partially in rural Hale County! My question is: do you have any specific stories from Hale County? My folks are still there and I love to go back for weekends here and there.

aldotcom2 karma

I've mentioned Hale County lots of times. Go to AL.com and put Hale County Kazek in the search bar and several things will come up. There's one about its mention in Ripley's Believe It or Not! and about giant sloths that once roamed there. In my book Forgotten Tales of Alabama, I mentioned the holder of the World's Largest Bubble Gum Bubble, who is from Hale County. Oh, and I've written about historic homes, the first 911 call and [Greensboro Opera House.](http://www.al.com/living/index.ssf/2013/08/post_128.html0

remaining_calm1 karma

Have you ever done a story about a place in Illinois? I feel like we're pretty average here but would love to know if there's any weird places!

aldotcom2 karma

Actually, Sweetums and I took our honeymoon on Route 66, so I could see the World's Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville, IL. We also visited the statue of the World's Tallest Man in Alton and the Superman Museum in Metropolis. The Chain of Rocks Bridge from IL into MO is a great site that is allegedly haunted after two women were murdered there. Check out this post about quirky sites and this post about haunted sites.

FruitierGnome1 karma

I thought the bigfoot legends were supposed to be in the Pacific northwest. Do people claim they have spotted him in Alabama?

aldotcom2 karma

Oh yes! In fact, Evergreen, AL just proclaimed itself the Bigfoot Capital of Alabama. Lately, we've has numerous reports of sightings in the lower half of Alabama. Read about it here.

Datiptonator0021 karma

Have you ever been to or heard of the Dover Lights along highway 7 in Arkansas?

aldotcom1 karma

Yes but I haven't been to the area. There are several sightings of "lights," such as the Marfa Lights in Texas, The St. Louis Light, the Brown Mountain Lights in NC and more. I haven't heard of any in Alabama. Very interesting phenomena.

Macatros1 karma

What part of journalism would you like to see make a comeback?

aldotcom4 karma

I think journalism is in a great place and will only get better from here. It took so long for newspaper publishers to understand the direction the world was taking and to react but now that they have, the possibilities are limitless. One thing that really bugs me is when reporters (including many on TV) don't differentiate opinion from fact. We need to be sure people understand the difference and our factual stories need to be just that, with no opinion.

SatanBunny1 karma

Have you been to Wayverly Hills Sanitorium?

aldotcom2 karma

No, but it's on my list of asylums and sanitoriums. It looks very cool. Here is a list I made of abandoned southern asylums. I've visited those in Alabama and Georgia and hope to see the others.

creativewhinypissbby1 karma

When you visit roadside attractions, do you ever come across other visitors? If so, what are they doing there?

aldotcom2 karma

All the time. And sometimes when I visit a historic cemetery or attraction, people actually recognize me, which is weird. The most visitors I ever saw when I arrived was at the Georgia Guidestones, which are quite mysterious. Read more about them here.

stoptheillinoise0 karma

Fellow Alabamian here! As an open atheist, living in the South can be quite a social challenge. In my experience, most people here seem to be quick to believe in weird, paranormal, or supernatural things. Do you believe in the paranormal or supernatural as well or do you write from a more of a folklore perspective?

aldotcom2 karma

I write from the folklore perspective. I love to take ghost tours in every city I visit because they are so full of history. Most legends have their beginnings in a true story. But no, I do no believe in Bigfoot or ghosts. Until I see them for myself.

Z0di0 karma

Do you actually believe in this stuff?

seriously. why?

aldotcom1 karma

As I've written below: No. I do not believe in Bigfoot or ghosts. Why? I've never seen them. However, I don't discount the folks who truly believe.