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While in Africa, did you ever come face to face with any of Rommel's armies? What was the general opinion on Rommel by the allied troops? Did the victory at El Alamein affect you in any way?(Raise in morale or something like that)

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Hi dude, i have some silly questions for you. What's your go to joke at parties or whatever you hollywood people do. Do you play video games? And, what's your favorite thing to do when you have some free time? Awesome AMA so far.

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Working in the gaming industry for a big company really makes me appreciate what you guys do. And being an "adult" i really don't have time for serious gaming anymore, so, again, you guys are awesome and i really enjoy these kind of games!

Living in Eastern Europe where money is tight, and the torrenting regulations are loose, what's your opinion on piracy in the current gaming market? I'm pretty sure i could find your game right now on some torrent and play it. Do you think piracy is a real problem anymore or are you guys just happy people are going to play your game?

Even with the current 20% off, i still can't afford your game. I kinda have to save 2 or 3 months in order to buy a game and still pay my rent and whatever. Anyway, congratulations! I have a few friends that are trying to get a game out there and it's really REALLY hard work.

Those were actually a couple of questions.

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I imagine during your article writing you actually went to some of these weird places, what's your favorite?

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I think i've seen TNG 15 times by now, what's your favorite episode from the series to watch casually (if you ever watch the stuff you act in)? And what was ypur favorite episode to film?

Love you man!