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Because it gives us all the fun of bribery without having to admit we take bribes.

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Do you remember in 2004 at Jerry's Pizza when you scratched Todd One off the setlist but a few teens wouldn't stop yelling for it so you threw a water bottle and hit one of them in the head, then promised them shirts from the opening band if they didn't tell their parents? That was my friend and me. The opening band didn't sell shirts so they put us on the guest list for the next night's shows so we ended up playing pool with you at some place in Lancaster until about 20 minutes into the game you stopped pretending to know who we were and walked away in the middle of the game.

Thanks for the good times. I've been to a lot of weird, surreal concerts but Bakersfield & Lancaster took the cake.

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Adam Driver was in the military so he had a special appreciation of Gervais' approach.

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Risky click of the day.

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Your hospital ship sounds great, and I heard that yachts can cost more than a million dollars, but do you know the most valuable ship of all?