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Do you think there's a relationship between the types of weirdness that makes the news, and the national (or international) psyche?

I mean... I have this idea that weird news is a kind of barometer for what's going on politically and socially. It's definitely not a precise thing, but various folk devils and moral panics or prevalent urban legends seem somewhat linked to economic concerns or world events.

Any thoughts on that?

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The abandoned sites thing is fascinating. It's like we built all these mad industrial and military projects in the 20th century for a war that never broke out, just to try to outdo the other side, and so now there are the huge empty space cities in the ex-USSR and aeroplane graveyards full of bombers in the US deserts. The time between the future and the past is increasingly shorter, so they're already archaeology in a future that the people that built them didn't expect to see, or at least, not to turn out like it did...

Uh... yeah... anyway... what's the plural of Bigfoot? Bigfoots or Bigfeet? And what's the most of them anyone has ever claimed to have seen at once?

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Without wishing to answer for anyone, for people that do care about climate change, it's seen as a part of the first transitory solution that's currently available, until peak/trough issues with wind, solar, or tidal power can be solved with sufficient energy storage.

The Green party being against this seems self defeating, without being able to point at any other short or medium term solutions.

Despite really wanting to vote for the Green party, it's the lack of short-term ways to address issues, or willingness to compromise for short term gains, and mostly pointing at long term issues, which is both damaging to potential voters and confusing those who can't think in terms of the longer view.

If, alongside long-term policies, possible compromises or short-term measures that weren't total solutions, were suggested, then this would at a stroke make the Green party much more electable.

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What do you read into that?

And have werewolves got to wait for a Green Party candiate to do well?

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My little boy has said that when he grows up he wants to be a Lego builder. Seems like he'd love working for you. Is there any chance of him visiting one of your projects, or for you to send him a message telling him what he needs to do to work towards this goal. He's five, by the way. Thanks!