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  1. What was your father's initial reaction? (Did he drop the knife? Did he jump back and stand there for a moment? Etc.)
  2. Do you remember hearing the gun go off?
  3. Do you still have the gun or did they confiscate it?
  4. Do you miss him?

Thank you for sharing and answering our questions (even if you don't answer mine).

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Don't lie to us. We all know you Canadians are elite ice soldiers. I've seen Canadians walk around in 20 degree (Fahrenheit) weather in thin jackets.


EDIT: So you guys understand my thought process better, I live in the South, where 40°F is cold and one snowflake will shut down the entire region.

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Center mass is the easiest thing to hit. Headshots are typically saved for professional sharpshooters and movies.

EDIT: Just noting that headshots aren't necessarily favored by sharpshooters, but they are a possibility.

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True. With modern ballistics, a wound cavity can be absolutely insane, so a shot to center mass is generally favored. Let's not forget it's the largest target on the body, too!

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Hell... a hit from a .44 magnum anywhere is going to be a hell of a hit. It's a pretty big bullet. But anyway... I understand your question now.