It's that time of year again! I think this will be my third year doing this. I am the owner of The Thomas House, situated in the historic Liberties district of Dublin. It's paddys day, one of the busiest days of the year. I'm here to answer your questions and keep you up to date on what's happening here. Ask me anything!

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Ill be posting pictures throughout the day and evening to Instagram at el_bang_gar

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stevieoats1416 karma

Is your bar typically full of native Irish folks legitimately celebrating a holiday or silly tourists asking for green beer?

bombidol2453 karma

It's 80% tourists today. We don't do the green beer thing. That's mainly a US thing I believe.

MudBankFrank148 karma

How much quid for a pint of Guinness today

bombidol308 karma

Same as always 4.80

Onlydreams1362 karma

Hey man, Fellow Irish pub employee here, quick question: Do you let your staff partake in a bit of the drinking on this day or nah?

bombidol1952 karma

A little later on in the evening. But usually we wait until the shift is finished so we can actually enjoy a drink.

kuconi1106 karma

In your opinion, what is the best city in Ireland to celebrate St. Paddys in, other than Dublin?

bombidol1511 karma

Ive heard Galway is great fun today

psymon608 karma

Usually it is but today it's a monsoon out there.

bombidol609 karma

Here too

MarblesinthePan843 karma

Do people just turn into Father Jack by the end of the night?

bombidol1095 karma

Some go full werewolf yes

RedGSXR797 karma

My dad was born and raised in Galway. Crossed the pond when he was 23. I've been to Ireland 9 times. He nor I have never heard someone in Ireland say "Top of the morning." Have you?

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1niquity782 karma

Is it true that some of Dublin's great pintmen have been known to put away thirty pints or more in a day?

bombidol824 karma

Some sportsmen, yes.

psuskifan119 karma

Your most hardcore regular, what is he putting down on the average day?

bombidol358 karma

About 12 Guinness and 10 whiskeys

satisfried717 karma

Can we clear up the Irish Car Bomb issue? Do you guys find that drink order offensive? Is it called by a different name in Ireland?

Anyway, good luck today! I hope people tip well.

bombidol931 karma

I never had one until I visited the states so I don't think it was ever really a thing here. We make them from time to time. I personally have no problem with the name. Some might though.

Mtnryder56454 karma

Ha, my sister ordered one on St Patrick's day in Dublin and got shouted down.

bombidol672 karma

Like I said, depends on the pub you are in.


Do you ever sneak a quick drink whilst on the bar?

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Superflypirate474 karma

What are you doing on Reddit answering questions on St. Patrick's day?

bombidol884 karma

It's a tradition now

Sumidiotdude430 karma

Does the Blarney stone bring a tear to your eye?

bombidol1024 karma

Yeah, cause it's Fucking freezing over there.

AnyDogWillSuffice415 karma

I've been told St P's is more of an American drinking holiday, and isn't celebrated the same way in Ireland. Elsewhere here you answered that the bar is 80% tourists today.

What do the Irish do to celebrate the day then, if the revelry is mostly an American thing? Or have I got it wrong somehow?

bombidol736 karma

Irish people generally bring their kids to see the parade then go home. The city centre isn't a pleasant place to be at night for paddys day if you are Irish.

grrmaes313 karma

How did you open a bar? I want to work on and dream of opening a bar.

bombidol746 karma

50% luck and 150% hard work.

Fidesphilio230 karma

Which do you like (personally and Irish folk generally) like better, beer or whiskey? (Also is that the right spelling? I've also seen it spelled with no e)

bombidol383 karma

Also. I gave up beer about a year ago and only drink whiskey now.



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bombidol315 karma

Beer would most likely be more popular but a LOT of people are crazy about whiskey these days

Cricket1946220 karma

How is the behavior of the people in the bar on St. Patricks? The peoples go too crazy?

bombidol698 karma

Most people are fine. It's a weird day, no one stays in one pub for too long. They have a pint or two and head off to the next one. There are always the people who drink too much and get sick. The street are lined with vomit already and it's only 1pm

Yehoodi212 karma

Good afternoon lads! Lovely to see you back for another AMA! If I get over that way one day, can I buy you a beer?

bombidol338 karma

Never say no to free beer!

Mydogdolly206 karma

In your opinion, do we really need a holiday to encourage the Irish to drink?

bombidol536 karma

This is the closest thing we have to a National day. Like Australia Day or the 4th of July. The drinking is a side effect of the celebrations.

kujetic200 karma

How do you feel about the us vice President greeting your dignitaries with a "top of the morning"?

Ps i am a us citizen and i am embarrassed by our leadership

bombidol747 karma

A fool talking to fools talks foolish.

wed0270197 karma

I'm drinking tequila and smoking some green. Does that count as celebrating St. Paddy's day?

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folkdeath95161 karma

Hello! I've never been to Ireland, but it's right at the top of my wish list.

Did you see the picture of this terribly poured pint of Guinness in Vancouver, Canada? How does it make you feel?

bombidol266 karma

Makes me feel weird inside

ghostsofbaghlan152 karma

Do you have any American beers in your pub/bar? If so, what?

bombidol404 karma

A bunch. Lagunitas, Ska Brewing, Founders, Sierra Nevada and loads more

blackwidowbex126 karma

I'm not big on drinking, so would probably avoid St Paddy's Day. So here's a general question, what are your 'must see/do' items if someone was to come over on holiday?

bombidol363 karma

Rent a car and drive the west coast. Belfast is great as is Galway and Cork.

the_schmeez119 karma

My wife and I will be in Dublin for our anniversary the last week of September. We are taking a tour of Ireland but it starts and finishes in Dublin. Any advice on the best places to eat? (I normally wouldn't ask a bar owner but I saw you say that you didn't serve food so I didn't feel as bad asking)

bombidol114 karma

Any type of food in particular you are looking to try ?

BoomierBoom109 karma

As a local I wonder, how have you noticed the area change since you took over the pub? How about your clientele? Still the same mix of NCAD day drinkers and blow in tourists?

bombidol96 karma

There's more and more businesses in the area too

Tato706994 karma

How do you have time to do this ama today?

bombidol217 karma

Multitasking and staff.

The_1_In_21-193 karma

How do you feel about someone calling you a 'cunt' as a term of endearment?

bombidol250 karma

I feel good about it

Hail_the_IT_Goddess85 karma

Would you please send beer? We are having a terribly cold and boring Friday. My office mates would appreciate it.

bombidol91 karma

On the way.

DollCrying84 karma

What's your favourite bit about the celebrations?

What's your least favourite?

Do you do anything special at your bar for the celebration?

bombidol185 karma

Favourite thing is meeting new people and making money! Least favourite is crazy drunk people. We just open then doors and operate as normal to be honest

SawBo82 karma


My girlfriend is out there with her friend right now, can you show her a good time!?

bombidol162 karma

Tell her to drop in

melny65 karma

Is your username a lord of the rings reference?

bombidol105 karma

In part

Laytheron59 karma

Hope you're enjoying the holiday! You don't do the green dye thing, but do you have any on hand in case someone wanted it? Also, most amusing thing someone has ever done whilst in your pub?

bombidol198 karma

Ate a lizard

TBirdFirster55 karma

How many leprechauns have you caught today?

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MrTiamat54 karma

Do you prefer two tone or third wave ska? Any favorite bands?

bombidol102 karma

Im on the fence about Ska because I'm burnt out on it. But I like The Specials and heavier stuff like Voodoo Glow Skulls

cjd1234533 karma

what are most people eating at your bar on st. patrick's day? in the states, it seems all the irish-style pubs dish out ham&cabbage, shepherd's pie, etc.. curious to see how that lines up with a real irish pub.

bombidol88 karma

We don't do food. Most of the pubs doing food will be serving stew and other Irish dishes.

mrseras27 karma

What is the most popular drink and have you ever ran out of drinks on this fine day?

bombidol99 karma

Guinness. We are very careful to order in enough for the weekend

Brobandy27 karma

How do you actually have time to do an AMA today? My wife works at an Irish pub (in the states, not even Ireland!) and on a day like today, or parade day (they are on different days for some reason) there is no way any employees or the bar owner have time to do something like a reddit AMA.

bombidol298 karma

I'm the owner. DO WHAT I WANT!

BeniGoat26 karma

20 Bulls Each reunion when?

bombidol29 karma


Lowerredfox24 karma

Is the weather as bad in Dublin as it is here in Galway? It's actually putting me off leaving the gaff!

bombidol38 karma

It's shite. Stay at home

g0g0_j0j022 karma

As an American, how much to the Irish not like us during this time?

bombidol66 karma

We love Americans

spaztwelve21 karma

How do you deal with the misery derived from not being in Cork City?

bombidol72 karma

It's cancelled out by thoughts of being in Cork city so no change.

Mrmattmoo221 karma

Are you watching cheltenham? if so you irish are crushing it today!

bombidol27 karma

Too busy to watch today

Nas201219 karma

Holy crap. I lost an adidas jacket at your bar four years ago today. Any chance someone has found it by now? I flew back to Boston at 8am the following morning so I couldn't come back when you reopened ... small fucking world.

bombidol50 karma

Chances are it was found and went to a new home

kronosaurusdev15 karma

Dropkick Murphy's

Yay or nay?

bombidol38 karma

Yay for the first 2 albums. Nay for the rest.

imalwaysthinking7 karma

Do you get bothered that St Patricks day seems to be an excuse for people to act like assholes in the name 'being Irish"?

bombidol11 karma

Not really a thing over here

LilBoozy6 karma

Do you like to get hella fucked up on Paddy's day and smash, or just chill?

bombidol15 karma


ms22perfect5 karma

What's the craziest thing or wildest thing you seen on st pattys day?

bombidol12 karma

People are too drunk to do too much stupid stuff. The crazy ones generally drink too much, vomit and fall asleep

austen_3174 karma

What are your thoughts on people who say Pattys?

bombidol17 karma

Slightly annoying

ThorsGrundle4 karma

Do you believe in a pub just being a place for locals to come socialize, or are toy a fan of having things to do such as darts or pool (snooker)?

bombidol6 karma

I think a mix of both is important. It should be relaxed enough for regulars to feel comfortable but have stuff going on to draw new folk in

SilentlyCrying4 karma

Irish soda bread and corned beef, a typical Irish meal or just the American version of what we think you guys eat?

ladindapub13 karma

corned beef is american nobody eats it here

bombidol23 karma

Corned beef was huge in the 80s here then died a death

DividingPrescott3 karma

How exactly do you celebrate st. patricks day? In the US we just wear green and drink beer. If you don't have green on, people might pinch you. Are there any more traditions?

bombidol5 karma

We stay at home. Tourists go out.

LtRenji3 karma

I've always wanted to celebrate St. Paddys in Belfast (and Dublin of course, but fascinated by Belfast). Any experience?

bombidol4 karma

Never been up there for paddys

InfiniteFuckery2 karma

Canadian here with Irish blood. Not sure about over there, but here, its a tradition to pinch someone if they aren't wearing green today, is that so over there? Also, would you consider having a green tattoo as "wearing green"

bombidol4 karma

Most have face paint / flags etc today

jayzus92 karma

How much beer do you sell in the first hour of being open on st pattys day? Also what time do you open?

bombidol2 karma

A lot. Usually as the parade ends.

kpaddy1211 karma

Do people with an irish name, last name say Paddy, get a discount?

bombidol7 karma


LifeWin1 karma

Why are you sober enough to use a keyboard right now?

bombidol1 karma

I'm 100%

satimy1 karma

Jameson or Bushmills?

bombidol3 karma


Phyrexian_Archlegion0 karma

Hello Barkeep! Big fan of St. Patrick's Day. My question is:

Why are you on reddit, answering questions, instead of tending your bar on arguably the biggest day of the year for bars?

bombidol11 karma

I have enough staff working today that I don't have to work the bar constantly. I can jump in and out and stay up to date on Reddit.

jimthesoundman-18 karma

Would you say Irish girls are good in bed, or is there too much deeply instilled Catholic guilt and repression swimming around in their heads for them to ever enjoy themselves?
If it's the latter, then how many pints of Guiness do they have to consume to resolve the above situation?

bombidol33 karma

I would say that you might want to readdress your outlook on life if you think getting women drunk will get them to sleep with you.