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Do you scream "It's DOCTOR Fradkin, NOT Miss Fradkin" and then throw an eraser at the offending child?

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Crossword Puzzle or Sudoku?

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"Okay kids, today I'm going to tell you a story about Hoppity the Math Bunny.

Hoppity was hopping down the lane when he saw a book lying in the road! What sort of book was it? It was a book about math, kids! We love math don't we?

And what do you suppose that Hoppity read in the book, kids? He found out it was a book about graphs! What sort of graphs do you think he read about, kids? CLAW FREE graphs, that's right.

He read all about Dr Hadwiger who was a VERY smart man who lived in Switzerland! We love Switzerland, don't we? That's where they make chocolate and cukoo clocks isn't it?

So anyway, Hoppity read that Hadwiger’s conjecture states that every graph with chromatic number χ has a clique minor of size χ. Let G be a graph on n vertices with chromatic number χ and stability number α. Then since χα ≥ n, Hadwiger’s conjecture implies that G has a clique minor of size n.

And after reading that, Hoppity was so tired he lay down in the road, and fell asleep. Then he got run over by a truck. The End."

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Did you see the 2012 movie "Flight"? Any grain of truth in that movie?

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McDonalds in the USA used to have crispy apple pies made in the deep fryer, which were beyond awesome. Then some do-gooder complained about the millions of calories and the amount of fat and so they switched to Baked Apple Pies, which taste like like garbage. I hope someday to taste one of those deep fried apple pies again.

Checkers used to have deep fried apply nuggets that were close, but someone said they discontinued those also. It's a shame that grown adults are not allowed to clog their arteries however they see fit.