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Is it true that some of Dublin's great pintmen have been known to put away thirty pints or more in a day?

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Out of sock.

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As a follow up to this, how often do people realize that they are on Intervention early on, refuse to continue the show and you are unable to make an episode out of it?

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As sad as it is, there is one part of that episode that makes me laugh for some reason.

When her sister tells her that she called the police her response is: "The Po-Po?!"

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Does Abe Lincoln eat babies? He's never gone on record saying he doesn't. Maybe he's too busy EATING BABIES!

(Clip of Abe sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti)

Abe: "I can't wait to eat this-"

(tape obviously cuts forward in time significantly)

Abe: "-baby."