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But spray-can whipped cream is still OK, right?

Sincerely, a North American with no shame

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Thank you for doing an AMA. I lived in South Korea for a while, and when I would talk to the locals, they all held an opinion not of disdain for North Korea, but more like regret. They seem to all wish very much for a peaceful reunification of the two nations.

My question is this: all the news of North Korea is almost inconceivably dreadful. While I'm sure there is much misery in the country, can you tell us a story of a time when you or your family were genuinely happy? What sort of things bring joy to the average North Korean?

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This....sounds like the plot of your next movie.

Am I wrong to guess the diplomat was from a wealthy middle-Eastern country?

EDIT: aaaaand it was Saudi Arabia

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My #2 all-time favorite girls' coming-of-age Thriller. Right after Carrie

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Can....can we clone you?

EDIT: because you're a genius, a philanthropist, and a real-live Scandinavian deity.