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Well geez I'm glad I got my AKGs before that shit happened.

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How do you actually have time to do an AMA today? My wife works at an Irish pub (in the states, not even Ireland!) and on a day like today, or parade day (they are on different days for some reason) there is no way any employees or the bar owner have time to do something like a reddit AMA.

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Are you guys losing as many customers as I suspect you are? I had a cable/internet/phone package that cost me $112/month. It suddenly went up to $155. I disconnected my service and am paying $50/month for 100/100 internet with FiOS.

Would have done this forever ago if my wife had been on board with ditching cable TV.

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Sounds like he didn't do anything even REMOTELY close to justify sending him to jail. Sending a 14 year old away for 6 months because he pushed past his mom to get out of the house? Holy fucking Christ.

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Frig off, Hans Brix