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I've been told St P's is more of an American drinking holiday, and isn't celebrated the same way in Ireland. Elsewhere here you answered that the bar is 80% tourists today.

What do the Irish do to celebrate the day then, if the revelry is mostly an American thing? Or have I got it wrong somehow?

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Why do you only order the water drop if you know the bartender?

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You mentioned in one of your other answers that you usually deal with minor rejection once a year, and you've been up to stage 3 in the past.

Will there be a time when there is no longer a risk of rejection, or will this always be a risk no matter how long you've been healing?

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It'd be cool if that judge doesn't go another day of his life without receiving letters of shame.

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Good call. There's only one whiskey bar in my town that offers a pipette as standard (that i know of). But then you get to do the water yourself, which is always how it should be, and the droppers are just available on the bar, so it's not a hassle for the server.