Here's me in the Caesar Man suit!

Little Caesars was my first job, and I really enjoyed it for the most part. I've worked for corporate and for franchises, ask me anything that you may be curious about!

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mopar1228126 karma

How much pizza did you guys usually throw out each night?

youraverageghoul146 karma

We tried to keep waste down as much as possible, but depending on if we met projection numbers and all that jazz, sometimes nothing and sometimes 20 things.

mopar122852 karma

Did you get frequent dumpster divers at your locations?

youraverageghoul84 karma

It's definitely a possibility. Two locations I worked at were in pretty low-income areas, one of those places also being pretty dangerous (we had bullet proof glass at our front counter). I never saw any dumpster diving first hand, though, so I can't say for sure.

1337thousand23 karma

I used to work at LC. Did you guys have clean dough trays? Ours has this black gunk across all the underside of the edges. Boss wouldn't let me take time to clean them so they are probably fucking filthy to this day. Also did yours also make Halloween a mandatory work day?

youraverageghoul33 karma

DISGUSTING TRAYS. and yes, Halloween was mandatory!

TheGreekMarduk11 karma

Could use the waste for those in need

youraverageghoul56 karma

That's been suggested before! I forget why we ended up not doing it, some corporate formality bullshit. But when I worked for a franchise (one of the worst things I've ever done in my life), one of the few good things they did was donate food or let us take it home (something that really benefitted a few of my coworkers with big families or single moms).

fluffybunniez30 karma

I worked for a franchise LC as my first job. All pizzas that didn't sell were inventoried and we're donated to the local homeless shelter along with leftover sides. The only pizzas that actually were thrown out were ones that left the store. The shelter volunteers came once a week for the pizzas/sides. It was gross. I asked how they could stand eating it and one lady's reply was, "they smother it in hot sauce, they love it."

Employees weren't allowed to take pizzas home, we did anyway. We just inventoried the box as a thrown out pizza and individually packed the slices to take home.

We had local homeless dive for our thrown out pizzas, they knew when we closed and when we took our trash out.

youraverageghoul3 karma

That's awesome! I wish all LC did that.

youraverageghoul123 karma

Currently looking at other AMAs thinking "no one will ever care about Little Caesars that much!"

psychnursegivesshots90 karma

I care about Little Caesars that much. I actually craved it sometimes. That cheap pizza kept me fed through nursing school.

youraverageghoul39 karma

Aw! I'm glad!

tiny10boy97 karma

How many stoned people do you see a day?

youraverageghoul303 karma

Thought of a better response to this question much later, because that's what kind of person I am: "At least three or four, if you count my coworkers."

youraverageghoul101 karma

Tons! And they were usually the friendliest, too.

Mikav8 karma

We try to be friendly. I had to stop going to a certain 7-11 while stoned because I would get horribly rude service despite buying their overpriced candy and food and being polite about it. I don't understand how that could make anyone mad!

youraverageghoul12 karma

I'm sorry about that! High people were some of my favorite people to serve, and some of the only people I'd give free stuff to.

OrangeLimeZest70 karma

Why did you leave?

youraverageghoul159 karma

I left when I stopped enjoying it there. I had another job that took up a majority of my time, so I was tired. By the time I actually turned my keys in and said "I'm out", I hadn't worked there in a solid two months because I asked my manager if she could take me off the schedule for a while. Coming in felt more and more like a chore and I worked kinda far from home. Wasn't worth it anymore and I wasn't happy. I left on a good note, though, and that job will always hold a super special place in my heart. I even have a pizza tattoo!

Rastiln37 karma

Please show the tattoo!

JasonsBoredAgain64 karma

Are there any other secret requests? Like getting it crazy crusted? Stuff that's fantastic and not listed?

youraverageghoul102 karma

Sometimes we'd make stuffed crust pizza or pepperoni crazy bread or calzones... but I'd never make that for a customer unless I knew them or they were a coworker. Too much work and if word got out that we would do stuff like that, people would want it and eventually it might be made a menu item, blah blah blah... ya know? Specialty items are super annoying to make, and that's why I'm glad I worked on the bottom of the pizza chain totem and not at the top!

JasonsBoredAgain34 karma

Understandable. Pepperoni crazy bread sounds pretty epic though...

youraverageghoul38 karma

Most definitely! It's not nearly as time consuming as other things so maybe you could request that sometime at your local LC! No telling what they'll charge you, but it was damn good.

allpraisetocheezus64 karma

How are the prices kept that low?

Is the pizza actually good? I've never had it

youraverageghoul126 karma

You wouldn't believe how cheap it is to actually make the stuff. I read somewhere that it's like a dollar something to put that pizza together. And then you sell it for five! Pretty decent profit, and then they bump up the price of other stuff like the breadsticks. It's crazy! And it can be good! It depends on who makes it, honestly. Some people don't care about their work, some people do.

youraverageghoul26 karma

here's that pizza tattoo.

magXVI4 karma

I never thought I wanted a pizza tattoo, but NOW... (that looks really neat, btw)

youraverageghoul5 karma

It's fun one! Definitely a conversation starter, and sometimes preferably hidden because people can be annoying about it.

gusmoreno1523 karma

What is your current job?

youraverageghoul61 karma

I'm a paraprofessional at an elementary school!

Jennywas15 karma

Ahaha I'm going through this thread and I saw your comment and had to laugh cause I've hardly seen anyone post about the same job I do, cause I'm a paraprofessional at an elementary school too!!!

justaguyinhk18 karma

What's a paraprofessional?

youraverageghoul20 karma

I work with special needs kids in a classroom.

youraverageghoul8 karma

How cool! I know we can have overwhelming days at work - if you ever wanna talk, send a message my way! Or even if you just want a new friend! :)

Jennywas3 karma

Some days are definitely more overwhelming than others that's for sure!! Aww hey thanks, I'll take you up on that offer sometime :)

youraverageghoul5 karma

I wanted to do an AMA about being a para but was weirded out at the possibility of giving away too much information and some creepy stalker contacting my job or something haha

tatorface1 karma

You, I like you.

youraverageghoul2 karma


christhegeek51721 karma

How many times would you encounter a rude customer?

youraverageghoul30 karma

Several times a day. I worked in some not-so-nice areas, so maybe more than other locations.

KingSiward19 karma

Any questionable behind-the-scenes or things we should avoid ordering?

youraverageghoul23 karma

If you want to avoid sketchy stuff, don't eat fast food. Of course we did things we shouldn't have and didn't do things that we should have... but that's every place, and don't let them tell you otherwise.

psychnursegivesshots18 karma

What's your favorite thing to eat there?

youraverageghoul42 karma

I loved the crazy bread. Sometimes I crave it! But the nearest LC to me is 15+ miles away and not really worth the drive.

HaC3rPr018 karma

How do you make crazy bread?

youraverageghoul48 karma

It's literally just baked strips of dough, and when it comes out we put butter and parmesan on it. The butter parm crust? Yep, it's the same thing.

masqutanLegend13 karma

What would you do if someone came in and shouted 'Pep out!' over and over?

youraverageghoul26 karma

Like, in my house right now? Probably go insane. While working there I had a lot of dreams like that... haha.

coke_first11 karma

I recently discovered the deep dish lunch special. Do they have these everywhere? They are amazeballs.

youraverageghoul9 karma

Yep! Every weekday from open-2, at least where I've been!

Forgot_Username4 karma

They are actually on the menu board now at my LC in Ontario, Canada. I think this means it's an all day thing now?

youraverageghoul4 karma

They were on ours too I believe, but it had a time stated on it. Franchise locations can do things differently if they choose to, so maybe yours is a franchise that sells them all day :)

youraverageghoul11 karma

This is really fun. I can't wait to be able to do another AMA about some other silly thing in my life.

quibbler1015 karma

We used to dive into the dumpsters behind your restaurants and grab your delicious dumpster pizza. Approximately how long did it sit before you threw it out?

youraverageghoul5 karma

The rule is half an hour in the hot box. Trash doesn't generally get taken out til the next morning though.

dumbasses4lyfe5 karma

Where was the Lil Ceasers you worked at? (If you don't mind me asking)

youraverageghoul26 karma

All three locations that I worked at were in Michigan!

dumbasses4lyfe6 karma

Thats whats up man.

youraverageghoul11 karma

Yup! Born, raised, still here!

otakuarchivist3 karma

By any chance was one of them the one in Detroit on Warren by I-75? I work by there, so that's the one I generally go to. Bulletproof glass wall, but great pepperoni cheese bread.

youraverageghoul3 karma

Nope! I was at an inkster location!

thenewestboom5 karma

I have multiple questions!!!

  1. Does LC still do Please Please toys? I miss those from when I grew up. The toys always smelled like Crazy Bread.

  2. Speaking of Crazy Bread, what is on them? They are the most magical things to come out of a pizza place, so help me... Whenever I go to LC, I get an entire order just for myself; fuck the family, don't come between me and my Crazy Bread!

  3. What is the best "bang for your buck" at LC? I don't look at the menu very often to become acquainted with it, so I usually just roll in for a HNR pepperoni and c-bread combo.

  4. I only ever see ads for things like 5 buck mombo-combo and the deep deep dish pizzas anymore. What other items does LC have that the vast majority doesn't even know about?

youraverageghoul4 karma

No toys where I was at! Crazy bread is just our dough with butter and parmesan on top. The best bang for your buck would be the items you mentioned... everything else is wayyyyy overpriced for how much it costs to actually make it. And I'm not sure what they have now, but when I left it seemed they would rotate specialty items between the ICB/DD box deal, the pretzel crust, and the stuffed crust deep dish. I know they've come out with a bunch of other crazy stuff, but I prefer to stick with the classics.

SSLOdd13 karma

Why don't you pay me enough?

Nah, actually pretty chill with my manager. Ignore me.

youraverageghoul10 karma

Didn't get paid enough either! Hence the "former" ;)

mak14053 karma

1-How would you describe the cleanliness of LC kitchen or other fast food chains? Do you feel comfortable eating in them?

2-Are the ingredients real or is it just all chemically manufactured "stuff"?

3-Is it true you have to make the pizza dough 1 daily earlier and have to keep it in the fridge? What happens if you run out of dough?

youraverageghoul11 karma

It honestly depends on the store. I've been in immaculately kept stores, but never worked in one. It's not hard to keep up with a clean store, but it's hard to make a dirty store into a clean one. I eat fast food because it's convenient. I don't wanna know how clean the place is if it's any place like I've worked, honestly. I guess the ingredients are fine! All of the olives and jalapeños and such come from cans or jars. The meat all comes in plastic bags so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ who knows. My one tip is to never get onions or green peppers... nasty. And yes! Our dough was all made and had to proof for at least 12 hours in the walk in before use. If you run out of dough, you either close or you make more and have shitty pizzas for the rest of the day.

clumsygrace6 karma

What makes the LC green peppers and onions nasty?

youraverageghoul11 karma

They expire quickly but tend to still be used until they're gone. You wouldn't like how they look and smell when they're first put on the pizza.

mak14053 karma

Thanks for replying... how many doughs you do on average each day?

youraverageghoul6 karma

Depends on the store! I worked at slower location so 6-8 batches of rounds, 1-2 batches of bread, and 1-2 deep dish

NobodyInParticular233 karma

Did you ever fuck up a rude customer's order on purpose?

youraverageghoul7 karma

Nah. I wanted them to get the hell out of my store.

wufnu2 karma

What role did the local owners play? How long did it take you to feel like you'd become a good manager? I've been considering getting into a franchise and LC is often top ranked.

youraverageghoul3 karma

I hated working for the franchise. They were not good people. Personally, it took me a long time to feel like I owned up to my title as an assistant. It was nothing special really, but I'm an insecure person and I wanted the crew to like me so I was more their friend than their on shift manager. When I stopped doing that shit, I was a damn good manager.

gamebrigada3 karma

The best LC I know is a franchise owned by an elderly couple. They are the sweetest people I know and all of their employees love them. They constantly show up during the busy times and closing hours to help out, and to make sure every customer is happy. The store and kitchen is immaculate and you can often knock on the door for free pizza after hours and you'll see the two of them on their hands and knees scrubbing the place down. The world needs more people like that.

youraverageghoul3 karma

That's amazing! I wish the franchise I worked for did that.

Kevzrapz2 karma

I never been at Little Caesars, what am I missing?

youraverageghoul3 karma

Not much. Cheap pizza.

Ricky_from_Sunnyvale2 karma

How much money did you make as a Little Caesars manager?

youraverageghoul3 karma

When I left I was making 9.50

Koean2 karma

Any secret menu or secrets to free food?

youraverageghoul5 karma

Want free food? Just complain.

pabloprd2 karma

Where do you work?

youraverageghoul1 karma

Currently at an elementary school!

derekcanmexit2 karma

What is the biggest difference working for a corporate store compared to a franchise store? I get the impression that franchise stores are not as favourable to work for. Why is that?

youraverageghoul2 karma

They can pretty much do as they please. Sell what they want, make their own rules for wages and promotions and such... if done right it can be great! I just didn't work for good people.

slavaboo_2 karma

What was the weirdest thing that ever happened at your location?

youraverageghoul3 karma

A dude came in asking for money to catch a bus. I gave him five dollars and expected to never see the dude again. The next week, he came back and gave me my $5. We had to call the cops several times for people fighting in our lobby, and also on homeless people that would sit outside the store and harass customers.

IveSeenYouB42 karma

My dad once saw a Little Caesars employee pick their nose while working on a pizza. How would this be dealt with if it happened in front of you?

youraverageghoul2 karma

"Dude, seriously? Go wash your damn hands. And use a tissue next time." But that's just how the stores I worked at were. We were very up front with each other. Then again, our personal hygiene was a lot better than the overall cleanliness of the stores, so that's one good thing I can say about the places I've worked.

kittycatlady332 karma

Former manager of a LC here! What was your favorite thing about working there? How long were you there for?

youraverageghoul3 karma

I loved how close everyone was. It sometimes made things hard when it came to disciplining/being disciplined, and more than one person could have been in serious trouble and maybe even fired because we all hung out together outside of work (crew, assistants, our GM, AND our area supervisor). I was there for a little over two years, somewhat on and off, but I loved my job and the people I worked with for the most part. We all grew to be very close to the point where once two or three of us left, most of the rest were like "yeah, I'm out too".

magXVI2 karma

Why are the LC commercials currently some of the funniest ones out there? e.g. THERE'S NO RULES!--THERE'S ONE RULE!

youraverageghoul2 karma

One of my favorite commercials of all time.

TheWrockBrother0 karma

What is your opinion of Pizzagate? Is Little Caesars implicated?

youraverageghoul0 karma

I'd never heard of it before now, but it seems silly.

TheWrockBrother3 karma

On a related note, what is your opinion on pineapple as a pizza topping?

youraverageghoul8 karma

Yes. One thousand times, yes, and anyone that says otherwise is wrong.

UnsubstantiatedClaim0 karma

Why are the hot and ready pizzas never ready when I get there?

Why I gotta wait 10 minutes for you to cook a pizza that is supposed to be sitting right there already?

youraverageghoul3 karma

I'm sorry that happens to you! Whenever that happened at my stores, it was because we were a lot busier than expected or just experienced a rush. If you call in your order ahead of time, it will not only A) be ready for you, but it will also B) be fresh.