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Work wants a logo made that focuses on a single wolf. I tell them not good. Lone wolves are played out. Need more wolves. They say ok two wolves then. No. Then the wolves are in love and that's not very wolf like. Fine three, they say. Again, not enough wolves. Plus that three wolf moon shirt in Amazon nailed the design and I can't top it. I tell them at least one thousand wolves should be in their 3x4" logo. They tell me I'm big unreasonable. I tell them they lack a considerable amount of fur and will likely die during this winter.

My question is how can I convince my boss to accept the fact that there's going to be two thousand wolves in his logo?

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We're also gonna need to know if he's Intel or AMD.

... for science.

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Were you worried about STDs at all? What precautions were taken to ensure nothing was spread?

Were there any breaks in takes during shooting due to you about to cum? I've always wondered if the cuts in some films due to the guy about to climax in an inopportune time.

How are intros between actors done? Do you meet with your counterpart(s) before the shoot during, like, a brunch?

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How often would you say, taking into account the years of ranger-ly expertise, the innumerable hours of training, and all your real life experience, that, on average, and not disseminated by race or gender, does a bear shit in the woods?

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I have multiple questions!!!

  1. Does LC still do Please Please toys? I miss those from when I grew up. The toys always smelled like Crazy Bread.

  2. Speaking of Crazy Bread, what is on them? They are the most magical things to come out of a pizza place, so help me... Whenever I go to LC, I get an entire order just for myself; fuck the family, don't come between me and my Crazy Bread!

  3. What is the best "bang for your buck" at LC? I don't look at the menu very often to become acquainted with it, so I usually just roll in for a HNR pepperoni and c-bread combo.

  4. I only ever see ads for things like 5 buck mombo-combo and the deep deep dish pizzas anymore. What other items does LC have that the vast majority doesn't even know about?