We have the biggest Con Man crew ever assembled for an AMA here to answer your burning questions, especially about the recently released Con Man: The Game which we are so pumped about! With the help of over 46,000 people, Con Man not only became a reality, but grew into an entire universe. Because of the fans (you guys), we have season one of Con Man released, a second season on the near horizon, two panels in Hall H at SDCC, a comic book series, and a recently released Con Man:The Game on iOS and Android. We wanted to take time while in the eye of the storm to connect with you!

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Edit: Thank you guys for tuning in. Thanks for playing Con Man the game and for watching our show Con Man and for asking so many questions about so many different things. Who knew we had done so much.

The end.

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wc360s1018 karma

For Nathan: Can we expect more of Cayde-6 in future Destiny content? (sequels, updates, events, etc)

Con_Man_Team1397 karma

Nathan: Listen, I don't know a lot about anything. But I know this, if you want Destiny to be really fun just add more Cayde-6

Alan: Destiny? The game Destiny? You do Destiny?

Nathan: I do! Eyes up guardian! Cayde is the guardian. Felicia: Do you guys have scenes together?

Nathan: Yeah all the time! So Nolan is, what’s that thing called?

Nolan: I'm the ghost. Basically your little droid partner

Alan: So you're the droid and you're Cayde 6- are there any fish venomisms in this game?

Nolan: No that's only in Con Man the game.

Alan: Well I would have to think that this Destiny game is less than, because there are no-

Felicia: I mean it has the same components but no-

Nolan: Here's what people should know. You know myself, Nathan, we're in Destiny

Nathan: It's a good game

Nolan: We're awesome

poppinsmac725 karma

Question for all of you individually.

I always love seeing actors pop up in unexpected places. What is your favourite cameo or small role you have played in a tv show or film?

For example, Nathan asking to have his porn unblocked on Community.

Con_Man_Team1095 karma

Nathan: That was gonna be my answer, now I'm going to have to think of a new one! I did a cameo on Percy Jackson's Sea of Monsters that worked out to be really fun.

Alan: I had a cameo I just found out got cut.

Felicia: What!?

Alan: Yeah, I guess it's a cameo- Wray Nerely, so the character that I play in Con Man. Sort of my alter ego in Con Man had a role in Rouge One Star Wars I played a pilot, and the scene got cut I just found out. Like did Wray Nerely survive? I was really looking forward to seeing Wray Nerely in Star Wars, but truthfully Wray Nerely would never get that good of a job. So it was probably pretty good that he didn't.

Nolan: I was the USS Vengeance officer in Star Trek Into Darkness and it was about one line. I remember *JJ Abrams * said "this is amazing! you having fun?" and I said "yo look at this stuff. This cost more than I do!" and he goes "it costs a lot more than you" that was my favorite.

Felicia: I don't have a story like that, I mean I think that my best cameo was my first job in LA. and I got two lines on Days of Our Lives and I said "My Princess the tables over here." and later that day the producers called my managers and said "never hire that girl again" and I cried so hard. I was like how did I screw up literally five words? So that's my favorite cameo. It defines my Hollywood career.

juggilinjnuggala336 karma

Nathan, did you enjoy playing D & D on Harmonquest? Would you do it again?

Con_Man_Team659 karma

Nathan: I was so stressed out because everyone was trying to get me to Dungeons and Dragons which I never have before and I worked really hard to understand Dungeons and Dragons and it was really wasted time because it’s just one D&D scene. So I prepared for nothing and nearly actually enjoyed my time there. I worried for nothing.

Felicia: It’s like you did your part for naught. The moral of that story is don’t prepare.

Nathan: Moral of the story is, unprepared is best. Never study…anytime. It’s bulletproof

Felicia: LOL

landostolemycar305 karma

Are there any crazy fan stories that you wish could've been put into Con Man that you just couldn't put in because of content? If so what's the story?

Con_Man_Team308 karma

Alan: I don't think there are any stories that I have to keep on the shelf because they're too crazy. There are definitely stories that I have yet to share. I was first introduced to conventions right after Firefly was cancelled in 2003 or 2004 and I have a lot of crazy experiences. I think we should put more in the game. The game is kind of a convention because your experiences are your experiences when you're setting up Con Man the game. But yea, I don't have any experiences that I've had to shy away from.

Felicia: Were any of the graphics in the game inspired by things you saw at the convention? Like, there's a tuna fish dispenser. Was that actually in a convention because I want to go to that one.

Alan: No. I just thought that was funny. I was inspired by a hot day in Waco. I always thought a vending machine that dispensed fish would be a ridiculous thing. Like in my mind, there are fish on those wheel things and you punch the button that goes eeeeaaaaaaannnnnnn and it falls down to the bottom and there's maybe one thats been sitting there that got caught on the window and you gotta shake it to try to get your trout to fall. That was the cool thing about making the game. We were able to do whatever we wanted, so we put in different vending machines. Then there's taco trucks and restaurants the more you build your con up and the first one is a vending machine that isn't that good, so the worst vending machine that I could think of was a fish vending machine and it has a leak on it, too. It's disgusting and would cause a lot of visits to the hospital, which is why the guys vomits in the game.

And it's conceivable that there are things that can't go in the show that will go into the game, so people have to download the game to find out those interesting things that won't be in the show. So, download the game, iOS and Android.

gullyfromnomad237 karma

Hello all! Question for Nathan,

I was watching one of the Firefly episodes on Blu-ray with the commentary on, and at one point you mention how you had to tell off a guest star who was being disrespectful towards the women in the set. Could you elaborate?

Also, to Nolan and Nathan, which one of you do you think would make the better Nate in an Uncharted film?

Con_Man_Team586 karma

Nathan : I can't remember that story, it was a long time ago, couldn't have been a very big deal- I can't remember. Ask me something I remember!

Nathan: I will say I should play Nathan Drake and Nolan should voice.

Nolan: We'll have Nathan go and do the movie and then I'll dub all his lines.

Nathan: Yeah, best of both worlds. We'd have to have Nolan on set all the times so the two of us could work out inflection together. Because then you have the actual character from the video game, because he actually sounds like Nolan North, and he actually looks like me. Or I'll just wear a wig and I'll be Sully. If neither of us get that part at least give it to someone who’s name does start with N.

Kendurano227 karma

In an all-out street brawl between all of you, who wins and how? Of course, no weapons

Con_Man_Team344 karma

Alan - I don't know who is going to win, but I'm fairly sure I'll be on the losing side, just because I'm not a fighter.

Nolan - I would win because I bite. I bit and I'm relentless. I fight dirty and I bite.

Felicia - The first time somebody punched me I just pretended it was a KO, and then I'll just run. What's going on!? What is this?!

Alan - I think also PJ you will do well in the fight because you have staying power, you'd stay in the fight. First of all you have experience fighting, and you've been fist fighting, right? You can tell I haven't been fist fighting ‘cause that's how I say it. There's an Australian problem, there's a lot of Australians. Fist em up, Punchareedoos, there's a lot of play on Australians and how they speak.

Felicia - Nathan would win because he would just leave on the scooter.

liamquane215 karma

Mr. Tudyk, what was it like working on Frasier?

Con_Man_Team384 karma

Alan - That was great, a long time ago. I had just finished "A Knights Tale".

Felicia: That is my favorite movie!

RebelSnowflake169 karma

Hello all. This is for Nathan. You were great as Preston Northwest in Gravity Falls. Were you a fan of the show before you took the role?

Con_Man_Team215 karma

Nathan: I was aware of it but I hadn’t really watched it until I got the role on it and now that I’ve watched it…I had to watch it in it’s entirety because it is a great story. It has humor and it’s actually quite interesting, quite imaginative and a lot of fun.

liamquane152 karma

How did you pitch Con Man?

Con_Man_Team265 karma

Nathan: Alan was pitching Con Man to us the last five years.

Felicia: LOL

Nathan: It was an extended pitch.

Alan: Yeah, it evolved. Pitching Con Man is a lot how we describe Con Man now. Because it was crowd funded we were able to make exactly what we were pitching

PJ: We stopped pitching

Alan: So, what?

Felicia: We stopped pitching. We just made it.

Alan: Yeah, so, we got to stop pitching and just made it.

Felicia: Yeah, but you pitching things people had bad ideas if they add to it and it’s like that’s not better, but then they have money.

PJ: You have to listen to them

Felicia: Yeah, then you have to listen to them

Alan: Then that’s not the game.

PJ: Well, we got to do the game ourselves because it was a part of the IndieGoGo campaign. We didn’t pitch the game to anybody, we just made it.

Alan: I just pitched a story about an actor who was formerly on a sci-fi show that was cancelled far too soon and now, after making some bad career choices, his career is, only going to sci-fi conventions.

Felicia: How did you pitch the game? How do you pitch a game?

Alan: We didn’t have to. We just, it was just brainstorming with PJ and I.

PJ: The hardest part of brainstorming is how do you turn a show into a game? That was the tricky part.

Alan: Right. And we just kind of, it was about, we wanted to make a game where you build a comic book convention. Where you built a con. And then it was about putting the characters from the show into the game. So it’s still a game about building a con, and then also about fighting aliens. But you won’t see aliens fighting in the show. The characters…

Felicia: Maybe the movie version.

Alan: The movie version, absolutely, which we’re going to crowd fund in 2017!

firenoodles148 karma

Hello all! Thank you for doing this AMA!

My question for Nathan is: would you consider a role on Westworld? What are your thoughts on the fizzling out of Castle? First few seasons were amazing...then it got weird with bad writing.

For everyone else: Star Wars vs. Star Trek?

Felicia: any zany facts/experiences on Supernatural to share?

Dear Alan: no questions, just a ginormous fan and all your roles are golden. You're amazing.

Con_Man_Team433 karma

Nathan: I would do Westworld, I think that's a cool show.

In regards to Castle, we don't really get to pick how or when a show gets cancelled. It just gets cancelled. That's life. So, my thoughts on Castle? I had 8 years of an amazing show with amazing people. When I think of Castle, I don't think of the one time it got cancelled, I think about 8 years of amazing work.

The Star Trek universe just seems to be a little easier because you don't have to work or make money. You just need to replicate. And in the Star Wars universe, everyone is always trying to take over everything.

Felicia: True, it's a lot of chaos.

Nathan: They're all trying to blow up planets and stuff.

Felicia: Once, I had a scene where I was playing a dark version of myself and I was at a bar with Dean. I was the bad girl version of myself, so I was supposed to take Dean's shot and just throw it back and steal it from him, like a jerk. I had never actually had done a shot before because I was always afraid that I would...idk... Anyway, I didn't know how to throw a shot back properly and literally, while they were filming, I threw it in my face. But it was out of his coverage, so I didn't want to break because I want to be a good actor, so then I gave him a very aggressive stare in character, while there was water dripping on my face and I've never seen Jensen almost break before ever and all I saw was just a twitch on the left side of his mouth. He was probably just looking through me. Hopefully. It was not my finest moment. But now I drink a lot just for practice.

Adamquane147 karma

You all make me smile in my belly.

Any way of being able to watch Con Man in the UK without having to wrestle a Tivo Box out of Mariah Carey's hands again?

Con_Man_Team129 karma

PJ: On November 8th it will be available on iTunes so you'll be able to watch it there.

geekymama122 karma

Nathan: As a fellow Canadian - and Albertan to boot (go Edmonton!) now in the states, what candy and/or snack food from up north do you miss the most when you're away from Canada for extended periods?

And if you're ever in Omaha, Nebraska please let me treat you to the best and most authentic poutine in the states at a place called Block 16! One of the chefs/owners is from Ontario, and their poutine is a little dish of heaven.

Con_Man_Team127 karma

Nathan: Floral Gums by a company called Squirrel and I miss it. And Bloody Caesar- it's an alcoholic drink.


Thanks for doing the AMA! I'm wondering do the profits from in-game purchases (comix, con bags) go towards funding new episodes of Con Man?

P.S. Miss your voice in Destiny Rise of Iron, Nathan! Congrats on the wedding, Alan. More Twitch, Felicia! Nolan, love you as the new(er) ghost in Destiny. PJ, I bet Nathan has secret hair envy of you.

Con_Man_Team124 karma

PJ: All the money from the comics go to support the game and pays for the staff that works on the game and takes care of the bug reports and fixes and adds new content. 100% of that money goes to them.

pm-me-ur-window-view91 karma

Hi guys, thanks for doing this! I've loved your previous projects and will check out Con Man.

Off tangent, but what's a good book of nonfiction that you've enjoyed and recommend?

Con_Man_Team120 karma

Nolan: I had just finished reading "Empire of The Summer Moon" which is about the Native Americans. It's fascinating, it got a Pulitzer Prize.

Felicia: I've been reading a lot, I read this book "SPQR" which is a history of the fall of the Roman empire which is actually quite interesting, it just came out this year. It's very good.

huge_ox91 karma

Who is the best looking among you in your opinions?

If you could change 1 thing in life, what would it be?

Con_Man_Team220 karma

Nathan: Felicia is the best looking one of us.

Alan, PJ, Nolan: Agreed.

Felicia: I would say as an aggregate that we're a gaggle of high quality.

Nathan: If we were going to say "pretty", I would say Felicia. If we were going to say "devilishly, ruggedly handsome", it would be me.

Felicia: That's fair.

Alan: I was a lot better looking before the bandages came off. I was really disappointed with the results.

Nathan: It's PJ's silver fox hair that really gets me.

Felicia: Yea, you know those little dolls that have a little curly-q on their hair? Your hair has that still.

Nathan: That's true. Also, I have to say, as devilishly handsome as we are, our characters on Con Man the game are better looking than all of us.

Alan: That's right.

Felicia: I got an upgrade on my face and my hair texture in that game.

PJ: Did any of you not like your "Con Man" game character?

Felicia: No, I love her. I want to have eyes that big, although, if it was in real life, they would probably extend down to my cheekbones and freak people out.

enderandrew4268 karma

To Felicia Day,

You've worked on video games before (you were easily the best part of Dragon Age 2) and you're a huge Ultima fan (Codex Dragon!). You're also friends with Richard Garriott. Do you have any interest in working on Shroud of the Avatar, perhaps writing an NPC or being involved with the game at all? Is there a reason you've been largely silent on a project I'd assume you'd be very excited about?

Con_Man_Team78 karma

Felicia: I mean obviously I'm a huge fan, I love games, I just did a voice in Mascarata the game. Which is a little indie that just came out. And doing all the voice acting for Con Man the game was super super fun because we were all in the same room together, and we were improving, so a lot of those comments you hear my character make in the Con Man game are off the cuff or Alan would just like throw me the line while we were recording.

Nolan: A lot of Felicia's improvs were about Jerry Lansing's balls

Felicia: A lot of them, because they were out. You shouldn't have been naked in the recording room. But... that's a really cool, I mean I am a huge Ultima Gate fan and i do know Richard Garriott and someone I've admired all my life since i was 7, and I love the games. The reason why I haven't been involved with that game, although if they ask me to do a voice, I would love to do that, is because I like to wait till the game is out to play it. I'm just waiting for the very last minute to jump in as a fan because I wanna experience everything at once. So it's almost like I'm saving it like a special treat.

DomioDude57 karma

To Nolan,

Did you enjoy voicing the old Richtofen from waw/bo1, or the new one from bo3?

Con_Man_Team88 karma

Nolan - Well, 03 is twice as good as 01.

Anytime I get to do Dr. Richto it's a lot of fun mostly because I get to do it with Steve Bloom and Farid Tanasha, good friends of mine. I'm always just baffled when people are like, "Hey, I'm going to dress up for Richtofen for Halloween!". I'm like, oh, I really wouldn't do that... Like, where are you going to get an S.S. uniform at this hour? But no, anytime I get to do Richto, it's a good time.