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Absolutely love the video for Upside Down & Inside Out - What was the process like to film it? How long did it take? Any interesting stories from filming in zero gravity?

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Mara is one of my favorite characters (and my first approved costume for the Rebel Legion) and I, along with a lot of other fans, were pretty upset about her death and how things went down.

As she was a creation of yours, how much input did you have in her fate? How did you feel about her death?

And as a side, our 8 year old daughter is currently making her way through the Young Jedi Knights books, and I can't wait until she starts in on the Thrawn trilogy!

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Now that Coulson is in charge of rebuilding SHIELD, who are the first three people he's going to recruit?

Bonus Much Ado question(s):

My husband and I are huge Shakespeare fans, and were thrilled to hear about Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, and saw it the second it came to Omaha. What drew you to be a part of that? And just how awesome was it to hang out with that amazing cast while at Joss Whedon's house?

As a side, I want to thank you for being a part of SHIELD, and finally bringing back some quality entertainment to TV that the whole family can watch. My husband and I spent our Tuesday nights watching SHIELD with our eight year old daughter (who says hi, by the way!).

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How do you feel about non-Natives getting involved with activism and raising awareness of the issues?

I ask because I'm about as white as they come (Scandinavian and British all the way back on both sides), but I did my minor in Native American Studies during undergrad, and if plans go my way I'll be getting another minor during grad school.

During that time, I felt my heart had found the right place for me, and I started getting pretty passionate about some issues. For example, Whiteclay (equivalent of 13 *thousand cans of beer sold each day to people coming down from Pine Ridge to a town with nothing but liquor stores and nowhere to legally consume the alcohol sold).

I try to tread carefully to avoid the whole 'white savior' stereotype while still trying to advocate for the issues.

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Nathan: As a fellow Canadian - and Albertan to boot (go Edmonton!) now in the states, what candy and/or snack food from up north do you miss the most when you're away from Canada for extended periods?

And if you're ever in Omaha, Nebraska please let me treat you to the best and most authentic poutine in the states at a place called Block 16! One of the chefs/owners is from Ontario, and their poutine is a little dish of heaven.