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Hello all! Thank you for doing this AMA!

My question for Nathan is: would you consider a role on Westworld? What are your thoughts on the fizzling out of Castle? First few seasons were amazing...then it got weird with bad writing.

For everyone else: Star Wars vs. Star Trek?

Felicia: any zany facts/experiences on Supernatural to share?

Dear Alan: no questions, just a ginormous fan and all your roles are golden. You're amazing.

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Don't forget to frequently use your incentive spirometer! It prevents atelactasis and pneumonia.

What's one thing you wish your nurses did to help you recover?

I work on the SICC, with patients fresh from the ICU after a Cardiothoracic Surgery. I hope you heal quickly! Thanks for doing this AMA, it's interesting to read the patient's perspective.

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Did you not get a sternal harness? My hospital uses Heart Huggers and they help keep the sternal incision from wound dehiscence.

Mass General is a fabulous place! I hope you continue to do well!

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What's it like being so loved and adored by all? Can you describe the sensations and feelings of having fan boys and girls figuratively and literally going mad over you all?

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If you see something illegal when off duty, are you allowed to address the illegal activity? Are you able to make arrests off duty?

Is the Academy really difficult? Are there annual physical requirements? If so, why are there so many overweight cops?