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Nathan: Listen, I don't know a lot about anything. But I know this, if you want Destiny to be really fun just add more Cayde-6

Alan: Destiny? The game Destiny? You do Destiny?

Nathan: I do! Eyes up guardian! Cayde is the guardian. Felicia: Do you guys have scenes together?

Nathan: Yeah all the time! So Nolan is, what’s that thing called?

Nolan: I'm the ghost. Basically your little droid partner

Alan: So you're the droid and you're Cayde 6- are there any fish venomisms in this game?

Nolan: No that's only in Con Man the game.

Alan: Well I would have to think that this Destiny game is less than, because there are no-

Felicia: I mean it has the same components but no-

Nolan: Here's what people should know. You know myself, Nathan, we're in Destiny

Nathan: It's a good game

Nolan: We're awesome

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Nathan: That was gonna be my answer, now I'm going to have to think of a new one! I did a cameo on Percy Jackson's Sea of Monsters that worked out to be really fun.

Alan: I had a cameo I just found out got cut.

Felicia: What!?

Alan: Yeah, I guess it's a cameo- Wray Nerely, so the character that I play in Con Man. Sort of my alter ego in Con Man had a role in Rouge One Star Wars I played a pilot, and the scene got cut I just found out. Like did Wray Nerely survive? I was really looking forward to seeing Wray Nerely in Star Wars, but truthfully Wray Nerely would never get that good of a job. So it was probably pretty good that he didn't.

Nolan: I was the USS Vengeance officer in Star Trek Into Darkness and it was about one line. I remember *JJ Abrams * said "this is amazing! you having fun?" and I said "yo look at this stuff. This cost more than I do!" and he goes "it costs a lot more than you" that was my favorite.

Felicia: I don't have a story like that, I mean I think that my best cameo was my first job in LA. and I got two lines on Days of Our Lives and I said "My Princess the tables over here." and later that day the producers called my managers and said "never hire that girl again" and I cried so hard. I was like how did I screw up literally five words? So that's my favorite cameo. It defines my Hollywood career.

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Nathan: I was so stressed out because everyone was trying to get me to Dungeons and Dragons which I never have before and I worked really hard to understand Dungeons and Dragons and it was really wasted time because it’s just one D&D scene. So I prepared for nothing and nearly actually enjoyed my time there. I worried for nothing.

Felicia: It’s like you did your part for naught. The moral of that story is don’t prepare.

Nathan: Moral of the story is, unprepared is best. Never study…anytime. It’s bulletproof

Felicia: LOL

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Nathan : I can't remember that story, it was a long time ago, couldn't have been a very big deal- I can't remember. Ask me something I remember!

Nathan: I will say I should play Nathan Drake and Nolan should voice.

Nolan: We'll have Nathan go and do the movie and then I'll dub all his lines.

Nathan: Yeah, best of both worlds. We'd have to have Nolan on set all the times so the two of us could work out inflection together. Because then you have the actual character from the video game, because he actually sounds like Nolan North, and he actually looks like me. Or I'll just wear a wig and I'll be Sully. If neither of us get that part at least give it to someone who’s name does start with N.

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Nathan: I would do Westworld, I think that's a cool show.

In regards to Castle, we don't really get to pick how or when a show gets cancelled. It just gets cancelled. That's life. So, my thoughts on Castle? I had 8 years of an amazing show with amazing people. When I think of Castle, I don't think of the one time it got cancelled, I think about 8 years of amazing work.

The Star Trek universe just seems to be a little easier because you don't have to work or make money. You just need to replicate. And in the Star Wars universe, everyone is always trying to take over everything.

Felicia: True, it's a lot of chaos.

Nathan: They're all trying to blow up planets and stuff.

Felicia: Once, I had a scene where I was playing a dark version of myself and I was at a bar with Dean. I was the bad girl version of myself, so I was supposed to take Dean's shot and just throw it back and steal it from him, like a jerk. I had never actually had done a shot before because I was always afraid that I would...idk... Anyway, I didn't know how to throw a shot back properly and literally, while they were filming, I threw it in my face. But it was out of his coverage, so I didn't want to break because I want to be a good actor, so then I gave him a very aggressive stare in character, while there was water dripping on my face and I've never seen Jensen almost break before ever and all I saw was just a twitch on the left side of his mouth. He was probably just looking through me. Hopefully. It was not my finest moment. But now I drink a lot just for practice.