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Question for all of you individually.

I always love seeing actors pop up in unexpected places. What is your favourite cameo or small role you have played in a tv show or film?

For example, Nathan asking to have his porn unblocked on Community.

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Nathan (walking around the studio grounds confused): Excuse me, is this IT? Oh, sorry. (Opens another door) Oh hi there, who do I talk to about my internet? No? Sorry, thanks. (Opens a door) Excuse me, oh no wrong room, sorry. (Walks on Community set) God DAMN it, who do I talk to about my porn?!

Dan: Great bit Nathan! Get this man in a jump suit, we are using it.

Nathan: Yes...bit...

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I have never been so disappointed to not be able to find a Days of Our Lives clip on YouTube.

Thanks for the response!

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Honestly, it's one of my favourite moments of the show. Such a small interaction but the way he says "Now how can I do that when I'm dealing with thissss" is just so perfect. The way he says it and the abrupt facial expression change are so perfect.