I've been a flight attendant for a little under 2 years for a regional airline that serves 3 of the US' major airlines.

I worked on 80 seater aircrafts with one other flight attendant and 2 pilots.

It's been a great experience, but today--I quit.

1130am--looks like things have slowed down here. Thanks for your questions and well wishes for my new journey. If you are an aspiring FA, feel free to PM me. Safe flying :)

1:50pm--Alright yall, I'm tired. I haven't looked at a computer screen for this long in 2 years. I'll check back later and answer any remaining questions! see ya later

My Proof: Will send proof to mods

5:22pm: wow! Thanks for the Gold! I don't even know what this means lol


on a serious note; I think I answered most questions! Please scroll through to find questions I answered about salary, why I quit, what I'm doing next, and the mile high club. Those are the questions I got the most.

and as far as the full cans, this is not always the case industry wide or for all flight attendants, you all loved that one LOL

Thank you to everyone who sent me personal messages wishing me well. My heart is full. For those who asked specific questions in my inbox, please give me a few days to inbox you back. My inbox is currently in shreds lol

To my fellow crewmembers; you'll forever have my respect. I know it's a thankless, exhausting job.

Also, thanks for those who called me fat & stupid. (I'm a size 8 with a college degree) . And thanks for the dick pic too. Sorry if I offended anyone regarding the bathrooms during boarding. I understand sometimes you just have to go. I hope you're next flight is the best flight ever. Thanks again, Reddit

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rogerrabbitrocks2638 karma

Do the flight crew know if an air marshal is onboard?

adrianne4562178 karma


rogerrabbitrocks1286 karma

Do they stand out to you? Meaning when you fly next would you be able to spot one?

adrianne4562117 karma

No, they look like regular people. You would never know

rogerrabbitrocks1002 karma

Did you ever see a Marshal take action?

adrianne4561938 karma

No. It has to be something beyond major for them to actual react for various reasons.

like, major major

rogerrabbitrocks806 karma

Is there any specific training that you went though (or the flight crew) regarding dealing with situations?

adrianne4561403 karma

Yes, we are trained to deal with medical emergencies, self defense, conflict resolution.

NormGreenSucks1539 karma

"Conflict resolution". You must not work for Spirit.

adrianne456732 karma


szlwzl130 karma

I've posted this before but interested in your views on it. I was on a flight from Newark to Belfast earlier this year when a passenger started kicking off. Turns out the guy next to me was one of 3 air marshalls on the plane, his colleague in 1a went and stood in front of the cockpit door and another guy back in economy stood in the space between first and economy. It all happened very quickly and was very surprised that there were 3 of them on that flight, I'm guessing it isn't a normal occurrence. Would it be normal to have > 1 air marshall on the plane?

adrianne456413 karma

Sorry, I can't answer questions about security.

weneedmoreferns10 karma

Are marshals always male?

adrianne45650 karma


startwearinggreen15 karma

Is it true that many of them drink alcohol during flights, and some of them more than would be reasonable even for a regular traveler? Have you witnessed that? Do you have a duty to report it, if you do?

adrianne45653 karma

ummmm drinking during a flight is automatic grounds for termination.

If I got on a flight and even sensed a crewmember was drinking, or still drunk from the night prior, I would be grabbing my bags and getting off.

startwearinggreen26 karma

Oh, sorry, I meant air marshalls, not flying crew. I've heard the occasional story of a drunk FA or pilot, but that's really rare. On the other hand a lot of people talk about drunk air marshalls quite often. Just wondering how much of that is a urban legend.

adrianne45646 karma

oh no, I've never had an air marshall ask for an alcoholic beverage.

rogerrabbitrocks1593 karma

Did any of the other people have another bf / gf in each city you stay overnight in?

adrianne4564023 karma

Yes, some people have 'friends' in cities. Especially flying regional, we go to the same cities alllllll the time. It would be very easy to have hoes in area codes.

Fade4531308 karma

What was the weirdest experience you've had so far?

adrianne4563151 karma

Two teenage girls making out on the plane and the mother of one of the girls was sitting right behind them.

mamaswirl1280 karma

Did you get free flights?

adrianne4562144 karma

Yes, I was able to fly free domestically on all US airlines. Internationally, for a very small fee.

ronswansun806 karma

Did you have a ton of people asking you for buddy passes?

adrianne4561684 karma

Yes, I have. People I went to school with who I don't even really talk to. Luckily for me, I NEVER advertised my career. I never posted my job on social media, or me in my uniforms. Unless you knew me personally, you would not know I was a flight attendant based on my social media presence. Partly, for that reason.

IKingJeremy1069 karma

Was there anything in particular that caused you to quit?

adrianne4562204 karma

Working my ass off and then getting a check the following month that didnt reflect that lol.

It costs money just to go to work; For example. I just finished a 5 day trip. Most FA's carry a lunch box (including myself) but its almost impossible to pack food for 5 days. Maybe the first 2-3 days and snacks. But when you are doing flights back to back all day, youre only option is expensive airport food. THEN- you tip van/hotel drivers, who put your bags in the hotel shuttle.

It adds up!

IorekHenderson595 karma

Do you get food on the flights?

adrianne4562052 karma

We can eat all the snacks on the plane lol.

Unfortunately, my airline did not provide crew meals for the longer flights. Which is actually really sad (another reasons I am leaving, some of these airlines simply dont care) So we just had to bet on someone in first class not wanting their food; we ate it for them :)

kahnust437 karma

wow thats messed up. is that normal

xFiction258 karma

Normal for smaller regionals, yes. The large airlines are a pretty good gig. For United at least I know FAs get a food allowance, and per diem when they are on a trip to offset those types of things.

Also the pay is a little better to begin with

adrianne456253 karma

We get per diem as well. United does not get a separate 'food allowance'

usemyimagination124 karma

That is sad. I'm sorry you guys have to do that.

I will definitely skip on my meals next time I fly.

adrianne456157 karma

That is really sweet. Thank you.

I wish (some of) the airlines had more compassion for their employees.

asoughtafterdroid269 karma

If you're in the US and you don't get reimbursed by your employer, those expenses are tax deductible. Keep all your receipts!

adrianne456581 karma

I did. Last year I kept every receipt. and I do mean EVERYTHING.

My income was so low, it wouldn't have made a difference.

rogerrabbitrocks1001 karma


adrianne4563269 karma

No, but I definitely gave some a good looking up and down hahah

If I gave you a full can or didn't charge for your alcoholic beverage, that was me hitting on you.

schmicole1204 karma

My last flight with my husband we were both given a full can. Maybe she wanted a threesome :D :D :D

adrianne456677 karma


hombre_lobo939 karma

sheeeeeeeeeit, I've been give full cans before.

adrianne4562336 karma

oh hey cutie

misken67177 karma

What about tomato juice? Every time I order tomato juice I get the full can, but not any other beverage. Is this a tomato juice policy?

adrianne456217 karma

final juice?!

Well it depends, our orange juice came in a carton, so of course I couldn't give you the can.

Anything else, I'll gladly give you the can.

PoughkeepsieMan94831 karma

Literally not 8 hours ago I was on reddit looking up ways to become a flight attendent.

What are the biggest pros and cons? Is it true what they say about a very slow starting pay?

adrianne4561062 karma

Basic pros: free travel and flexible schedule Basic cons: pay, long hours, super early mornings

Yes, that is true about starting pay.

rogerrabbitrocks781 karma

What is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you? To someone else that you saw happen?

adrianne4561339 karma

Definitely having my pantyhose rip in the crouch area, and scared it was gonna run down my thigh. Thick thigh problems.

Also, my dress would pop open often lol I'm busty, so the placement of my ID under my dress would make it bulge hahaha (we hide our ID during flights for confidential reasons)

roughtimes587 karma

What kind of confidential reasons are there to hide your ID?

adrianne4561852 karma

weirdos that will get your name and find you on Facebook; it happens.

gtrance1049 karma


adrianne456793 karma


roughtimes10 karma

Yah, thats a pretty good reason right there, you would think they could just leave it at a first name with an employee id or something.

EwoksMakeMeHard38 karma

Name tags are different than employee ID. One is so the passengers know who to complain about, the other is to get you through security and into areas of the airport where passengers aren't allowed.

adrianne45623 karma

Unfortunately, my airline didn't issue us name tags. That would be nice!

Ohm_eye_God148 karma

I could swear I read or heard somewhere that flight attendants no longer wear panty hose due how they burn legs in a fire? Not true?

adrianne456290 karma

I wish! Panty hose are required when in uniform (when I wore pants, I usually wore compression socks)

SpeedyVT1 karma

I believe there is a type pantyhose that stops a rip from spreading runs.

adrianne4562 karma

yes, I recently found a brand that I really like that doesnt tear at all.

MercuryPillager639 karma

Did you pop the inflatable escape slide and flip the bird to everyone on the way out? One of my fave quittin stories

adrianne456539 karma

hahahah I've (jokingly) threatened to pop a slide wayyy before I knew I was leaving. Some days you really do feel that way!

Im_gonna_fuck_ya52 karma

Mechanic here for a legacy airline.. it's a common joke thrown around the hangar that we are popping a slide and hitting the gate. They treat us like shit too :(

adrianne45661 karma

Thanks for what you do

LousyPassword613 karma

Did you quit in a badass flamboyant way? How did your quitting work out? Anything hilarious or unexpected?

adrianne4561054 karma

nah, Just called sick for my last two trips! Sent an 'effective immediately' email. I still have to turn in my badge and manuals.

However, I know people who have called the morning before their last trip and said they aren't coming in. ever again.

IKingJeremy588 karma

Do you have any funny / interesting on the job stories to share?

If so, what are they?

adrianne4561383 karma

Not on the aircraft, but yesterday we were headed back to the airport from the hotel. It was a minivan and my captain was sitting in the front sit.

Oddly enough, he spots cash on the highway. Like, alot of it. The van driver pulls over, REVERSES. The driver and my captain are literally on the highway picking up money hahaha

They get back in the van and count it....its $160 lol The van driver pocketed most of it. Amazingly enough, the other pilot told him he needed to turn the money into the police.

it was the weirdest thing ever

elninosnino322 karma

That's so weird! I was driving down the highway about 3 months ago and I drove through a shit load of money. Like as if someone annihilated a duffle full of cash on the highway. It was flying everywhere. I couldn't stop to grab any.

Edit: spelling

adrianne456151 karma

it was the craziest thing ever. I couldnt believe it when I saw it was like 5 and 20 dollar bills.

nothing_showing571 karma

Is it common/acceptable/allowed to tip FA's for beverage service? I tip in restaurants and bars, but it feels weird on a plane, as if I am silently calling you a "waitress in the sky" or something.

adrianne456761 karma

Yes, we appreciate your tips! And it might get you another drink ;)

scruffbeard564 karma

What things would you recommend passengers don't do? I've heard the water/blankets are gross.

adrianne4561180 karma

I personally would not drink the potable water from the aircraft. So the tea, coffee...I would avoid. The water isnt so bad but how often do you really think those tanks are cleaned?

Don't take a shit on the plane. PLEASE. sometimes i get it, you just have to go but damn, close the door behind you LOL.

And just be nice to your flight crew. Kindness goes SO far on an airplane ;)

harborhound794 karma

Just flew home from cancun to seattle with food poisoning last week. I think i took about 40 shits on that plane. Sorry about that.

adrianne456666 karma

I hope you feel better. If you would have told me, I would have given you club soda and crackers.

puckinright356 karma

having to shit on a plane is my only fear about flying.

i spend like 20-30 mins just sitting on the toilet in the terminal to clear out.

pepto pre-flight if its greater than 2 hours.

adrianne456236 karma

I get it! Sometimes you just have to go. Just pack cottonelle wipes lol

rogerrabbitrocks538 karma

Did you have to pay for the room when you stay overnight? Does everybody get their own room or do you have to share?

adrianne456806 karma

No, the company pays for our rooms. Each crewmember has their own room.

gottspeed446 karma

How much sex happens among the crew?

adrianne4561036 karma

not so much 'just sex' but alot of relationships. I posted further down that literally every girl in my initial class has, or is dating a pilot except those who were already married.

Alot of sex happens too tho

AeternumFlame426 karma

Did you have any near-crash/death experiences?

What's your favorite TV show?

adrianne456909 karma

No, near death. But crazy turbulence! Ill never forget the time it was so bad, somehow there was a huge perfectly splatter glass of tomato juice on the ceiling LOL

Favorite TV show...probably Breaking Bad, The Wire, and can I say, Lost? ;)

Oreo_467 karma

Two of those shows feature horrific plane accidents. Any correlation to why you quit your job?

adrianne456533 karma

Nah. I've never not felt safe on a plane. Pilots spend hours & hours & hours training. & simulation training.

And if I was that scared all the time, I wouldn't be able to function in my job.

rogerrabbitrocks405 karma

Catch any Mile High Club attempts?

adrianne456654 karma

Nah, I worked on 80 seater aircrafts so we can pretty much see what everyone is doing on the plane for the most part. I would see 2 people going in the bathroom easily. UNLESS.....they went in when me and the other FA are serving first class together :)

rogerrabbitrocks286 karma


adrianne456652 karma

lmao! I'm not. I wouldn't do it in those bathrooms...they are gross!

poser765354 karma

Bathrooms? Pfft, that's what first class seats and repo flights are for.

adrianne456257 karma

hahah true!

FrankThePilot395 karma

What's something that pilots can do to make your job easier? I'm a future airline pilot so I'm curious what I can do in the future to help the FAs out.

adrianne456613 karma


And just be nice. If we are on a quick turn, offer to get us food since we are sometimes stuck behind cleaning the airplane and don't have time to get off.

Also, communicate. If we are on a long taxi, or the gate isnt ready, please make a PA and let the passengers know. Sometimes we are waiting and waiting, and I don't even know what's going on so of course, its only fair to inform the passengers, as well.

imonkeys1131 karma

do you mean like ask you if you want a sandwich or something? Ive tried that before and the FA was too kind to accept my offer.

adrianne456259 karma

Yes. I honestly am too. Many pilots ask do we want coffee. I rarely say yes.

But for that reason, I know they are thoughtful people.

goalslammer147 karma

Can I just say, as one who tries to be similarly generous, more people need to learn to just say yes. I get it that there's times when you just aren't hungry/thirsty/Offerer-is-clearly-trying-to-get-in-your-pants/etc, but gracious acceptance is a gift in itself. It makes the world better.

adrianne456107 karma

This is a hard lesson I learned this year. I was too proud to ask for help for a long time and realized how much better things are when you ask for help

318daily343 karma

Did you find any joy from ramming the drink cart into the backs of shoulders while pushing it up the aisle ? I'd probably receive some satisfaction from it.

adrianne456364 karma

no, this is my fear. And for that reason, I usually try to play an automated announcement that says, "please clear the aisle, as the drink cart is coming through."

Even above that, I watch and say "excuse me" as I'm coming through.

diesol315 karma

What was your scariest experience as a flight attendant?

adrianne456925 karma

First time I landed in DCA, lol you go right over the river and very close to the buildings! I still see people flinch as we are landing in DCA.

I've experienced pretty bad turbulence. Once its over, I'm always more scared to see what happen in the cabin and if any passengers were injured.

Also, seeing the Captain call from the Emergency Phone. It blinks a red light in the cabin. My heart dropped. He called back and said it was an accident. Fat fingers.

llosa280 karma

What is your best advice for someone who's scared of turbulence?

adrianne456451 karma

Try to get a seat assignment near the front of the aircraft. Turbulence is always going to be worst in the back of the aircraft.

Remember being in grade school and sitting at the back of the bus?

If you can, take a Xanax. Or use something like lavender oil that will help you relax.

canadave_nyc165 karma

Isn't the centre of gravity (i.e. middle of the plane) the best place, not the front? I thought front and back would vacillate up and down relative to the CG, which should be relatively stable.

adrianne456241 karma

I guess?! I don't know specifics lol just a suggestion. The average traveler does not fly in first class, so I would just suggest near the front of the cabin.

llosa7 karma

Thanks. Are flight attendants naturally not scared of turbulence, or does it come with practice?

adrianne45613 karma

I'm sure it depends on the person. I was scared at first. I have amazing balance now lol

celerym252 karma

What will you do now?

adrianne456680 karma

I'll be working at a University! I worked in higher education prior.

I'm really excited. It's a small office, with minimal foot traffic. I need a break from people lol And I'm so excited about working 9-5. I woke up at 4am too many mornings to work 530 flights. ouch.

celerym78 karma

As a non morning person I am so sorry! What kind of work will you do at university? Hope it goes well for you and you enjoy it!

adrianne456168 karma

Just an admin position. I have a college degree so I'm hoping to advance in a bigger role as the time comes.

dahlialia64 karma

Do you get free tuition? If so, any plans to take advantage of it?

adrianne456167 karma

I believe so. I have orientation for the new position the first day. I believe there is a major discount on tuition, if not free.

Yes!! I will definitely take advantage if they have a program that fits & interests me. I'm hopeful they will.

OrganicFlu238 karma

Did you ever work with any male FAs?

adrianne456614 karma

Often. I was the only girl on my crew many many times.

And no, not all male FA's are gay.

QuestionablySane179 karma

I've recently started looking into becoming a FA- I know you quit and all but would you recommend it for other people? I've only flown a few times but it was fun, plus I like the idea of adventure. how did you apply? was it through an airline or through the airport? I'm going to keep researching but I'm just curious.

wish you the best!

adrianne456275 karma

It really is all about preference. What you want out of life, what you like to do, what you expect for your future, etc.

I have a college degree so I also would like to make a return on my investment lol

You apply directly through the airline. Feel free to PM me any questions. There is also a sub for flight attendants r/flightattendants that is semi active. Also, there is an extremely active facebook page called Flight Attendant Career Connection that can answer alot of questions.

Good luck! I don't regret my experience, at all.

Roadtoboulder159 karma

I fly a LOT and always try to go out of my way to be nice to the flight attendants. Quick chat on the way in ask them about their day or route while trying not to be annoying and getting the hell out of the way to my seat quickly.

As someone who flys several times a week, what's something small I can do to help the FAs day go better?

adrianne456204 karma

Thank you! We really do appreciate your kindness.

As far as what you can do, honestly; just continue to be respectful, kind and gracious :) Pick up any trash you have left behind.

Thank you again.

appleflop147 karma

Why did you quit?

adrianne456284 karma

I was over it! The money is really tough starting off. It gradually got better but its wide known thing that flight attendants are usually broke! This depends greatly on the airline, but I think all FA's would agree, the first year is the hardest.

Also, being gone all the time 13-15 days a month, was getting very old. It's very hard to have a social life, dating life and just do normal things when you are gone 5 days out of the week and a different schedule every month.

the_bryce_is_right106 karma

So can you tell us how much you made? Is it a salary or hourly based position? I know you mentioned that you were on a regional carrier but would a FA on say a 14 hour international flight be paid overtime?

adrianne456296 karma

Its hourly. I'll try to break it down as easy as possible.

Starting off, my rate was about $17.50 and hour. We get $1.90 in per diem. So if I'm on a 4 day trip and im flying for 18 (flight hours).

I'll get $17.50 x 18 (flight hours) plus $1.90 x 96 hours (24 hours in a a day, 4 days away from home).

So for that trip, I make about $497. If I do that trip 4 times in a month, thats $2000. But then, take away union dues, taxes, etc......yea you get the point.

Most major airlines now start about $24-27 an hour. Naturally, regional airlines pay less. When I left, my pay rate was $22.10. Flight attendants who have been working for a long time at major airlines are making easily $45-55 an hour

1Demarchist224 karma

I heard that FAs are only paid when the aircraft doors are closed. Is that true?

adrianne456334 karma


1Demarchist237 karma

That doesn't seem fair. I fly pretty frequently and the FAs work hard both before and after the aircraft doors are closed.

adrianne456426 karma

absolutely, you are very correct. Another reason I was #overit.

Can't tell you how many times, I arrived for work (we have to report 45 prior anyway) , the flight is suddenly delayed and hour, but we still board the passengers....so I'm 1-2.5 hours in and I haven't made a dime.

AskMeAnythingIAnswer103 karma

Did you quit while overseas? Do you get miles?

adrianne456198 karma

Absolutely not! lol I would have to buy a ticket back home.

No, we do not get miles.

IKingJeremy99 karma

What are the job requirements to be a flight attendant?

adrianne456222 karma

Usually customer service and a great attitude/personality to match.

However, these airlines know we are disposable so they really pick who they want.

hlwroc97 karma

I have horrible luck with my ears popping every time I fly. Do you have any suggestions for preventing that? Usually I can't hear anything people are saying for at least a few hours (sometimes until the next day). It usually puts a damper on the first day of a trip.

adrianne456109 karma

Try chewing gum! or wear ear plugs

rogerrabbitrocks75 karma

Did you ever have an incident that required police?

adrianne456124 karma

Nope. The flight deck (captain and first officer) is pretty proactive and supportive. If sh#t goes down, they will always have your back.

noahthegreat72 karma

What do the pilots eat on long flights, do they pack lunches like you?

I am a highschooler in Skills Center Aviation Tech and I aspire to be a pilot. Thanks for doing this AMA its been interesting and especially helpful for me

adrianne45696 karma

Yes, pilots pack lunches too. They often ask for snacks on the plane too lol we all get hungry.

You are welcome! Good luck.

Valthoros55 karma

Were your peanuts salted or unsalted?

adrianne456139 karma

Pretzels or cookies?

campbandrew54 karma

Aside from the pay, is there anything that would make you go back to the job?

adrianne456144 karma

The flexibility. I averaged about 13-15 days off a month.

It was nothing for me to request (and receive) 7 days off in a row whenever I wanted it.

Generally, I was usually off about 3-4 days at at time. I would only request the longer times off when I wanted to do any personal, leisure travel.

Wallstreetk3nny50 karma

I know working the regionals are hard work. Did you ever apply to the major airlines?

adrianne45685 karma

Yes, I did. I was unsuccessful but it didn't end my world.

Some people try over and over and over and over again.

Bunk_Barksdale13 karma

I fly a lot and I often have seen people who need some sort of help getting to their seat. Sometimes this has required a wheel chair. Understanding the whole disability discrimination thing, how can the airlines assume the risk for getting one of these people off the plane in case of an emergency? Similarly, I've been on small commuter jets where the person sitting in the exit row is so obese that there's no way they fill fit through the emergency door, let alone have the strength or athletic ability to getting the door open and thrown out of the plane. Doesn't this put everyone's else on the plane life at risk in case of an emergency?

adrianne45617 karma

What you said is correct. It's all very tricky due to discrimination/disability laws. We have to be very careful with what we say. and do

I agree

brikky13 karma

Is it out of line for me to ask if there is any spare food after meal service?

Sometimes I'm really hungry but I feel like it would be a really big deal, and I might be one of the only people on the planet that thinks airplane food is great.

adrianne45649 karma

IF there is spare food after serving first class, usually the flight attendants get first dibs. Sorry, we are hungry and poor lol We will also offer any extra food to the pilots

If it's a long haul flight and everyone is served a meal, you can try asking the FA's if they have extras.

campbandrew7 karma

What are some tips you'd give to people who just became FAS or are thinking about becoming FAs?

adrianne45622 karma


Some of the larger airlines do not pay you for training. It's unfair but it is what it is. You will be responsible for your uniforms, and luggage depending on the airline, so be prepared for that. If you aren't intially based in your home city, you will have to prepare to move or have a temporary place to stay.

The job is fun. I researched the industry alot before I decided to apply. I suggest you do the same. There are many blogs and Facebook pages with resources. I didn't understand the "lifestyle" factor that everyone mentioned, but it's very real. No other job is like it.You'll make good friends and be able to travel quite a bit. My confidence in myself has increased quite a bit and I'm very thankful for that.

The actual job is easy. Make sure you take care of your self physically, mentally and emotionally as well. If you have more questions, please feel free to PM me.

overheadpigeon2 karma

I have a flight tomorrow and have a connection immediately after landing, I'm not an experienced flyer. Is there anything the FA's can do to help me make my connection if I ask or am I basically screwed?

adrianne4565 karma

No, the flight attendants can not do anything.

The gate agents can. The gate agents for your connecting flight know what flight you are coming from. If your inbound flight is delayed...they MAY wait for you if its super tight and its alot of people also trying to catch the same flight.

Hope you have a nice flight!

jobeymcgurbic1 karma

were you ever asked to transport cocaine or some other illegal contraband?

adrianne4561 karma

lolz no.