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What? You don't want to have a near constant "going-out-of-business" sales model like lame furniture stores?

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I'll readily admit I never gave Manson any consideration beyond he's weird/crazy and is music is insulting. Then I saw his interview on Bowling for Columbine and was blown away by his demeanor, intelligence, and even humility towards the victims of Columbine. "I wouldn't have said anything, I would've listened to them."

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Neil Patrick Harris looks good in any tie.

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Can I just say, as one who tries to be similarly generous, more people need to learn to just say yes. I get it that there's times when you just aren't hungry/thirsty/Offerer-is-clearly-trying-to-get-in-your-pants/etc, but gracious acceptance is a gift in itself. It makes the world better.

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Seems to me that's the whole point of the phrase "tampering with product will void the warranty". Tinker at your own risk, corporate monkey STAY OFF MY BACK.