My short bio: I am Melanie Brown, AKA Mel B, AKA Scary Spice – I’m a mom, wife, singer, entrepreneur, and currently judging America’s Got Talent on NBC!

I’m here to answer all your questions – ask me anything!

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Thank you guys for sending all your lovely questions my way! Fun chatting with you all! Let's do this again soon!

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Traxxien213 karma

Could you tell me what you want? What you really really want.

OfficialMelB167 karma

For the world to feel a whole lot of girl power!

cool_now_reverse_it202 karma

On your 29th birthday, why did you decide to stop ageing?

OfficialMelB156 karma

Is that a compliment? Well thank you very much!

cal-gal172 karma

Did you get to choose your spice name or was it given to you? If chosen why did you choose scary? If not, how did you feel having scary as your affiliation?

OfficialMelB258 karma

It was given to us by a lazy journalist - and we LOVE them!

Uptown_Monk145 karma

Thanks for doing this. How is your relationship with Eddie Murphy nowadays? He's always seemed like a weird reclusive dude to me.

OfficialMelB375 karma

He gave me a beautiful daughter, Angel :) and I'm very thankful!

choldslingshot89 karma

What's your favorite memory from being on the Eric Andre Show?

OfficialMelB78 karma

Just being around somebody who is totally inappropriate

PlatinumJester83 karma

What is a zig-a-zag and why did you want one?

OfficialMelB98 karma

EVERYBODY needs a zig-a-zag-ah, and it's whatever you want it to be ;)

Maritalrelations77 karma

A friend of mine and I have shared a Spice Girls guilty pleasure for 19 years. Darien Lake 97: Do you recall seeing a conga line theoughout the audience? If so, it was us who started it.

OfficialMelB69 karma

Yes I do!

evilstar9966 karma

Two essential questions:

1.) What was the oddest piece of Spice Girls merchandise with your face on it, and do you still have it?

2.) Can you promise that you'll always be there?

OfficialMelB75 karma

Lollipops! Yes! I love them. And yes I will.

Snote8552 karma

After her Graham Norton episode, did you happen to reach out to Emma Stone?

OfficialMelB47 karma

I facetimed her in Australia!

T3canolis46 karma

What do you think AGT judge Mel B would say about the Spice Girls if they auditioned for the show today?

OfficialMelB82 karma

You're all over the place - and I like it! Can I join?

spiceupyourlifeee46 karma

Do you like Lady Gaga? She's spoken about how much she use to pretend to be the Spice Girls with her friends!

OfficialMelB43 karma

LOVE Lady Gaga.

your-fartbox43 karma

Hi Mel! You were my second favorite Spice Girl. What's the worst product you've been a part of, and why is it America's Got Talent?

OfficialMelB26 karma

I don't like to look at anything as being the worst - everything is a learning experience!

AW03459440 karma

Did you enjoy working with Howard Stern on AGT?

OfficialMelB25 karma

Yes of course! who wouldn't?

RogerMooresEyebrows36 karma

Which one of the Spice Girls did you stay the closest to after the group's split in '01? Love you Mel!

OfficialMelB84 karma

I'm close to all of them in different ways! Me Geri and Emma spend time skyping and texting A LOT.

chadjnewton35 karma

What do you miss about the nineties?

OfficialMelB115 karma


nubijoe31 karma

Hey Mel B. How are you?

So, my question: what's a fun fact about you that the public probably doesn't know?

OfficialMelB53 karma

I have my own meditation chair and I've done it since I was 18.

sircharles8828 karma

Hi Mel B! Huge Spice Girl fan here! What was your favorite part about the spice girl tour bus? Was it really as awesome on the inside as they depicted in the movie?!

OfficialMelB43 karma

Of course it was - I loved the fact that we all had our own area that we got to design ourselves.

iownakeytar26 karma

Hi Mel! I've been looking up to you since I was a little girl. It was great having a role model who is sexy, strong and confident!

Speaking of strong, what is your usual workout routine? Keep working it, Mel - you are stunning!

OfficialMelB32 karma

I like to change my workouts a lot - from doing classes, to my own cardio, lifting weights. You've got to keep it interesting. Thanks!!

DrinkingCoconut24 karma

What did you think of seeing Adele sing Spice Girls on Car Pool Karaoke and hearing that the Spice Girls had such an influence on her?

OfficialMelB35 karma

Yes - what a legend! We are all very very flattered.

Kjell_Aronsen20 karma

What was it like working with Meat Loaf on the Spice World movie? Is he as cool as one would imagine?

OfficialMelB18 karma

He was SO much fun. Very cool guy.

Ulnastricter20 karma

Hey mel! Leeds local here. Is there any truth to the rumour that you stay in the Bridgwater place penthouse when you're back in Yorkshire? Or an I just gullible? Cheers! :)

OfficialMelB19 karma

No truth!

spiceupyourlifeee19 karma

Would you ever consider releasing some of your unreleased Spice Girls' tracks? We're all dying to hear the studio version of W.O.M.A.N!

OfficialMelB18 karma

Hmm.. Not sure about that :(

greenskie18 karma

Mel B thank you so much for being here fanboy scream

In 100 years, when people look back on the awesomeness of the 1990s and remember the spice girls, what's the one song you hope they listen to first?

OfficialMelB31 karma

Wannabe, then 2 Become 1!

Frikdat17 karma

Do you get to know anything about the contestants before they come out on stage?

OfficialMelB20 karma

NOTHING. And that's exactly the way I like it.

thebigread17 karma

What was your opinion of the portrayal Bo Selecta made of you? Funny or spiteful?

OfficialMelB19 karma

He's a really good friend - I thought it was hilarious!

anna25070713 karma

Do you still own any of your scary spice outfits? And do you still remember the dance numbers to any of the Spice Girls songs?

OfficialMelB21 karma

Of course I do! I did a lot of the choreography, so I remember a lot.

ChateauNeufDePap11 karma

Which other spice girl would you most like to kick in the fanny? And why?

OfficialMelB15 karma

None - they're my homegirls!

nia911 karma

Hi Mel! What's your favourite song that you sang as a Spice Girl? Much love <3

OfficialMelB18 karma

It has to be Wannabe.

SpiceGirlsExhibiton10 karma

Hi Mel, what's your favourite costume that you have ever worn? I have a few in my exhibition and was wondering if you had a clear favourite? Lots of love from #spiceupcyprus Alan ✌xx ps thanks for the letter xx

OfficialMelB18 karma

Probably my Olympic outfit. I had no idea what it was going to look like or if it would fit until the day of. And of course, ALL of the Spice Girls outfits because we designed everything.

MarlaTheTumor10 karma

How do you think fans should act when meeting a celebrity?

What's your most memorable (for better or for worse) fan encounter?

OfficialMelB12 karma

Just act nice, and say hi! We're normal. A girl once asked me to sign her boob in black marker. and I gladly did it.

Silver_Dynamo10 karma

What advice do you have for a young man who wants to be a spice girl in the future? Asking for a friend.

OfficialMelB13 karma

Just BE IT!!

SpiceSaid8 karma

If you didn't have the career/job you do have, what do you think you would do?

OfficialMelB26 karma

Definitely something with kids. Or in the sex industry - hahaha!

iqeasmith8 karma

Will you girls do Spice World 2?

OfficialMelB14 karma

I would love to! Need to get the rest on board.

elegant-jr8 karma

Do you miss Howard on AGT?

OfficialMelB9 karma


quaoarpower8 karma

Hi Mel B - could you tell us what kind of difference it made for you growing up to have a Caribbean dad?

Also, you and I met on stage in LA. I had a bunch of spiders on my face, and I don't think you liked them.

OfficialMelB7 karma

It's a great part of my heritage and my history! I'm sure I blocked the spiders from my memory.

blumageddon7 karma

Hi, Mel!! I'm a huge fan of yours as well as a fellow musician! I've been trying for years to catch a break and I just can't seem to do so :( I've preformed everywhere and anywhere, and when I got the chance to preform for a producer, he said I didn't have the 'look' most people would go for, and proceeded to put me down in regards to my physical appearance. How do I catch a break in such a huge and biased industry?? How did you become discovered??

OfficialMelB13 karma

Keep true to yourself and don't give up. I got so many no's before I made it onto the scene, and it made me stronger, not weaker.

YoungCeCe6 karma

Have you seen Emma Stone's interview on the 'Graham Norton Show'?..


And/or, have you met her?

OfficialMelB6 karma

Yes I love her, and I never knew she was such a spice fan!

micreev5 karma

Do you ever still wear the tall funky shoes that you made famous?

OfficialMelB6 karma

Yes I do! me and Phoenix go into my private closet and try them on, and she laughs at me.

cac5 karma

Hey thanks for doing this!

What was the most uncomfortable you ever felt during America's Got Talent? Any contestants who you just felt horrible second-hand embarrassment from or perhaps got a bit too close at times? I always had some cringe moments while watching.

OfficialMelB7 karma

Anything awkward, cringey or embarrassing I just find hilarious!

leimynan5 karma

Hi Mel, as a women who inspired so many young women, who were some of your role models growing up? Also, do you have a proudest moment in your career?

OfficialMelB13 karma

Nina Cherry, Josephine Baker, Maya Angelou There are so many, but one that sticks out is hanging out with Nelson Mandela at his private home.

northcrunk5 karma

Have you gone back and re-watched the "Spice Girls Movie"?

OfficialMelB8 karma

Many times! When I'm with my kids

nikkiugorets5 karma

Hi Mel, Will you ever do another show like "it's a scary world"? What's your favorite prank you have done?

OfficialMelB13 karma

Maybe! Throwing water over Simon Cowell!

Ashleezus4 karma

Did you ever have moment when you were just like "shit, I've made it"? When was it and how did you feel?

OfficialMelB15 karma

I don't think you've ever really "made it" made it - but the moment as a group we knew we'd made some kind of impact was when random people started calling us by our nicknames.

SpiceSaid3 karma

Hi Mel! My question: If you could swap lives, for one day, with one of the other Spice Girls, which of them would it be and why?

OfficialMelB14 karma

None of them, because my life is exactly how I want it to be! Crazy and Scary.

pipsdontsqueak3 karma

Hi! What was the best moment of filming Spice World?

OfficialMelB11 karma

Getting to record our album in between takes at our mobile studio on set. We had so much fun even though the days were really long.

andriellae3 karma

Hi. Did you know at the peak of girl power the lasting impact you guys were having on a generation?

OfficialMelB4 karma

I don't think you ever realize something like that at the time, you just hope it does have an impact.

legendary24_83 karma

First AMA I've ever been on time for, so thanks for being conveniently within my redditing time.

What is the weirdest thing anyone has said to you on Americas got talent?

Also thanks for doing an AMA.

OfficialMelB5 karma

A psychic once said I was pregnant as part of her act - and I wasn't!

SpiceSaid3 karma

The Spice Girls made Toronto Spice City in 2008, and a couple years ago you filmed 12 Trees of Christmas in Toronto and had a movie premiere event there. Any plans to come back to Toronto soon? What is it about Toronto that makes you like the city so much?

OfficialMelB4 karma

I love the people and the restaurants and bars in Toronto. So yes we hope to be there soon!

kittyrilla3 karma

Not a question at all, I just love you so much! I grew up on the Spice Girls and now at 24 I still listen to you! When I was younger, I would play your music the loudest my little stereo could go. One time my brother got tired of it, hit the wall too hard, and made a hole! I guess he really felt the girl power lol

Okay a question: what is your fondest memory of working on the Spice World movie? And was the pregnant woman in the movie really your friend in reality?

Thanks for doing this!!!

OfficialMelB7 karma

She was hired because she's a great actress, but during the film she became one of our really good friends.

Daijana2 karma

What's the best thing about having people look up to you? And what's the best advice that you'd give a songwriter?

OfficialMelB6 karma

To a songwriter - the best lyrics come from pain and your own experiences.

JAMIEInc2 karma

Hi there Mel, thanks for doing this AMA!

Obviously you've lived in the USA for a while now, but how much do you miss good old Leeds? The accent has obviously not been influenced by America, do you still visit Leeds often?

OfficialMelB10 karma

Don't miss it at all - hahaha! Yes I still visit.

qasdfer2 karma

My dad claims that he got a kiss on the lips from yourself when you and the other spice girls were performing at a bar in the whitechapel area in the very early 90's, is this true and do you remember?

OfficialMelB11 karma

Maybe on the cheek, but not on the lips!

sheepsleepdeep2 karma

Mel, I've been a fan of yours since I was a teenager and the Spice Girls just started blowing up. You were always my favorite.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were having a conversation, one of those hypotheticals, where we were trying to figure out which celebrity we would both be comfortable having a threesome with. And we both settled on you!

So my question is, if you could have a threesome with any two people from any point in history alive or dead, who would it be and why?

OfficialMelB3 karma

Myself, myself and MYSELF! Hahaha. That's for me to know, and you to never find out..

anna2507072 karma

Hi Mel, hope you are doing well! Do you enjoy living in the states?

OfficialMelB3 karma

Love it - I've lived here on and off for 15 years, but I count myself as somewhat of a gypsy.

RedditorSaiddit2 karma

Hi Melanie! I loved the Spice Girls! Any chance for a US tour when you ladies are in your golden years?

OfficialMelB2 karma

I would LOVE to!

zitjuice2 karma

Any interesting stories from shooting the Wannabe video?

OfficialMelB10 karma

Yes - my tank top cost two pounds from a store called Mr. Buy Right. I bought it while I was driving myself to the shoot.

schfiftyshadesofgrey2 karma

How was performing at the Opening Ceremony for the London games?

Was it just another performance or was it more of a validating moment?

OfficialMelB2 karma

Very exciting and SO much fun.

survivalsnake2 karma

Do you load Spice Girls songs into your iPod/Spotify/etc. for personal enjoyment, or is it too weird?

OfficialMelB0 karma

Not weird at all - I love myself!

Rhinosaucerous2 karma

Stern or Simon? Why?

OfficialMelB3 karma

Why do I have to decide? I love them both :)

RoganJosh19862 karma

You've worked in music, films, TV, videogames and much much more - but do you have any unfulfilled burning ambitions?

OfficialMelB2 karma

Of course I do!

ukbrah2 karma

When filming music videos for the Spice Girls, any particular stories that stand out in your mind as a bit of an adventure that you could share?

OfficialMelB5 karma

I absolutely love doing music videos, even if it takes all day and all night. I have so many memories from all of the Spice Girls videos, hard to choose!

Ted_From_Accounting2 karma

Hi Mel,

I wanted to know if you ever thought there was an act that you really felt was promising and should have gone through but ended up getting the boot. What happened to them after?

OfficialMelB3 karma

I really hoped that The Outlaw had performed better because I was really rooting for them!

schaumann2 karma

Hey Mel! Aussie fan here, I was pretty late to the party & have only just started appreciating your tunes over the the past year or two, ha.

I know you've spent quite a lot of time down under over the years. What are your favourite aspects of our country?

OfficialMelB4 karma

The harbor, Rose Bay, and the lifestyle.

VisionTwentyNine2 karma

What has your experience been with Simon Cowell on America's Got Talent? Is he as harsh as he is when he's judging or is he completely different behind the scenes?

OfficialMelB3 karma

Simon's not harsh, he's just honest and to the point, and I really appreciate that. At least you know where you stand with him. He's a very professional, business-savvy gentleman.

melaniebrownbr2 karma

Hi Mel! We are your official source in Brazil and I was wondering if you will ever follow us back on twitter / instagram? xx Mel B Brasil (@melaniebrownbr)

In the beginning of 2015, you tweeted that you wanted to come back to Brazil soon... Any plans on that? We can't wait to meet you.

Did you know that you have a lot of fans in Brazil? How do you feel about that?


OfficialMelB2 karma

Soon - I used to have a house there - I love Brazil!

MrAppolon2 karma

What is something interesting that people don't see/know about being a judge on AGT?

OfficialMelB3 karma

I psyche myself out right before going on the stage live by blasting my music in my dressing room!

captn_morgn1 karma

Hey. Thanks for doing this. What was the loudest show you ever remember doing? (Which fans were the craziest)

OfficialMelB2 karma

Our first TV show in Japan

rafanieb1 karma

Mel, when will we have Spice Girls news? Please, don't just say "soon", we're dying to know!

OfficialMelB2 karma