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How do you deal with any potential "She may look like a loli, but she's actually a 1,000-year old dragon, so it's OK" type of issues with game developers? Basically, what are the standards?

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A lot of what we learn in the West about Japanese business culture related to white-collar work - for example, long hours, long meetings, and obligatory boozing at karaoke. Do these conventions (or cliches) apply to blue-collar labor as well? What about the service sector (e.g. retail)?

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Did you have any difficulties getting used to the business side of making your own board games (e.g. accounting, procurement, insurance, shipping, etc.)?

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  1. Is this your first cruise?
  2. Has this soured your experience on cruising in general?
  3. What was the general morale of the passengers - upset, accepting, etc.?

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  1. Did your parents push you into piano? Did you appreciate it or resent it?
  2. Any carpal tunnel issues or the like from piano playing?
  3. Do you also sing or play any other instruments?