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To be fair all the top questions are shit, I'd be kinda pissy and wouldn't give great answers if I'm not even getting good questions. It's just a waste of his time at this point,

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How similar is it for police officers in the UK to use their firearm on duty compared to American officers using their weapon on duty?

In America, it's up to police to make a judgment call on whether or not they should fire. I've heard that in some countries officers have to get approval by a commanding officer (or someone in charge) to use their weapon. Is it like this in the UK?

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First AMA I've ever been on time for, so thanks for being conveniently within my redditing time.

What is the weirdest thing anyone has said to you on Americas got talent?

Also thanks for doing an AMA.

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I gave a bad question and you turned it into a good answer, well done!

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Uh, vague question incoming, how do you guys better the world, if at all?