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sheepsleepdeep2403 karma

Did Amy or Samy ever see an episode of the show before? How could they not have anticipated what was about to happen?

sheepsleepdeep512 karma

Dude you wrote a suicide note in your campus newsletter. How the hell did you not expect people to think you were dangerous when you make comments like that after publishing a newsletter like that?

sheepsleepdeep223 karma

Did you really say things like bright fluorescent lights and unpainted walls made you angry enough to kill people? Because I would have called the cops on you too dude.

sheepsleepdeep204 karma

What is the ratio of used Madden games traded-in versus used Madden games that sold?

sheepsleepdeep178 karma

Did you ever complete a puzzle that took forever only to realize the solution was actually really easy?

PS: you co-wrote what is possibly the last great parody movie.