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Hey! I don't identity as religious but I'm interested in learning more about all religions including Christianity.

Three Christmases ago I was in a foreign city with no family so I decided to attend a Christmas Day Mass for the first time, purely out of curiosity. From memory it was a Said Eucharist (spelling?) and I stuck around afterwards for the Sung Eucharist as well. I'll be honest with you: both of them freaked me out, they were supremely ceremonious and a little too intimidating for an amateur like me.

What type of church or form of Christmas mass would you recommend for a beginner?

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In your opinion, would you agree with the recent report that Bulgaria is the unhappiest country in the EU?

On another note, I once sat next to a girl from Sofia on a bus tour in Italy and she was awesome. I wish I'd kept in touch with her. Bulgarian girls are adorable.

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Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a country in Western Asia

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You deserve acclause

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Hey Neil, thanks for the tunes! Is 57 Mt Pleasant Street an address that has significance to you or is it made up?