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iownakeytar885 karma

How long does it take to grow an oyster, start to finish? Does it vary by type?

Also, what's your favorite oyster, and how do you like to devour their slimy flesh?

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First off, thank you for doing such meaningful work. What you do is incredible.

Is there a lot of negative stigma around mental health and counseling with the people you are aiding?

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Thanks for answering! My fiance recently got me into oysters, and now I want them constantly!

iownakeytar254 karma

I'll bet! Man, I thought it was cool when I ran an ice cream shop...

Do you know if your farm's oysters ever make it to Chicago? Or am I going to need to make a trip out east?

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Woohoo! I'll play some sweet keytar licks in exchange.

Thanks again for the AMA!