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Stingerfreak43 karma

Did you ever have an "oh shit, this is how I die" moment on the ship?

juggerknott78 karma

Most moments were like that on stormy days. The biggest moment was when Captain Casey McManus and I jumped off the wheelhouse on his birthday. The seas were pretty calm but still cold as hell, the crew kept spraying the deck hose in my face as I was trying to swim back. Unaware that they were actually about to drown me. Lol.

Stingerfreak39 karma

Lol, indeed.

GlobTit9 karma

Can't get more lol than that!

bendrbrodriguez9 karma

Blub blub blub.

qiuChuck7 karma

Wubba Lubba Blub Blub

juggerknott5 karma

The other camera guy had to yell at them to stop.. Its actually funny BTS footage. lol

Stevenab874 karma

You willingly went into the water? Damn, I assumed that never happened.

juggerknott5 karma

Some of the guys get a little crazy and if they go, we go.

Speed33m341 karma

How many cartons of cigarettes are brought on board before the trip?

juggerknott19 karma

I would imagine tons, but they hid them so no one stole them, they were a rare commodity. lol

anarchyz10 karma

rare?? i feel like everyone has a cigarette in the mouth at all times on that show

juggerknott2 karma

because they stole someones who had a secret stash. lol

juggerknott32 karma

Hey everyone, thanks for the awesome questions, but Ive gotta get to work on the show I'm shooting right now, and its also my Birthday, so yeah.. Ill answer any questions later when I wrap on shooting. Thanks again.

lam00k29 karma

They have never shown them eating the crab they catch, Do they ever dine on fresh crab straight from the POT?

juggerknott45 karma

They are afraid if they eat the crab they may miss their offload weight. It's really that crucial.

ColCrockett28 karma

How much of what we saw was overly dramatized and how much was an accurate representation of day to day life aboard the ships?

juggerknott49 karma

It all really happens over the course of the season. It comes off more dramatized after it's been edited to music and other stories. These guys open up after you get to know them, and the tension of the job makes them high strung, open books.

Rowdy1027 karma

Do the wheelhouse, galley, and other indoor areas of the ship smell as bad as I imagine? Everybody smokes and is covered in sweat, salt, and fish

juggerknott40 karma

On the CM it was nice. The guys kept it clean and it just got remodeled. No smoking was allowed inside per Casey.

Rowdy1022 karma

Were you on the ship back in the Phil Harris days? If so, is there anything that is strikingly different that we might not pick up on in the show?

Does the crew not realize the captains can hear their bitching on deck or do they not care?

We've seen some captains be a little douchey to the camera crew. How are Josh and Casey?

juggerknott27 karma

I wasn't on the boat back in those days, sorry. And yes the crew knows the captains can hear them most of the time or that we are gonna tell them. They just really don't care. The captains understand the guys get pissy and expect to hear lip. Josh and Casey were awesome to us. They have both became pretty good friends of mine.

TJ_Longfellow22 karma

Did you ever see anyone break down and turn the camera off out of sympathy??

juggerknott47 karma

No, it's part of the job to always roll on that stuff. They tell us if we don't feel uncomfortable, we aren't doing our job.

Gregolas78920 karma

What's the most inexplicable thing you've seen at sea?

juggerknott41 karma

When you're on top of a wave and it's like being on top of a mountain, just peaks and valleys as far as you can see. Then going down in the valley and seeing a wall of water moving towards you.

noahsonreddit14 karma

Would you ever recommend the job of crab fisherman to someone? What would that someone be like? In other words, what makes a good crab fisherman?

How did you end up getting that job? Have you done anything else this extreme?

Do you ever get in the way of the crew members? How do they feel about your presence on the ship?

juggerknott27 karma

I would recommend tough minded people. Not only is it physically demanding. But it is also a mental thing. Being so isolated, stressed and tired. Only a certain type of person can do it.

I worked hard and have shot other reality shows. You have to be a little crazy to be a shooter too. Lol. I filmed a show in northern Canada last winter, living in a inner shelter igloo.

And we are always in the way. I heard many times on the shows final edit, the guys telling me to get out of the way.

notimetoexplainrun14 karma

Where do you guys sleep on the ship? I know there's crew bunks but are there extra bunks for you or do you improvise?

juggerknott19 karma

The boats have extra rooms but they are very small and cramped. I slept in a small area compared to about the size of a bunk on a submarine.

ZeroFailOne13 karma

How does someone go about getting a job on a vessel? How much time a year is needed to commit?

juggerknott20 karma

As a fisherman. They usually fish 8 months out of the year. The kid DJ on the CM just pounded the dock until he got hired.

PanzerBatallion13 karma

Is Casey as straight up and awesome as he seems on the show?

Is Josh as much of an aimless douche as he seems these days on the show?

juggerknott23 karma

Casey really is awesome. A great guy. And Josh is actually a great person with a big heart. Just loves to have fun and spend money. Lol

TheAnatidaephobia12 karma

What was the best and what was the worst day aboard the ship?

juggerknott16 karma

The final day. Lol.

wwiimaniac10 karma

You probably get asked this a lot, but what is your least favorite part of Bering Sea life?

juggerknott22 karma

Being so isolated. No internet, phones, or contact to the outside world. You find out what you're made of for sure.

wwiimaniac10 karma

That makes sense, I guess that really explains why the crews seem so tight knit.

juggerknott10 karma

For sure. They only have each other.

JoshuaJMack9 karma

What is the worst injury you've ever witnessed while shooting out there? Also, are you sick of eating crab yet?

juggerknott18 karma

We didn't eat crab because it was too important to keep every crab for the offload. The worst injury was when Bumper had his hernia and his nut was the size of a grapefruit. Lol

Codemonkee9 karma

What other qualifications do you, or other camera operators have on the show? I remember one guy on a crew on the Time Bandit was an EMT, which proved useful during a really nasty storm. Stay safe and thanks for doing this.

juggerknott13 karma

Just gotta be able to hold a camera, follow story, and keep your stuff together when everyone else is losing it. Anything else is just a bonus.

Raff0018 karma

Is Jake ever going fishing with Josh again?

juggerknott12 karma

He may be going back next season. Never know.

benvdavis7 karma

How much does a gig like this pay?

juggerknott12 karma

Not enough. Lol. Trust me.

ShawnKempsKids6 karma

I haven't watched the show in years, but really enjoyed it when I did. The title is Deadliest Catch, but has anyone ever died on the show?

NeuralHandshake7 karma

I seem to recall an earlier episode where fishermen died during the same storm, but none of them were on a crew that was being filmed. I think the episode covered the emotional response.

But it's also been a million years since I watched the show, so who knows.

juggerknott2 karma

No one from the show has, Fishing has become a lot safer due to new regulations and the quota system.

Piegasm5 karma

How rampant is drug use among the crew? I imagine it's damn near impossible to work those shifts without some aid of stimulants

juggerknott5 karma

A lot of the guys will load up on Stackers. I never seen any of the guys use any drugs. They have become pretty good about hiding it I imagine. Nad Casey has a strict no drug policy.

0TheTexasRanger03 karma

Hello, Although I myself do not watch the show my mother has been watching from either the 1st or 2nd season and absolutely loves it. I told her about this AMA and she had this question for you: What happened to Josh's brother? Is he getting treatment for his addiction? She is hoping he is doing well! Anyway thanks for your time keep on filming from what I've seen of the show it is very immersive!

juggerknott3 karma

I really can't answer about Jake, but I know that Josh is in constant communication with him and really is trying to get him back up with him.

smonster13 karma

Did you have experience working on a boat prior to taking the job on "Deadliest Catch", and did you have any trouble with seasickness?

juggerknott3 karma

I had no prior vessel experience. I road a John boat a few times. Lol

jmanpc3 karma

Has there been a time where you were pretty certain you were going to die? What was the most butt clenching moment you had? Did you ever do something to get a shot that you instantly regretted?

Thanks for doing this ama!

juggerknott4 karma

I dated a girl back in high school and her dad didn't like me too much, thought he was gonna kill me. lol.jk.. Every day was nerve wracking if the seas were rough, a couple of times the pots would swing close by and give you that heart shock. I had the guys strap me to the crane to do some shots once and instantly regretted that. Wasn't comfortable on the ole boys.


How do they always keep a cigarette lit even when giant waves are crashing on them?

juggerknott12 karma

Those guys are so badass, the waters afraid to put out their smokes. Lol. Jk. They go out a lot of the time.

missionbeach3 karma

What kind of shoes/boots did you wear? Without the right gear, I imagine somebody slipping off into the ocean on a daily basis.

juggerknott5 karma

They were called Extra Tuffs and they are awesome.

Jackere243 karma

If you were to film a similar series under a different trade rather than deep sea fishing, what would it be?

juggerknott8 karma

I wanna film a show in Space!

Epistemify2 karma

How much out of the year do you work? As I understand it, the boat spends a couple months in port and then goes out for two or three weeks where you make good money (albeit for long, hard work). Do you have any other jobs as well or do you just chill in between fishing trips?

juggerknott2 karma

I shoot other shows for other networks.

StinkyFeetMendoza2 karma

Are you the camera man who got so sea sick he had to be airlifted off of one of the boats? If not did you know him and what happened as a result of him getting air lifted out? Did he lose his job? Does he get his ball busted for it?

juggerknott4 karma

I am not that guy. And I have no info on him.

lam00k2 karma

Are the sleeping quarters as claustrophobic as they look? Also how do you sleep with the boat crashing around like that, Is it as bumpy as that looks. 15-20ft swells and all.

juggerknott10 karma

There is no sleeping on those boats. Just minutes of rest with your eyes closed. Lol.

evolzao2 karma

Who made the best meal (and what was it) for everyone and who made the worst (and what was it?)

juggerknott7 karma

Josh and Shaw were the best cooks. Lol. Josh was always making steaks or chicken. Shaw made great breakfasts. Casey was the worst cook. Usually burnt microwave food. But he tried his best dogginit

YamiKyoya2 karma

Have there ever been any moments that you wished you were someplace else? Did you ever get homesick? Seasick?

juggerknott3 karma

Yes everyday. It was tough. I missed family. I actually had a bad feeling one day that something happened back home but I was a few weeks from even hearing. It was awful. Luckily everything was ok. And I got seasick the first day.

willie17071 karma

How much of a fishing trip is actually spent filming?

juggerknott2 karma

We film the entire season.

cyclonewolf1 karma

Have you ever broken a piece of equipment on board the ship and been unable to film properly, losing good footage in the process?

juggerknott3 karma

Me personally, no. We have so many backups ready to go, that when something goes down, another is in its place. But sometimes you do miss a good shot and hate yourself for it.

Agentreddit1 karma

Do you ever get seasick?

How does your family feel about you going on this ship for months at a time?

Which crabbing season have you done? What's the best? What's the worst? Why?

Do you have any insight on the other ships? If so, is Elliot as bad of a guy as the show makes him seem? Is he falling down the dark path again?

juggerknott3 karma

I did get seasick the first day we went out, I thought i was going to die. My mom was a nervous wreck. I did all crab seasons, King is the most fun, Opilio and Bairdi are the worst. I don't know anything about elliot, but I know that Zack Larson on the Cape Caution is awesome! lol

jayaugust1 karma

Proof us anything! :D

juggerknott2 karma

How can i post pictures to an AMA?

satosaison1 karma

Every now and then you would have a greenhorn, or simply a crew member who was new to the boat, who quite obviously, was not working out.

What was it like in the downtime/off-camera time with that person? Was it awkward as hell?

juggerknott2 karma

If that is happening there is no downtime from the camera, we follow it all the way through. Its the only way to get real reactions from those guys.

denverketo1 karma

Hey thanks for doing this! Two questions. 1) When Phil died, how did it effect filming on the ship? 2) A family friend is on a certain ship that lives in Astoria, and they said the drug use is insane. Can you elaborate on that at all?


juggerknott3 karma

I wasn't on the boat when Phil passed away, but they kept shooting. This season Sig had some heart problems, our guys kept rolling but also were able to help him. We have become a part of the crew once we step on, we just have a different job.

Skibbityboof1 karma

Does Josh ever talk about his brother? I never see him mention him on camera...it's a shame because they were always so close.

juggerknott3 karma

Josh always talked about Jake, you can tell he loves him very much and he wants him up there with him.

TranscendMaxExposure1 karma

What's the one thing you missed the most while at sea? Something you missed the least? And do you miss being out there now?

juggerknott3 karma

It's crazy how I do miss the guys on the crew and the whole experience now, I don't miss the horrible days, long no sleep, cold days. always feeling nasty and dirty. While I was out there I missed women. lol.. as anyone would i guess. lol

Chrizzlechip1 karma

How much money do you make compared to a greenhorn, regularly tenured deckhand, and the captain?

juggerknott2 karma

it depends on how many years we have been filming. Greenhorns don't make too much, the deckhands do well, captains make quite a bit. But its the guys that own the boats that reel in the money.

heapsgoods1 karma

What do you guys do to keep entertained at sea when the cameras aren't rolling?

juggerknott3 karma

Sleep!! lol.. or watch movies on laptops. Sometimes Id go on deck and hang with the guys.

thebbman1 karma

Would you consider yourself ready for just about any camera job now? I'm sure you've mastered the art of staying stable with a camera now.

juggerknott5 karma

I felt like that before this show, lol, but this gave me the certainty that i can do any conditions. The hardest thing to do is focus when your hand is numb and you can't feel the wheel turning.

mockingofjay1 karma

how does one get a job on a ship like that? I'd love to work at sea.

juggerknott3 karma

As a shooter or fisherman?

Corsica961 karma

What lead to your career choice / deciding to be a shooter for this show? Do you fancy crab as a food choice yourself?

juggerknott3 karma

I'm not a fan of crab and I do this because I love adventure and being able to show people around the world what I get to see. It's a job where millions of strangers critique my work. Lol

TenPointsToSlytherin1 karma

Were there any moments when you felt like you were just in over your head and regretted being out there?

juggerknott1 karma

There were tough days, but once you're out there, you're out there. You push through it and it all goes away.

GeenMachine1 karma

How do you keep professional detachment being in close proximity to your subjects without becoming emotionally invested in their lives and well-being?

juggerknott3 karma

You don't. You get really close to some. And some you really don't.

Chino11301 karma

When you got into camera work, did you ever imagine that this was the kind of thing you'd be shooting?

juggerknott4 karma

It was actually a goal of mine. Check. Lol

NoGoodUserName9999991 karma

I heard everyone gave the Time Bandit guys a cold shoulder and they had to drink at a different bar (heard from bartender), was this true?

juggerknott6 karma

If it was it didn't last long. They all are buds when it comes to time on land.

remtron261 karma

Have you ever gotten to help the crew out in their job? For example, pull up a pot or fetch bait, etc. If so, how was it? Could you see yourself ever becoming a crab fisherman?

juggerknott6 karma

I did help out every now and then when it was calm and nothing was going on. As much as I'd like to think I could, I don't think I have it in me. Those guys are tough mentally and physically and only a certain personality can do it. I admire them.

PauseItPlease1 karma

Is there anything the guys do to wind down between strings? Sleeping/Eating/Working is basically all we see, is that really all they do? I know the Hillstrands have a sauna on deck, anything out of the ordinary on the CM?

juggerknott7 karma

They just sleep and eat. Lol. The funniest thing is seeing all those men laying in the floor of the fore peak trying to squeeze in a nap.

dlolb1 karma

are you considered part of the crew, a friend, or just the cameraman?

juggerknott6 karma

Part of the crew, we shad to help with food and dishes, also a friend after it was over. I still keep in touch with a lot of the guys, went to Hawaii with Casey and his family in April.

whiteboyday1 karma

If you can recall one, what was the hardest day of production you faced during your time on the boat?

Also, what was the best day of production?

Thank you for doing this AMA! Love the show!

juggerknott3 karma

Just the days when a storm would be bashing the boat, no one has sleep, we have been filming for days on end and the pots are coming up empty. The best days where when the guys were happy they were pulling up full pots.

roffvald1 karma

I was on campaign with Sea Shepherd, and one of the cameracrew was the guy who got attacked by Captain Keith, he still doing Deadliest Catch or are the crews all changed now?

juggerknott1 karma

You're probably talking about Carper, and no, he doesn't shoot on the show anymore, he has moved on to greener pastures. lol

iamzombus1 karma

If it wasn't for the weather and the conditions at sea how tough would crab fishing be?

Or in other words, if the weather was perfect and the seas were calm how tough is it out there?

juggerknott3 karma

It'd still be a grind and landing on the crab is pretty tough. Mentally its hard, the weather just makes it insane.

Jakethesnake981 karma

Have you had any interactions with the U.S Coast Guard?

juggerknott4 karma

No. Our guys were pretty legit. Lol

randomfriendzone1 karma

How did you decide to take on this job? Was the decision hard to make?

juggerknott2 karma

I wanted to do it for the challenge and to be a part of something awesome.