My name is Roxanne Price and I recently posted a video reaching out to the virgins of Reddit, letting them know about the services I offer. My video received mixed responses but I wanted to give Redditors the opportunity to Ask Me Anything about what it's like to be the confidante and first sex partner to over 200 virgins.

My Proof:

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any virgins that were actually good at fucking for their first time?

BovineOpine2285 karma

Yes! If you're open to instruction you'd be surprised how quickly you can please your partner. :)

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A lot of the men and women that come to me for my services lack the physical comfort of being held or given any kind of regular affection in their lives. I'd have to answer that by saying the majority want to be held... I love being intimate with someone, especially when it's a new feeling to them!

RealityRush189 karma

This explains why 'cuddle cafes' are a thing in Japan!

BovineOpine377 karma

Cuddling is so therapeutic, it's been proven to yield positive health results. Pretty neat stuff. :)

s4yom1857 karma

Hi! I have a bit less related questions, I suppose. Does your work interfere with having private relationship of your own? If you are in one - how does that work?

BovineOpine766 karma

I've been single for the two years that I've been a working girl. Glad some others could provide insight!

AdseyV737 karma

  1. If you could dispel any misconception about your line of work, what would it be?

  2. How do respond to the criticism about the advertising here (reddit) under the guise of wanting to help?

BovineOpine951 karma

Great questions, thank you.

  1. Sex workers have a few negative stereotypes attached to them... However, I haven't seen any of those stereotypes in the houses I've worked at. All of my co workers are well educated, articulate, and independent. The girls working here are Independent Contractors, so we aren't obligated to do any acts we feel uncomfortable with. Also we're all here willingly, and can come and go regularly. The Brothel experience is more focused on spending quality time, and being intimate with your lady of choice. We're all personable individuals who enjoy working with our clients. :)

  2. I touched on this subject on the ForeverAlone subreddit a little bit. I value all forms of feedback, and I'm willing to help out anyone who can have an open mind about experiencing the services I provide. Criticism doesn't bother me, I'm very comfortable with what I do and I accept* it with open arms.

throwaiiay169 karma

Also we're all here willingly, and can come and go regularly

Part of the job, I suppose. But for a serious question, do you often (or ever) climax with your clients?

BovineOpine407 karma

Yes, absolutely! I know my body extremely well, so it's quite easy for me to reach climax. ;)

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Silly me. LOL

IPeeInTheShower2679 karma

What is the most unique request you have gotten from someone for one of your sessions?

BovineOpine1766 karma

Unique requests? Hmmm. Once I had a gentlemen come to visit me and his fantasy was to role play something specific. He wanted me to be his altar girl and he was the Priest, he wanted to bend me over and have sex with me while I was in a praying stance. I'm not religious or anything, but it was pretty hot. ;)

ITradeBaconFutures545 karma

Does a virgin that throws money away on penny stocks have any hope of getting laid? Asking for /r/wallstreetbets.

BovineOpine255 karma

I don't really understand your question... But I guess anyone has a chance of getting laid, yes.

Snazzy_Serval500 karma

Do you have any sort of "virgin package?" Do you treat virgin men differently then men who are experienced?

BovineOpine623 karma

Great question, thank you! I don't treat virgins differently at all, the only part that takes extra attention is getting the physical part to where it needs to be. I've always been an open communicator in the bed room, so I don't hesitate to give my partner feedback if what they're doing is working or not.

BovineOpine338 karma

Okay everyone, I'm in desperate need of some sleep right now. Thank you so much for all of your questions and emails regarding my IamA! I apologize if I couldn't get to your questions, but I do plan on trying my best to answer your comments and emails in the next few days. Have a great night everyone! XOXOXO

ColeSloth311 karma

Are there a lot of seemingly regular looking guys who don't seem to be rich that go there? I've heard it's $500 a visit and that seems a bit steep for a descent looking guy just out for a nice night. Also, how much time is given for a visit?

Not saying you should charge less or anything. Get as much as you can for what ya got. Just kind of wondering if the clientele was eitger mostly rich or pretty bad looking, or virgins.

BovineOpine525 karma

It's a common misconception that there's a set in stone hourly rate for services a legal courtesan like me provides. I have goals when I negotiate with someone, and I try to meet them. At the same time I work with everyone's budget, so it really just depends on how much is being put on the table for our time together and what it is of value to them. Everyone needs a different amount of time, so I don't try to force hard time limits. I like to go with the flow and give my customers the most 'bang for their buck' so to say. Long story short, I try my best to be reasonable while also trying to get as close to my goal as possible. 9/ 10 we can both reach a win/ win.

There has been many times when I take on an good looking client, but I don't treat them any different then someone who would be less attractive. Everyone has different reason for coming to visit me, so even a 'sexy' guy can come to me in need of a 'no strings attached' intimate experience. For seemingly attractive individuals, paying for my services saves much more time and money then pursuing an actual relationship.


If they're really ridiculously good looking would you charge them less?

BovineOpine245 karma

No, I treat everyone as equals.

daniels0615184 karma

You will never see a price quote because they are going to feel you out and find out how much money you have. These girls are mostly independent contractors so the more they get out of you the more they make.

You can imagine how one sided these could be. On one side you have a virgin who is more nervous than he has ever been in his life and on the other you have a woman who could have her tits out and his dick in her hands as she “negotiates” how much for her to keep going.

Go in with a max in mind and low ball the shit out of her. Tell her you got 20 bucks and start from there. If you tell her you brought a grand with you she’s going to literally milk you for all of it.

Source: live in Reno, have been to these places when I was younger and dumber and know people personally who work at the ranches.

BovineOpine138 karma

You're right. I don't throw out price quotes, it's not an efficient way to handle things. I always ask my date how they would like to spend the evening, and that includes how much they would like to spend. As long as we settle on a reasonable number, we're both happy. I make it clear that I don't want my partner to spend a penny over what they're comfortable with. The way I sell myself is very different from how a car salesmen would sell a car. When you walk into a car dealership most times the salesmen will take an adversarial approach with you. That's why people hate buying cars. If I were to frame things in a similar way I don't think I'd get very good results at all. Not sure what different experiences you've had in and out of Brothels daniels, but not all working girls operate that way.

_imog295 karma

Hi! I'd like to ask how you found out about and made the decision to go into your line of work? I find it really interesting and is it easy to get into?

BovineOpine446 karma

Hi _imog! I found out about Dennis Hof's Cathouses through his reality show on HBO. I was skeptical at first, but after a lot of research I learned that it was something I could make a career out of. Many women have been successful from LPIN so I knew it could yield positive results for my life. Two years later, I'm the happiest I've ever been and the skills I've developed here will guarantee me a comfortable life in the long run. It was a good decision on my part I feel like.

It's pretty easy to get into. When I first started working I was assigned a big sister that showed me the ropes, and everyone has been really nice in general. I tend to think of the ranches as sorority houses. It's good to have a flexible schedule because the more time you put in the more success you see. Some working girls do two weeks on two weeks off but I wanted to be dedicated full time so that's what I did. I work a 10 am - 10 PM shift and I have two days off each week. I go back and forth between my apartment and the ranch, it seems to work well for me.

ElMangosto199 karma

What's LPIN, yo?

BovineOpine349 karma

Legal Prostitution in Nevada. :)

internet-arbiter187 karma

Did the owner sleep with you like he seems to sleep with everyone that comes to work for him?

BovineOpine358 karma

The answer to that is no. Dennis Hof is my business partner, and I choose to not cross that line . I've never felt like that was an obligation of mine, and he has been nothing but a gentlemen around me and my co workers.

Lil_hamster052024 karma

10 to 10 holy shit man!

conn1e29 karma

That's just a 12 hour shift, nothing different to a mine worker. She's also probably not with clients for that 12 hours, just available during them.

BovineOpine48 karma

Great point conn1e! I'm on the floor 5 days out of the week. At this point in my career I have solid customers who come in for appointments only, so when I don't have anything on the calendar for the day I usually socialize with co workers and market myself in between when company comes in. I keep busy to say the least. :p

Hyndergogen1197 karma

What's the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst working?

BovineOpine541 karma

Well this one time I was having sex in the shower... We both slipped and somehow I fell on my partners cock... We just kept going at it. True story. : ^ )

trog12230 karma

So it didn't snap in half?

BovineOpine112 karma

Nope! Lol, he left a happy man and in one piece.

Agamemnon32351 karma

Fell on it and it went inside? It doesn't sound like that could happen without pain.

BovineOpine110 karma

It was very wet. Felt great.

Quetzal_Pretzel157 karma

I've always wondered something with the prostitution career. How do you protect yourselves from STDs? Even if the client uses protection, there is still a chance that you could contract something. Also, what form of contraceptive do you use and what do you think is the most effective for your line of work?

BovineOpine356 karma

LifeStyles condoms and Skin are my main form of contraceptive. I use my own supplies, this includes soaps/ wipes/ lubes/ condoms and mouthwash for my casual encounters. I'm mindful of what looks healthy and what doesn't. I'd never put financial gain before my mental and physical health so I'm extremely cautious.

Something note worth is that there's mandatory STD testing each week in NV brothels. Every Wednesday at 1PM the doctor comes to the Love Ranch North and we all test. This is all regulated by the state, if for some reason a working girl had her health compromised then she wouldn't be clear to work on the floor.

Suspected98 karma

Have you ever refused to give a blowjob or have intercourse even with protection because you felt it was unsafe?

BovineOpine148 karma

No I have not. If I saw something that didn't look right I definitely would refuse. People rarely come into Legals Brothels with diseases.

greyshark156 karma

I actually lost my virginity to a prostitute. I think everyone should have that right. But one frustrating thing during the session with the prostitute was that I struggled to get an erection. I think it was because I had been watching too more porn. Do you get many guys who, once they're in bed with you, discover they can't get an erection without porn?

BovineOpine242 karma

I have turned on porn in many of my sessions, yes. When I watch porn with a partner it's to heighten the mood. Is it necessary? No.

When someone is used to a certain routine of masturbation for a long period of time it can make doing the real thing a bit more difficult. It's not something to be embarrassed about, if you're honest about your anxieties then you can slowly shift towards a healthier routine for sexual activity. It helps to have a balance, if your brain gets comfortable with using porn 100% of the time to relieve stress sexually it'll have no motivation to seek out the real thing.

Faisal_Mq138 karma

Alot of times people are forced serve people that they don't really want to serve (rude customers for example) as a part of their work,

my questions are :

1- did a situation happen where you wanted to refuse to provide your services to customers ?

2- how do you approach the situation ?

3- and what are the things that would make you want to do so ?

BovineOpine138 karma

This is a great topic that does need some clarification on, thank you!

This happens sometimes unfortunately, everyone is a little bit different and sometimes two people just don't fit together. It's okay, I handle that kind of situation in a non confrontational way. Most scenarios are only negative if I act that way myself, so I always try to end on a high note. I'm always respectful when speaking with a client, but sometimes the other party isn't capable of that same behavior so it doesn't work out.

TechnicallyITsCoffee131 karma

Have you provided service to female Virgins?

Is there any services offered that don't involve touching?

BovineOpine208 karma

Yes to both of your questions.

I've provided services to female virgins, however they are far and few in between. I enjoy all genders, and do not discriminate.

I'd have to say that no touching is a rare request, but I do provide mutual masturbation fantasies. I can play with myself, or a girl friend while the client watches and he or she can pleasure themselves. Using sex toys and lots of lube is great for this kind of thing. =)

Sleepybye123 karma

HI Roxanne! Can you speak to your experience with clients and erectile problems? I would imagine the added dynamic of financial involvement to sex can be a source of pressure for some, what would you say are the best ways to approach "performance issues"( although I HATE it as a phrase)?

BovineOpine128 karma

Great question, Sleepybye! I recognize that the transaction part of things can be nerve wracking for some. I have a positive approach to discussing fantasies and finances in a reasonable amount of time. It's so important how you frame sensitive subjects like these. I'm honest about what my goals are, and at the same time I enjoy connecting and building the mood. If my customer isn't at ease then I like to communicate on why they're feeling that way. If we can work together to get past it then the performance isn't compromised at all, most of the times it's not a problem but it doesn't always work out. I conduct my services in a realistic manner that is comfortable for both sides.

fivemanycooks96 karma

You are doing good work. I'm happy someone is doing this. I always feel bad for the grown men who seem locked into virginity. The other group that makes me feel sad is the members of /r/DeadBedrooms. Have you considered reaching out to them?

BovineOpine101 karma

Yes. Actually many of our clients here at the Love Ranch are in situations where their lives lack sexual intimacy, whether as a result of their significant other being sick with a serious illness/ the spark just isn't there anymore/ or being a widower.

grizzlyunicorn79 karma

Ever had a client with a very small penis? Even a micro penis? How did you handle it?

BovineOpine84 karma

Yes I've experienced this, it can be a sensitive subject for some and for others they wield it with an extreme amount of confidence. It's not something that bothers me, there are ways to work with what you have no matter what size your member may be. Toys and oral sex, or any other form of foreplay can be just as fun if done in the right ways. ;)

GenghisGaz39 karma

Would you say virgins are a kink of yours? Or do you like the idea of being a big moment in as many men as possible? I guess I'm asking; What is your main motivation?

BovineOpine94 karma

Yes, virgins are a special kink of mine. I relish in the fact that I could be someone's first. I'm very down to earth so I feel like my personality is good for the deflowering kind of experience. My motivation is trying to help as many people as I can, while remaining sincere and offering open arms without judgement to the ones who need it the most.

mstchecashstash38 karma

It seems my original post was deleted for not having a question, my mistake.

I've been thinking about posting this for awhile so here goes. I think this is a good thing. As someone who is going on twenty-two years old and is still a virgin I see no problem with giving people who have had few to no sexual/romantic experiences with someone. I've dated women before but the relationship has never gotten that far, most likely due issues I've been working with(Depression, anxiety, trust issues). I've now been single for four years and have worked through my issues but I've been single for so long that I have a hard time picking up signals. My virginity doesn't usually bother me, although I miss being in a relationship, it's more being a virgin is a big deal to everyone else. Most people will incessantly make fun of virgins, as if it's some big deal. My main issue is I find it hard to just have casual sex. I feel like I need to be in a close relationship with someone first. Only my closest friends know I've never had sex and we joke about it every now and then. You seem to enjoy what you do and it makes me hopeful that I'll meet someone someday and settle down. I'd just like to thank you for making being a virgin not such a bad thing. I guess my question is what advice would you give to someone in my position?

BovineOpine42 karma

Thank you, I appreciate your thoughtful inquiry!

Since your virginity doesn't bother you, I would suggest the first step is getting back into socializing and get to a point where you feel comfortable doing so. If you feel like you need physical experience before you decide to go any further, then the services I offer may be a good alternative for you. Being a virgin isn't a bad thing at all, sometimes all someone needs is a little push into the right direction.

icanclop27 karma

Your profile mentions video games, how about some details? Favorite platform, favorite genre, current addiction, etc.

BovineOpine124 karma

I use my Xbone the most right now to play The Elder Scrolls Online, but I also use PS4 for Fallout 4 and Skyrim Remastered when it comes out. I play my PS3 for Soul Calibur 5, PS3 pad seems to work best for fighting games. I travel out once in a blue moon to participate in SCV side tournaments and enjoy the Fighting Game Community scene. I've been playing Pokemon for 12 years now, so basically I'm a customer for life to Nintendo. RPGs are my favorite genre.

LC_Music12 karma

bless you.

Reddit is a big place with people all over the world. How do you plan to cater to someone who's far away from you?

Also, do you cater to non-virgins? You're very cute lol

BovineOpine38 karma

Thank you! Many of my customers travel from all over the world to come and enjoy the services I provide. The main reason why people travel so far is because NV Brothels are guaranteed to be legal safe and clean. I can do in dates and out dates anywhere in the state of NV. Many make vacation plans when they visit Carson City. Our location is prime for tourist in the are since Reno/ Tahoe and Virginia City are all close by.

And yes, I do cater to non virgins! Most of my partners are recently divorced, in a sexless relationship, rusty, or have never had sex before. I cater to all!

Soliduok6 karma

If I told you I had an inoperable brain tumor, and you were my "make a wish" could we make it happen?

PS. I have an inoperable brain tumor

BovineOpine5 karma

I'd love to make your wish come true, whatever that may be! The first virgin I deflowered had a similar issue and came in one day to get rid of his V Card.

rfinger1337-34 karma

Why do you do that job?

Are you caught in a bad situation? Is there any way Reddit can help you out of that situation?

BovineOpine21 karma

Originally I came out from Houston TX to the Love Ranch North to work in July 2014, I was just getting out of high school and had no idea how I would build a foundation for my future. I am willingly here, not because I absolutely need to be. It was something that seemed to work for me, so two years later here I am! :)

I don't think Reddit can solve all of my problems, but I'm sure I could help the users of Reddit solve a few of theirs!