hi! you may have recently seen me on The Walking Dead as Paula, and i'm currently on ABC's Nashville playing singer (and trouble-maker) Autumn Chase. i'm so excited to finally be able to announce i'm part of Twin Peaks 2017 too! you might also know me from TV's Justified, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order, The Sopranos, Cybill - and the original Twin Peaks. films include Two Weeks Notice, Urban Legend, Mr Holland's Opus and David Lynch's Dune. i'm also a singer-songwriter and i just made my debut at the Grand Ole Opry - you can see the video and find my music at www.aliciawittmusic.com.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/aliciawitty/status/725376912634179584/photo/1

thank you so much, friends! i had a great time chatting with you today. see you next time!!

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Shloog15 karma

Hey Alicia!

Huge Twin Peaks fan here, very happy that you are returning- hopefully with a bigger role than the original run.

I know you probably can't say anything concrete, but can you give any hints on the involvement of the Hayward Family? It looks like only you and Warren Frost are returning from the extensive cast list released the other day. Should we expect some recasts?

aliciawitt12 karma

if i knew anything, i couldn't tell you - but honestly i don't! the whole experience filming it was extremely secretive! i cannot wait for 2017 to see this- i wouldn't be able to wait regardless of my involvement. but honestly i don't really know where my stuff fits in to the story at all. it's more fun that way!

slippycaff13 karma

You were so young at the time, what are your memories of making Dune?

aliciawitt20 karma

i remember so much! it seemed incredible to me that grownups could make a living playing make believe. no surprise i was instantly hooked. i remember the magical sets, the incredible costumes, and how kind and present David Lynch was as a director and a person. many many memories.

HenroTee11 karma

What was it like getting your face eaten like that on the walking dead? It was one of the worst and horrifying deaths I have ever seen on the show!

aliciawitt16 karma

haha! thank you!! we filmed it as the very last scene of the day, and my last scene of the show period. there was also a neck prosthetic which was meant to spurt blood, but it malfunctioned! so if anything it was meant to be even MORE horrifying. but still very satisfying. i had to trust that the walker stuntman was going to bite the prosthetic and not my actual face- he was really using his teeth!

PM_ME_UR_KID8 karma

Hi Alicia, huge fan of your work on justified! How was it working with all of the actors and are Walton and Timothy as fun as they seem to be?

aliciawitt11 karma

thank you! yes- they were incredible. i didn't get to work with walt as much as i would have liked, but i think tim is one of the smartest actors i've worked with. full of good and right ideas. one of the rare actors that always made the scenes better with changes he suggested, in my humble opinion. i hope to work with him again. sweet person too.

schwano8 karma

How awesome was making Cecil B. DeMented?

aliciawitt9 karma

pretty fantastic! i just ran into larry gilliard at the walker stalker convention in nashville and we were reminiscing. they had to do a head count to make sure we were all there, most scenes! there were 12 Sprocket Holes, after all.

Theosholiday16 karma

Hi Alicia! This so cool that you are going to be returning to Twin Peaks next year! Do you have the script yet? Are you going to be playing the piano?

aliciawitt6 karma

i'm not allowed to say a thing about it, but it has finished filming!!

matthank5 karma

Hello Alicia. You are wonderful and immensely talented.

Are you still in touch with David Lynch? Seeing all the names for the TP reboot, surprised not to see yours in there.

aliciawitt6 karma

i am in there! :)

isahammyasandy5 karma

Hi Alicia,

Thanks for doing this AMA. I was a huge fan of your character in Friday Night Lights and think you were inspiring to single mothers everywhere. You also got a romp in the trailer with Tim Riggins so you obviously have it going on. When you think back to your time on set with FNL I'm sure you are vexed with this as many other fans of the show are.

Is a hamburger a sandwich?

aliciawitt5 karma

hi! thank you - i had an absolute blast on that show. much of what made it onto the screen was actually improvised - the scripts were fantastic and then the actors made stuff up around what was already there. of course, the hook-up scene with Tim Riggins happened off camera- so, bummer :) but all my girlfriends were extremely excited i was going to be working with him!

dcstrawn5 karma

Hi Alicia,

I must first say that I am LIVING for Autumn Chase on Nashville right now...you are KILLING it....one of my favorite roles of yours though is the movie you did with Queen Latifah, Last Holiday....what's a memory you have from working on that set? Do you have a fun anecdote you could share? :)

aliciawitt3 karma

awwww! that means so much to me, truly. i certainly had fun being her. she's sooooo manipulative! haha. and working with sam palladio was an absolute giggle fest. ah working on Last Holiday- my fondest memory is just of the fact that we were all - cast and crew - staying for real at the Grand Hotel Pupp. the place was closed and we were the only guests! so it was a rare experience of being a huge family; seeing everyone downstairs at breakfast, in the hallways, going to the gym, etc. plus it was the middle of winter so there was not much to do but hang out together. much absinthe and whiskey and tequila was enjoyed in our downtime :)

joefrawley4 karma

Do you remember recording at a music studio in Coventry, Connecticut several years ago? A friend of mine runs this studio and I am wondering what it was you recorded there? An album of music or something else? Would like to hear it. Thanks... The studio name is Sound of Fury.

aliciawitt3 karma

oh my! i don't remember that. which doesn't mean it didn't happen haha. trying to remember having been in connecticut at all in recent years ...

TheAwakened4 karma

I remember you from The Sopranos!!!! Any story you could share from filming?

Oh, and I have a crush on you.

aliciawitt5 karma

thank you! for both! it was an interesting experience because i came into it not having ever seen the show, but just being blown away because at the time, it was really one of the first TV shows, if not the first, that felt that much like making a movie. one thing i remember is that we all went out to Michael Imperioli's bar one night after shooting; he had a piano and was very interested in hearing me play classical music as we'd discussed that quite a bit. this, however, was at a time in my life when i was JUST beginning to experiment with enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two from time to time. well - that night i discovered cosmopolitans. i had two. when i went up to the piano to play a chopin ballade for michael, i discovered i was so drunk i couldn't make my hands go where they were supposed to! i just had no tolerance for it. haha!! it was my first experience trying to play classical music with booze in my system. such a bizarre funny memory!

belgiumsolanas3 karma

Hi! Longtime fan, what are your memories of working on the movie Fun? Your performance as Bonnie was a huge inspiriation! Also so excited to see your name on the new Twin Peaks cast list!

aliciawitt4 karma

oh wow! thank you soooo much! i absolutely loved playing bonnie. at the time i didn't know whether anyone would ever see the film- the fact that it made it to sundance and got critical attention was such a thrill, because shooting it was a very special experience. it's still one of the things i'm proudest of. i remember getting very little sleep- it was a 7 day shoot - and not being able to get out of character and having nightmares about killing people and hurting myself. was very immersive! but luckily that went away once the shoot was over :)

cincyhawthornes3 karma

How do you stay looking so young? Any secrets you can share? Diet? Exercise?

aliciawitt5 karma

hey!! aw thank you. i try to drink a ton of water, exercise almost every day (yoga; cardio; free weights, etc) - and i'm also almost completely vegan with the occasional exception of eggs from truly free range, organic, veg fed chickens. and i think moderation is key. not deprivation.

vladramone3 karma

Hi Miss Pasternak, how hard was it to give a lap dance to Allan? How many times you had to redo that scene?

aliciawitt3 karma

aw that was just fun!! i think we must've shot it like 5 times? i definitely had whiplash the next day though haha. i had to see my chiropractor! what a ridiculous, awesome, funny scene to get to do. especially since it was chuck lorre, who i had loved since he was the original showrunner of cybill. i was so excited that he asked me to do that!

KomodoMoses2 karma

Did it ticckle when the zombie ate your face?

aliciawitt5 karma

not really! i was too busy screaming to notice. maybe it did! My mom asked if it hurt after watching it.

HenryShaotha2 karma

Hi Alicia,

Great job on your episode on TWD! What was the experience like filming that episode? I always read stories of how the entire cast is like a family and welcome newcomers with open arms. I know you only got to film with Melissa Mcbride and Lauren Cohan, but did you get to spend time with other cast members?

aliciawitt7 karma

it was extremely special. the kind of set where you know even at the time you'll have lifelong withdrawals on most other sets, y'know? those gals were beyond incredible- so very generous, so much just a part of the entire family of crew- there's no difference on that set between people in front of or behind the camera. the way it should always be. i worked w Andy too and didn't even know it until i went for a bathroom break and he introduced himself - he had driven an hour in to set just to be the voice on the other end of the walkie in the beginning of my episode!! unheard of. that's the kind of set it is.

dcstrawn2 karma

since its an AMA....any thoughts on the 2016 political race? haha

aliciawitt11 karma

i keep waiting for mr trump to announce it's all been a joke. the only scary thing is, it doesn't seem like he's going to now. i'm still convinced that was his initial plan.

MG872 karma

How can you be here when a zombie ate you?

aliciawitt4 karma

how do you know i'm reeeeeeally here?????

LadiesLuvMe1 karma

Hey, thanks for doing an AMA!!! I normally don't comment on these much, or actually at all, but I've really enjoyed your roles in the two shows I've caught you in - Justified and The Walking Dead!

What was your favorite part about working on either, or both, of the shows?

What was it like SPOILER FOR THE WALKING DEAD getting your face eaten off?

Do you have any fun stories from either of those shows, or experiences you won't forget? (Other then being on them, obviously!)

aliciawitt3 karma

hey there!! thanks for commenting on this one- nice to hear from you :) those honestly are 2 of the most fulfilling roles i've ever had. the rare experience where you get the scripts, and they're incredible- then you film it and you couldn't be happier with the day's work - then it gets edited together and you're just blown away. it doesn't always go that way. my favorite part of both was just that. i knew at the time, with both, that they were spoiling me for other jobs!

aliciawitt3 karma

maybe my most fun scene on Justified was blowing out those car tires! felt like a real bad-ass haha.

Undeadgamr191 karma

Hi Alicia, what was your favorite memory of working on set for TWD?

aliciawitt3 karma

i have too many to choose! but most of them involve laughing. the ridiculous fun in between all that darkness of the episode. lunch hour giggling over nonsense. so cathartic!

dyeingbrad_1 karma

Will you be having a larger role in Twin Peaks for the new season?

By the way, you had an amazing role in Walking Dead and you did a terrific job. One of the few non comic characters that I absolutely adored.

aliciawitt1 karma

not allowed to say A THING about my role on TP!

thank you for that!!!! i know. when i got that script i couldn't believe what an incredible role it was! i honestly had no idea who she was when i auditioned for her.

buckbinder1 karma

Hi Alicia...will you be doing anything for Hallmark this year.??I enjoyed all your work.

aliciawitt2 karma

i hope so! i always look forward to doing my annual christmas movie. so much fun! always a happy ending :) thank you!

mariodebuck1 karma

Hi Alicia,Was Dune your first acting job?

aliciawitt1 karma

yes it was!

dcstrawn1 karma

did you enjoy doing Reasons to be Pretty in LA a couple years ago? i know you're really busy with all kinds of TV shows lately, but any plans/desires to do another play/perhaps Broadway one day?

aliciawitt1 karma

i LOVE LOVE LOVE doing stage and cannot wait to do it again! the geffen is a very special place for live theatre, i think. but yes- i want to do broadway very badly. it's on my bucket list!

morbidexpression1 karma

all these years later, any production stories from Cecil B Demented that you remember or stick out in your brain? You were freakin' hilarious in that.

aliciawitt2 karma

haha! thank you!! so many. shooting the 'porn' scene with the gerbil was pretty priceless. i was drawing inspiration off of some Tracy Lords videos a friend had lent me years before. turned out, when i met John Waters, he said that he'd cast me off my audition tape because i reminded him of Tracy, and she was a friend of his who he'd initially written the role for. i loved that sheer lace number i wore thru most of it!

liamquane1 karma

Hi, I'm a big fan of yours Mrs Witt, can I ask, what was it like working on Person of Interest? Thanks :~)

aliciawitt2 karma

thank you! the most notable thing about that one was that they were WORD PERFECT with the script. i had one line where i was meant to say 'i heard you helped him' and i said 'i heard you helped him out' and they made me do it again. it was like that with every line! made for a good challenge!

liamquane1 karma

What is the best thing a director can do for you on set?

aliciawitt1 karma

not to tell me what i did that he/she liked, if they want me to replicate it. i prefer just to get direction on what to change. once i know what i did that was 'good' - i'll be too self conscious about it to do it again!

Iswitt1 karma

Hey, Alicia. My last name is also Witt. It's not too often I come across anyone with the same last name. Any relation to anyone in the Vero Beach, FL or Cincinnati, OH areas? I'm also a redhead.

aliciawitt2 karma

hey witt! i don't think so- i know i have relatives in pennsylvania, and massachusetts where i'm from. my last name heritage is polish-russian, from witcoski.

visodd1 karma

Hi Alicia! Thank you for doing this AMA. As an avid fan of The Walking Dead, I'm curious how you feel toward 'Fear The Walking Dead' and if you can give us any insight into how the two shows might ultimately tie together or merge?

aliciawitt2 karma

hi!! i am actually just about to catch up on FTWD, starting with season 1. eager to check it out. i haven't seen any of it yet!!

I_Tread_Lightly1 karma

Hey, my second time catching you on a Reddit AMA!

What are your thoughts on your "Urban Legend" costar Jared Leto as The Joker? Have you kept in touch since 98?

Also you were mind-blowingly amazing in TWD. By far my favorite ep of the season!

aliciawitt4 karma

i haven't kept up with him! always happy to see him when we run into each other somewhere, tho. i think that's a fantastic casting choice. THANK YOU re TWD. one of my absolutely most fulfilling experiences working on anything yet. kinda spoils me for anything else!

Brendantaco31 karma

Hello Alicia! Do you send Melissa McBride cat pictures occasionally?

aliciawitt2 karma

i haven't yet, but there's a first time for everything!

calicojackflag1 karma

Great. You're here. Is there anyway I can get one Nashville local to be on another Nashville locals' podcast? Would you be on our podcast? https://www.facebook.com/TheWilhelmLollygagExperiment/

aliciawitt3 karma

hi there! i'm not a nashville local..! i live in LA. but you can reach out on the Contact page of my website www.aliciawittmusic.com and someone will get back to you if it works out with schedule :)

conquistadorjuan1 karma

I saw your new song from LA last week on youtube and like it. But I can't hear all the words. Any chance you will be recording it?

aliciawitt1 karma

which one? very curious! i played 4 unrecorded ones at Hotel Cafe last week- is it one of those? link please :) thank you though!! i also performed at AOL Build last week; one of the songs that they have up is also new, it's called 'Space'. and odds are i will indeed be recording. i have more than enough new music now to fill a new album- just have to find the time.

conquistadorjuan1 karma


hard to hear the words. but you look great in it :)

aliciawitt1 karma


oooh! thank you so much for sharing!! kind of my new favorite song :) i finished writing it that very day!!

Croaker_761 karma

How do find the time to work on your music when taking part in all of these different acting parts?

aliciawitt2 karma

it's challenging- but it seems like it always works out. if anything, constantly writing songs and finding time to record them keeps me occupied between acting jobs; even during them there's lots of downtime. i've got partially written songs dancing thru my brains at all times.

cincyhawthornes1 karma

How many new songs have you recorded since your latest album came out? When/Where can we listen to them?

aliciawitt1 karma

i haven't recorded them yet! except as demos - i can't wait to record the new album. i have sooooo many new ones.

debnbrucej1 karma

Hi Alicia! Loved seeing you on WD. Any chance we'll see you at a Walker Stalker convention or Comic Con?

aliciawitt2 karma

yes indeed! i'm going to be at Chicago at the end of May; i did Nashville's WS con a few weeks ago. absolutely loved getting to meet so many sweet people who have been watching things i've worked on over the years- i've never had an experience like that before except at my live shows!

OilWelles1 karma

If you could produce, direct and star in the remake of one classic film or stage production, which would it be and why Alicia? Thank you for being here today.

aliciawitt1 karma

all about eve- because it applies to life as well as to this crazy business. and it seems still as relevant today as it was back then.

calicojackflag1 karma

How far did you have to dig into yourself to become that ruthless on The Walking Dead? You were amazing....and scary.

aliciawitt2 karma

thank you, very much. i definitely felt like i was inhabiting someone else's body during that shoot. as though somehow i knew how paula would react, but it wasn't me. had a really hard time sleeping at night when we finished.

dcstrawn1 karma

what was it like watching Tyler Perry transform into Madea on the set of Madea's Christmas? haha....i bet that was a fun set!

aliciawitt1 karma

hahaha! it really was. he definitely only was Madea when he absolutely needed to be, in front of the camera - as soon as he was off camera he was back to being Tyler. he was extremely fast! we finished ahead of schedule and i understand that's normal for him. most days, scenes that aren't even supposed to be filmed get filmed, because he generally only likes to get one or two takes of each shot.

LOLmouseLOL1 karma

Hello Alicia, I really loved your performance in The Walking Dead. I felt your character was sort of thrown in and taken out too quickly; if time was given to develop your character, I'd of loved to have seen you and that arc last a minimum of 3 episodes. Do you feel like you crammed everything into that character that you wanted to?

aliciawitt2 karma

it's hard for me to say- when i got that script i just was overwhelmed with gratitude that i'd been trusted with such a complete character, in just one episode. that almost never happens for a guest starring role, on any show- let alone a show as spectacular as The Walking Dead. so i really felt that i could have been given a 6 ep arc and easily had much, much less to do. this was so satisfying that, as much as i hated to have to leave because i loved the experience- i also felt i couldn't possibly have asked for any more.

Theosholiday11 karma

Do you take vocal lessons? Do you have a pre singing/going on stage routine??

aliciawitt1 karma

i have vocal exercises from several fantastic vocal teachers i've seen over the years - to be honest i don't always do them tho! i can recommend one amazing 3 day course i took in LA called Singing For Actors that kind of changed the way i sing, the way i think about singing. David Coury taught it. pre-going on stage- i find that just relaxing and thinking of the stories i'm going to tell is actually more helpful than vocal exercises. at least at this point.

dcstrawn1 karma

did you enjoy doing the walker stalker con in nashville? do you think you'll start doing more autograph conventions? i'd love to meet you one day! :)

aliciawitt2 karma

hi! yes! i'm starting to do them! chicago for sure, at the end of may. others to come this year! i had an absolute blast at the one in nashville.

MintyTyrant1 karma

'Sup Alicia!

How did you get started acting? Did you have any struggles? Also, how do you usually approach a role?

aliciawitt3 karma

sup!! my first role was in David Lynch's DUNE. and it really was happenstance. i had been on That's Incredible as a 5 year old; the episode repeated a few years later and the casting director saw it and had me come to NYC to audition for David and that was it! but yes for sure. over the years i've had some real struggles- times when i wasn't sure if i'd ever work again, that sort of thing. it's a tough business at times- even for people who have worked their whole life. i think it really challenges your faith in yourself and your determination that if this is what you want to do more than anything, you just have to keep going.

dcstrawn1 karma

what kind of tease can you give us about tonight's episode of Nashville? :) any fun moments between Autumn and Rayna? (love seeing you and Connie together...my two fave redheads)

aliciawitt1 karma

thank you!!! i know- she's got such killer red hairs!! autumn is actually not in tonight's episode - when you see it you'll understand why :) you'll see much more of her coming up, though!!

Rate_hacists1 karma

hi. what kind of music are you listening to? what are your favorite albums from the last couple of years?

aliciawitt2 karma

right now absolutely obsessed with beyonce's new one. damn! what a revelation. i feel so proud of her, as a woman - and i don't even know her. not sure that anyone has ever captured what it feels like to be betrayed like that, and then to come out the other side - it's a masterpiece of an album emotionally and also musically.