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morbidexpression249 karma

Oh. They are CONSIDERING, are they? Talking about this with some regularity?

Gross. You people and what you have done is damn despicable. History won't even remember you as a footnote in this sordid drama.

You had your chance to do something, but you took the path of what... light gossip? The same shit we've heard for three fucking years? Gosh what a profile in courage.

You people need to answer for your cowardice and complicity in his schemes, you are in no position to demand answers of your goddamn employer.

morbidexpression115 karma

that cheesy lodestar thing is embarrassing as hell. Now you're doing it again on purpose, I see.

morbidexpression83 karma

what, with a reality show?

SHAME ON YOU with this marketing drivel when fascism is at the gates. Go to fucking Congress.

morbidexpression54 karma

you sound so sad and small. as empty as your book.

go to congress and get sworn in if you have something to say

otherwise spare us this juvenile posturing

morbidexpression44 karma

In due course? You think we have time to play your silly reindeer games?

Shame on you.