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dyeingbrad_10 karma

Have you internally came up with a Back story for your character?

Did you know you were doing Preacher and if so did you read the comics?

Good luck on your career, man!

dyeingbrad_2 karma

Nah, you don't have too come up with a backstory.

A one off actor for Walking Dead did an AMA and came up with a backstory for his character. Just wondering if you did too.

dyeingbrad_1 karma

I read that the scenes in Walking Dead were mostly improvised, did the writers rely upon your ability to improvise or did you just really get into the character?

dyeingbrad_1 karma

Will you be having a larger role in Twin Peaks for the new season?

By the way, you had an amazing role in Walking Dead and you did a terrific job. One of the few non comic characters that I absolutely adored.