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Hi, if you were to be directly talking to someone who might buy your game, what would you tell them to really win them over?

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Good evening Kevin. Nerdy question and serious one. Nerdy question: Just based on your thoughts and your thoughts alone, which do you think will do better? Batman vs. Superman, or Captain America: Civil War? Serious question: How exactly did you break into the entertainment scene?

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Hey, I'd just like to say this is a huge honor even getting the chance of you answering my question. I grew up watching full house every chance I could! I would like to ask you three questions. 1. Could you possibly give my sister Maddie, who also grew up watching the show, a shoutout? 2. How did you feel landing the role of Uncle Joey? 3. How have you reacted to the now iconic like status of uncle Joey and full house?

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How was it working on the set of blues clues? That show was a huge part of my childhood.

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What was the most unique piece of information you found when researching Jefferson? Also, what is it like to work at such a prestigious law school as Harvard?