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Hi Todd,

I eat entirely too much Cane's. It's a hard life living walking distance away to a location.

Are there plans to make the loyalty club do.. anything? It's nice to see the occasional special and the birthday special, but there's nothing for the regular usage of it. It's gotten to the point where I don't even bother taking my card out anymore :(

LadiesLuvMe1 karma

Hey, thanks for doing an AMA!!! I normally don't comment on these much, or actually at all, but I've really enjoyed your roles in the two shows I've caught you in - Justified and The Walking Dead!

What was your favorite part about working on either, or both, of the shows?

What was it like SPOILER FOR THE WALKING DEAD getting your face eaten off?

Do you have any fun stories from either of those shows, or experiences you won't forget? (Other then being on them, obviously!)