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isahammyasandy328 karma

As a pro-gamer you are uniquely qualified to answer this question - is a hamburger a sandwich?

isahammyasandy208 karma

Hey Tom. I'm a little bit interested in your opinion, but I am more interested in Pinky and the Brain's opinion on this.

Is a hamburger a sandwich?

isahammyasandy26 karma

That jump is absolute madness. Did your massive balls of steel weigh you down when you were falling? Also, in your opinion, is a Hamburger a sandwich?

isahammyasandy26 karma

What did you eat after youcompleted this amazing feat? Why was it a hamburger? and is a hamburger a sandwich?

isahammyasandy16 karma

Hi Brandi. Very sexy. I'd love to see you do some food stuff someday! Speaking of foodstuff, do you think a hamburger is a sandwich?