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is an American film, stage, television actress and singer.

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good morning everyone!

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YES! hugely... i really think if i hadn't made Dune at the age of 7, and if david hadn't been my 1st director.. who knows if i ever would have become an actor. he set the bar really high... i ended up working with him 2x more (on twin peaks and the HBO trilogy 'hotel room') and still to this day he is one of the most grounded, most appreciative, most level-headed directors i've ever worked with. he understands actors so extremely well. has a way of explaining what he means that no one else has. i hope i get to work with him again...

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there was a 'that's incredible' book? i never had any idea...

you are so right. i can't believe they wrote that in the book! i was raised on a very strict diet with no sugar, no additives, no candy, etc. so that's how i was told to trick or treat.

actually, another bit of trivia is that the entire reason i was in 'dune' is because i was on 'that's incredible'... i wasn't a child actor, didn't have an agent or anything, was living in worcester ma. the casting director for dune was looking for a young child that could read/speak very big words fluently, simply put, and they were having a hard time finding that. my episode repeated right when dune was casting, when i was 7, and she found my parents' # in the local directory and called and asked me to come to new york to audition for david lynch.

so it all connects in that way too.

thank you so much for sharing, nice to see you on here... :)

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oh it was INSANE!! see my comment above about david lynch... but wow, it was the most expensive film ever made at that time ($75 million budget in 1984!). i really thought that was just what all film sets looked like! it was incredible beyond belief. all the creatures were made by carlo rambaldi, who created E.T., and the wardrobe was just ridiculously lavish and the sets were so beautiful. still to this day the smell of drying paint and plaster takes me back to when i first saw the sets being built on my first trip to mexico for wardrobe fittings, etc, before my actual shooting had begun.

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what a sweetheart! thank you!!!!

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it was pretty much separated into our own little short films... tim roth of course was in all four but aside from that the cast was totally separate! but i met them all at the wrap party. fun story: they had karaoke and i got up and sang 'flashdance' which was one of my fave karaoke songs at the time.. then i heard massive applause and laughter during the song and turned around to see jennifer beals had jumped up behind me and was doing the dance and pouring water!!!! sooooo awesome...

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omg i had the hugest girl crush on her!!!! she was really sweet to me... i was playing her girlfriend in it so from the first time she met me she literally tossed a bunch of gifts at me. totally played into my girl crush :) she gave me t-shirts to choose from to wear in the segment (i picked one that said p---y!!) and gave me a necklace which i wore in the piece and still have today. and she smelled like gardenia. so i promptly went out and bought gardenia perfume. haha!!

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thank you so much!!! it was one of my favorite things to work on ever... i based that 'd-girl' on so many people i'd met in my experience in the acting business. and i know none of them would ever think to wonder if it was about them lol!

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that was me!

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