I am a Canadian freelance writer and travel blogger. I carry almost everything I own with me in my backpack.

My English boyfriend of almost 7 years and I have travelled extensively through Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

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EDIT: Many people have asked how to get into freelance writing, please check out my post on How I Built a Successful Freelance Writing Business So I Could Work from Anywhere and Travel the World.

We have also announced today that we are looking for help on the blog (paid). Please check out our Global Goose Internship Program if you are an aspiring writer with a love for travel.

EDIT 2: Thanks for all your questions guys, this is fun. I'm gonna grab a couple of hours sleep as it's very late here in Thailand. I'll try my best to answer any more questions on my return!

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tortoisebea10 karma

If you had to settle down somewhere, where would you choose?

global-goose17 karma

We haven't decided yet! There are a lot of possibilities!

The UK is one of the places we have been considering. We love the culture, there's so much to see and do and you are only a cheap flight away from so many destinations in Europe.

But we will make that decision when the time comes. :)

Cloud65566 karma

Don't forget we have Sunday dinner too just another reason to live here

global-goose10 karma


greymatte2 karma

I live in the UK, I was actually really hoping you'd give me inspiration of where else in the world to move too when I saw this question!

The weather here suuucks and no one likes living here! But I guess the grass is always greener?

global-goose1 karma

You don't go to the UK for the weather, that's for sure. But... there are a lot of other awesome things about it.

vitsensei8 karma


Please give me your thought about my country.

global-goose11 karma

We loved Vietnam! We spent about a month there a couple of years ago. It was during Tet so it was very busy. We really enjoyed the amazing food, the natural beauty (Ha Long Bay!) and the culture. I'll never forget how much fun it was to drink Bia Hoi on a tiny plastic chair on the street. :)

vitsensei3 karma

I am very happy to hear so.

But what about the negative? Like the traffic or seller try to take advantages of foreign?

global-goose2 karma

Well... I felt like I took my life in my own hands every time I crossed the busy streets! I had to walk slowly and confidently and hope that the motorbikes would weave around me... it was pretty scary.

Also, since we were travelling during Tet it was very crowded and we always had to go through quite a negotiation to get a reasonable price for hotels and other services. However, I think that's common when travelling, especially during a big festival.

just_tea_thankyou5 karma

How do you afford to constantly travel? Where do you stay? What do you eat?

global-goose5 karma

We work. I'm a freelance writer and that provides the majority of our income. Lee also works remotely making websites.

Where we stay and eat depends on the place. We are currently in Thailand, a place we use as a central hub when travelling in South East Asia. We are staying in a guest house in central Bangkok for around $15 per night. You can get cheaper, but we like this one. It's pretty comfortable for the price and has reliable internet which is important for our work. We generally eat out, it's just cheaper to do that here. When we are in more expensive countries we tend to stay in private rooms in hostels that have kitchens to keep the cost down.

quzimaa5 karma

What is your best life advice?

global-goose15 karma

Trust your future self.

If I told myself 7-8 years ago that I would be doing this now, I wouldn't have believed it. I never had a plan laid out, each step was the next "what if" following whatever we accomplished. You don't have to have it all figured out, just trust yourself, work hard and do what feels right.

Welcome2Cleveland4 karma

What places have you experienced the most racism?

global-goose17 karma

As two white travellers we are fortunate that we don't often experience much racism aimed against ourselves.

Lee's brother lives in Virginia and we noticed it was quite prevelent there. He's also from the north west of England where the odd pub racist is not at all uncommon.

You often notice it more in countries where you speak the language. Travelling through Brazil I felt it was very prevelent but could not fully understand interactions so could not really say.

saintsfan10304 karma

What's the best route or stop you've had in Europe? I Want to do a tour on day and want ideas.

global-goose6 karma

We are partial to Eastern Europe because it has a lot of natural beauty, great architecture, culture and history but you get a lot more for your money than in Western Europe.

The last time we were in Europe we started in Istanbul and went through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. It was an awesome trip.

saintsfan10304 karma

That sounds heavenly. Another question if you don't mind, I'd want to go into Italy and Spain/Portugal also because I'm a big soccer fan and would want to see a few games. You said that you get more for your money in Eastern Europe. How could I save money in west Europe while there?

global-goose3 karma

Lee is also a big football fan, so I understand. If you are willing to stay in hostels you can keep the costs down quite a bit. Many have kitchens so you can cook your own food from the supermarket. Transport can be expensive in these countries but if your trip is less than a month then a rail pass is an option. We try to spend less time in the more expensive countries and relax for a little longer in the cheaper ones. Portugal is affordable, and beautiful.

Flying is also relatively inexpensive between European cities, especially routes served by the budget airlines such as Ryanair. If you can handle the small seats it's a much cheaper way to get around.

LiriX2 karma

If you haven't heard of it, try Couchsurfing, it's the cheapest way to stay in a city (free) and you get to meet awesome people (most of the time). As for travelling you should look into buses or trains, definitely cheaper and less of an hassle than flying. You can for example take a train or a bus from Paris to London. The other extremely cheap way is what we call car pooling, I did it from Paris to Amsterdam and paid only like 10€, freaking cheap and had great discussions with people! Now that you have travelling/sleeping covered, you just need to budgt yourself for food, the only way it works for me is to set a limit in the city I am of how much money I will spend daily on food. Once you do this, don't go over that limit.

Seriously I traveled sometimes for weeks spending only like 10$ (in Asia), harder in Europe but trust me just be smart about it and your budget won't be a problem :)

global-goose5 karma

Great advice.

We used Couchsurfing a lot, especially on our trip across Canada in 2011 because accommodations were very expensive there. We were hosted by some incredibly welcoming and wonderful people whom we are still friends with to this day.

solojer1233 karma

How many Aeroplan miles/AQMs do you have?

global-goose9 karma

The surprising thing is that we don't actually fly very much. We probably take about one flight per year. We tend to travel to a region, such as South America or Southeast Asia and then spend several months to a year moving around that region via trains and buses.

larrim3 karma

Have you ever been to Belize?

global-goose3 karma

Yes! We were there just last year. We only had a few weeks there so we visited Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. We really enjoyed it and we would love to spend more time there.

MBK953 karma

Any advice on how to get into this line of work? This sounds like a lot fun.

global-goose3 karma

It is a lot of fun!

My only advice is to get started as soon as possible. The thing about building a freelance career is that you can build it up alongside whatever it is you are doing now. That's how I started, with freelance writing in the evenings and weekends while I worked a full time job.

That way, you can still have a stable income to rely on as you build your freelance work up to a point where it is earning you enough to go part time or fully quit your day job.

Outrager3 karma

What backpack do you use?

Would you recommend it?

What would you say are required features on a backpack to travel as much as you do?

global-goose1 karma

I use a Mountain Equipment Co-Op Brio 70.

I would absolutely recommend it. I bought it in 2009 before my trip to New Zealand and it has lasted me through nearly 7 years of travel. It has never ripped, torn or caused me any problems at all.

And I'm not gentle on it either - the poor thing has been thrown into the back of chicken buses, tuk tuks, boats and been through hell and back. It's dirty and covered in flags, but it still keeps on ticking after 40+ countries.

aif1233 karma

What is your favourite part of the UK?

global-goose5 karma

Lancashire (I have to say that because my boyfriend is watching).

Actually, the entire North of England is incredibly gorgeous, even Yorkshire (don't tell him I said that.)

workingtimeaccount3 karma

How the hell do you afford this shit?

Have you ever been robbed?

How do you deal with money on a global scale? You obviously don't just carry all your cash on your person. How does banking work when you are never in the same place for long?

global-goose2 karma

We afford it by working online as we travel. I am a freelance writer and Lee does a little bit of web design work. Plus, we have a travel blog that earns a small income as well.

Someone attempted to pickpocket Lee once on a bus in Nicaragua. However, he noticed immediately and he was able to get his wallet back.

When it comes to money, you can use ATMs all over the world to take out cash no matter where your bank is located. Some charge international fees which can be a pain, but it's not that much.

Thembany3 karma

I do not see Africa on your list, what are your reasons for not visiting Africa?

global-goose2 karma

We just have not got there yet. There are certainly parts of Africa we are looking forward to visiting.

Thembany4 karma

I'm inviting you to Africa, you will have 10 times more stories to tell on your blog. It will just blow your mind.

global-goose3 karma

Thanks for the invite! We will let you know when we get there. :)

lukazaz3 karma

While working abroad sound like an awesome experience what downside have you encounter while traveling?

Also if possible second question, what is the worst thing that has happened to you (laptop wise)?

global-goose6 karma

It's a rough job being my laptop, it gets banged around in transit, is exposed to extreme temperatures and gets a lot of use. We go through a lot of power cords. We learned the hard way never to put the laptop in checked baggage when one was smashed during a flight from Washington to Bangkok.

As for the downsides... We really miss our friends and family when we are away and we often miss things such as birthdays, weddings and other events. I sometimes wish I could teleport myself around the world just for a night so we could be close to our loved ones on these occasions.

kylekemper3 karma

Amazing journey! How much money in fees (currency conversion, transfer, ATMs, etc.) do you think you have paid over the 6 years?

global-goose3 karma

I would be genuinely scared to know the answer to this.

planetary-motion2 karma

I would love for my job to encompass a good amount of travel in the future. However, as a woman, I fear the danger of traveling alone. Have you encountered any serious danger while traveling, especially as a woman?

global-goose3 karma

There are some dangers involved in travelling as a woman, but it's not anything that should stop you from pursuing the career you want. The key is to be smart and prepared. Educate yourself on travel scams and possible risks so that you know what to watch out for before you even arrive. Be confident and assertive and don't be afraid to stick up for yourself if someone makes you feel uncomfortable.

Although I have been catcalled and stared at in some destinations, I've never been in serious danger. There are a lot of solo female out there so there is a lot of good advice to be found. Also, travelling alone doesn't mean that you will always be by yourself. You'll often make friends with other travelers at the hostel so you will have someone to do things with.

juuw2 karma

I have no SO and don't have a lot of travel experience but this has been a dream of mine as well. I've been to different countries but with other people. Do you think it would be safe for a single woman with limited travel experience to do what you are doing?

global-goose3 karma

Yes, I think it would be safe. There are a lot of single female travellers, bloggers and digital nomads. Check out this post on Worldette.com about 21 Location Independent Women who have jobs that involve travelling the world.

cutemusclehead2 karma

  • Where did you travel in Asia?

  • Any funny stories?

global-goose8 karma

In Asia we have been to India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Sri Lanka.

A funny story that comes to mind is one that we were talking about today. We were in Sri Lanka during their New Year. We figured that there would be celebrations, so we went to a bar on the beach to have a few beers. There were a couple of people out, but the night was pretty tame so we went home around 1am. We just thought New Years in Sri Lanka wasn't much of a big deal.

At 5am we were awakened by the crackling and booming of fireworks that continued all morning. We clutched our pounding heads as we realised that Sri Lankans go to bed early on New Years so that they can get up at dawn and party. Oops, we did that wrong.

13adonis2 karma

Do you guys go to any measures to get some fluency in the native tongue of where you're travelling to or more or less just figure things out when you get there?

global-goose3 karma

We try to make an effort to learn the basics of the native language such as "hello" and "thank you". However, we go to so many different countries that becoming fluent in all of them would be incredibly difficult. Luckily, English is spoken by many people all over the world - especially those who work in the travel industry.

When we were in South America it was mostly Spanish speaking countries for several months, so we managed to learn very basic child-like Spanish that got better with practice. By the end of our time there we were able to have simple conversations.

Eskaminagaga2 karma

How much do you usually spend in a day and how are you able to keep costs down when low on cash?

global-goose3 karma

The amount we spend in a day depends on what country we are in, so it's really hard to give exact numbers. We keep costs down by staying in budget hostels, taking buses instead of flying, not buying any souvenirs, haggling the price down when appropriate and just generally making smart choices with our money.

All in all, the way that we travel (especially in some cheaper countries) is usually not more expensive than it would be for us to live in one place in the Western World.

BourbonAzul2 karma

Where does a freelance writer find the best bang for the buck?

What's been your happiest moment while traveling, most humbling?

Happy travels!

global-goose3 karma

Where does a freelance writer find the best bang for the buck?

When it comes to a destination that is very affordable but very rich in travel experiences to write about, you can't beat Southeast Asia. Of course, that means that there are a lot of other bloggers writing about it. There is also a lot of interest though.

What's been your happiest moment while traveling, most humbling?

Back in 2011 we did what we called the "Digital Nomad Experiment" which was renting an apartment near the beach in the Algarve region of Portugal to try out this lifestyle and see if we could do it. When we realised it was working and that our dream could become reality, it was a very exciting time.

Most humbling? I think that seeing some of the poverty in certain countries was very humbling. It made us realise how fortunate most people are in the Western World, even if they are comparing themselves to their neighbours.

JBHedgehog2 karma

Do you use any full-time VPNs for computer security?

If so, is there a best one? Do you pay for it or do you use a free one?

global-goose5 karma

I use ExpressVPN, it's actually more to do with the countries we travel to blocking certain sites (For example many ISP's in Vietnam block Facebook). It was also really useful before Netflix started putting blocks on VPN's. You have to pay for it but it is fast and reliable.

JBHedgehog2 karma

Super cool!

There's so much information/mis-information about this topic. It's great to get a first hand account.

Just out of curiosity, with what you do, have you found the need for privacy and security via VPN an important tool?

global-goose3 karma

To be honest, I see the added security/privacy as a bonus, I'm not really sure how necessary it is.

smokinntokin2 karma

Do you ever get lonely on your journey? I feel like always moving around it would be more difficult to make friends.

global-goose2 karma

Not really lonely. There are always other travellers around in a similar situation so you always have people you can chat to or go for a drink with. They are often likeminded travellers so you meet a lot of cool people. It is difficult to make stronger friendships however, even though you stay connected through social media, as you really don't get to see the same people that often.

maywatcher2 karma

What was one of your greatest adventures thus far?

global-goose1 karma

There are a lot to choose from!

There was the time we got lost in the jungle in Malaysia, took a slow boat down the Amazon in Brazil, sailed from Colombia to Panama via the San Blas Islands, hiked down into Colca Canyon in Peru while being followed by a stray dog and the time we took a 4x4 across the salt flats in Bolivia.

Edgefish2 karma

Have you been in Chile? If so, what do you think?

global-goose2 karma

Yes, we indulged ourselves on the wine a little too much in Chile! We had a lot of love for San Pedro and Valparaiso.

We were very surprised at the amount other travellers using drugs (cocaine mainly) in Chile, it seemed disproportionate.

meriemesoukrat2 karma

is travelling the world expensive ?

global-goose2 karma

It doesn't have to be as expensive as people think it is.

Travelling the world comes in all shapes and sizes. You could couchsurf and hitchhike and spend almost no money. You could stay in budget guesthouses and hostels like we do and spend a moderate amount of money. You could stay in the high end luxury resorts and spend a fortune - it all depends on the type of experience you want to have.

fungusbanana2 karma

Do you concider your life comfortable? Or rather what do you concider being a comfortable life? I was thinking of living a travellers life as well but I am not a writer but an illustrator/animator which means I need to either restructure my business model or find a reliable solution to keep in touch with my clients.

global-goose2 karma

Yes, I consider my life comfortable. Please note - we put this in a wider context. Some of the budget hotels and guesthouses we stay in might not be the most comfortable in the world. However, we are very fortunate to be able to do what we love and travel.

swaggernath2 karma

Hi there! Is freelancing a way to explore oneself or is travelling a way to explore oneself?

global-goose4 karma

Freelancing as a career is a great way to explore oneself because you get to use and develop a lot of different skills. You end up working with a diverse range of clients and you really find your voice.

Also, freelancing can give you the freedom to travel while still earning an income. Travelling is an amazing way to learn about who you are. When you put yourself in new and bewildering situations in a foreign land your mind expands a little bit and it never returns to it's previous dimensions.

swaggernath2 karma

Any particular memories from India?

global-goose3 karma

The Holi Festival was certainly a colourful experience that I will never forget!

SeriousPatty2 karma

What's your motivation for life ?

global-goose2 karma

I am motivated by learning new things and gaining a deeper understanding of myself, others and the world around me. I am also motivated by the joy and excitement of sharing positive experiences with others.

I'm also motivated by coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

jayzdubz2 karma

Bed bugs?

global-goose2 karma

Yes, a few times. There is a myth that bed bugs only happen in really dirty places, but that's not necessarily true. Bed bugs will live anywhere that humans sleep and they can get carried in on luggage or clothing into the nicer hotels or the lower end ones. The mark of quality in a hotel is not whether or not they get bed bugs, but how thoroughly they deal with them once the problem is identified.

Unfortunately, I seem to have an allergic reaction to them and the bites swell up really really badly. I had to go to an emergency room in Medellin, Colombia after getting bitten by bedbugs at my hostel because I woke up with a swollen, red arm that was tingling and hot to the touch. The same thing happened later at a hostel in Edinburgh, although not nearly as badly. I hope I am building an immunity! haha

jayzdubz3 karma

I definitely know about them being in all types of places! Enjoy your travels :) seems like a blast

global-goose2 karma

Thank you, we really do enjoy it. :) All the best to you.

_StatesTheObvious2 karma

What is the least "touristy" place that you think every tourist should go without hesitation? Also, can I come with you?

global-goose3 karma

Well, I can't tell you that! Then it will be full of you folks.

Even though it get's it's fair share of tourism, my answer is Newfoundland, Canada. It's just an incredibly beautiful rock. Newfies are great people and it's so close for anyone in North America.

You are welcome to tag along, top bunk is mine though.

gaysmeme2 karma

How did you start your career? Do your expenses top your salary?

global-goose2 karma

I started my freelance writing career on the side while I was working a full time job. I would write on evenings and weekends, taking whatever jobs I could get even though they were low paying. I slowly build up a portfolio, which made it easier to get the next writing gig. Eventually I was able to go part time at my day job, then transition into writing full time.

I earn enough from writing to cover all of our travel expenses. Plus, especially in cheaper countries, I can save a bit of money so that we can add to our slowly growing nest egg.

Abandonate2 karma

I'm a Canadian student studying in tourism, I'm not really sure what I wanna do in the industry so I just want to ask how does one get into travel writing?

Edit: Also wanted to add you're living my dream, traveling while making money and that's awesome! I hope to get there some day :)

global-goose3 karma

There are a lot of ways to get started.

  • Get yourself a blog and start writing posts, even if no one is reading it yet. The practice is good for you and you will build an audience over time.
  • Read lots of other travel writers and bloggers and observe what works and what doesn't.
  • Don't be afraid to put your personality into your writing. If you have been hired to write something very factual and straightforward then stick to the brief, but for your own projects you want your own voice to come through in the writing.
  • Consider becoming one of our paid interns and learning on the job!

OPBaboon2 karma

Are there places where you think they are too dangerous to visit? If so where?

global-goose1 karma

Yes, we would never travel to a war zone or somewhere that would put our lives in danger. However, there are many travel destinations that people perceive as unsafe, but are really quite fine. For example, our friends and family were a bit nervous when we were going to Colombia - but it felt like one of the safest countries we visited in South and Central America.

Dongo141 karma

Does so much traveling make it easy to find friends because you meet a lot of awesome people or do you feel that it's hard to find friends because of the limited amount of time you can spend with people?

global-goose2 karma

You're right on both counts. I love travelling because the other people I meet on the road are often adventurous, passionate, open minded, curious, enthusiastic and excited about the world - so they are a lot of fun to spend time with.

However, you only get to spend a day or two with them before you are parting ways and heading on your own separate paths. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to stay in touch and we have kept connected with a lot of our great travel friends and even met up with them in other places.

pogiface1 karma

How are you able to work online from countries with terrible internet or no internet. I live in the philippines, not always easy with bad internet and power outages as the norm?

global-goose1 karma

Yes, it can be a problem. We try to seek out hotels that have good Wifi, it's one of the main criteria we choose when we are looking for a place to stay.

If the Wifi isn't working very well at the hotel, I sometimes go to work in a cafe or a restaurant. Also, Lee usually buys a SIM card for his iPhone in most countries, so as another back up he can create a Wifi hotspot with his phone.

Erkumbulant1 karma

I'm sure this has been asked already, but what's the weirdest place you've been?

global-goose2 karma

I'm Canadian, but when we went through Truro, Nova Scotia on our cross Canada trip it was one of the weirdest places we have ever been. When we arrived with our backpacks on we got stared at by almost everyone. We were asked many times if we were homeless or running away from home and people tried to give us money or point us in the way of the homeless shelter. It was like they had never seen backpackers before.

deadairdennis1 karma

What do you write on the most or prefer to write on? A laptop, a netbook/chromebook, a tablet, or by hand then type it out? When you're not writing, but come up with a something to put in an article; be it an idea, a line, or structure, do you write yourself a note on a napkin, in your phone, or pull out the laptop and write it there?

global-goose1 karma

I write on my laptop. My typing speed has gotten quite fast, so I am able to keep up with the flow of ideas.

If I have an idea for an article or blog post when I am out and about, I use Evernote to jot it down. I have it on app form on my phone and on my computer and they are synced together. So, I can write some notes on the mobile device while I am anywhere, then pull up those same notes on the computer later when I am ready to write the article.

Mobely1 karma

Do you have substantial savings?

Do you have insurance?

If you broke your hand and couldn't do much writing for a few months, would you be fucked?

global-goose1 karma

When we started this venture we made sure that we had an emergency fund that was at least enough for a flight home, just in case it all went wrong.

Over the years we have saved money on the road so now we have a growing nest egg that we could fall back on if necessary. If, for whatever reason, I was unable to work for a few months we would be fine. The tricky thing would be to build the freelance writing work back up after being out of the game for a while.

Mobely1 karma

Good to know!

I got worried when I saw "freelance writer and blogger" I know a lot of bloggers and freelance writers that make a few hundred bucks on their writing every....year!

global-goose1 karma

Yeah, it can be tough to make a decent income as a writer or blogger. Our blog is only a small fraction of our income, my freelance writing work is the main earner. I earn enough to fund our travels and to put some money into savings.

ssweetimpalass1 karma

Do you own bitcoin and use it in other countries you travel to?

global-goose1 karma

No, we don't. We haven't really looked into bitcoin at all.

onlytech_nofashion1 karma

What about Healthcare ?

global-goose1 karma

We are covered by travel insurance when we are on the road. For example, Lee broke both of his wrists while we were in Canada and it would have cost him about $4,000 if he hadn't had travel insurance.

papadumsoldier1231 karma

Have you been To Sri-Lanka? If so how did you like it. Would LOVE to show you'll around!!

global-goose2 karma

We have! It's one of my favourite places that we have been. It's gorgeous and the Sri Lankan people were so friendly and welcoming.

OtakuSRL1 karma

Do you miss a desktop?

global-goose1 karma

Not really... I can do everything I need to do on my laptop.

Worgen3251 karma

Have you ever been in Poland? If so, what did you like most? :)

global-goose2 karma

We haven't been to Poland, but it's on the list!

red-rudolf1 karma

How is it with friends? Do you have friends all over the world or do you still have one "hometown" where most of your friends are from? Plus, what are your thought on germany? :)

global-goose1 karma

We have some amazing friends that we have met from all over the world. Our location with the most friends is Accrington in the UK because it's Lee's hometown and I have spent a lot of time there. It's always nice returning there and reconnecting with our friends.

As for Germany - we love it! We have been to Munich and Berlin and I have also been to Freiburg im Breisgau before I met Lee. We would both love to spend more time in Germany.

that_is_so_Raven1 karma

What's your favorite thing about Breaking Bad, if you've seen it?

global-goose7 karma

I really enjoyed how the writers managed to make me still want Walt to succeed, despite all the despicable things he did. The complexity of the characters is really its strong point and made me reflect on their actions and motivations so much more than I do with most other TV shows.

Better Call Saul is gradually becoming a classic too.


teshoolama1 karma

Any advice for a fellow hoping to abandon ship and move to New Zealand?

global-goose1 karma

Well, it worked out very well for me. :) Go for it!

What country are you from? Are you thinking of doing the Working Holiday Visa?

teshoolama1 karma

US, so yep that is the plan. I've been looking at Christchurch. Not sure how hard it will be to get a job, but it seems like I can always pick apples or something!

global-goose2 karma

Apples are always an option!

When I did my working holiday in New Zealand I ended up doing all sorts of different things to keep the money flowing in. I worked as a tour guide at a historic prison, I volunteered for my room and board on a farm milking goats and feeding chickens, I worked as a fundraiser for Green Peace, I sold tickets to a pub crawl. The jobs are out there if you think outside the box and are willing to try something different - you might not have to fall back on fruit picking.

There are a lot of opportunities there and if you are eager, willing to work hard and open to different possibilities there is a good chance that something will come your way.

Have you started to take a look already by doing an online job search and seeing what's available in New Zealand? Take a look at trademe.co.nz/jobs and backpackerboard.co.nz to see what kind of jobs are being offered.

teshoolama2 karma

This is good advice, thank you very much! I have indeed looked at boards, but not the first one you mentioned so I will check it out. I wish I had some web skills like yourself, having run across folks that do what you do in my travels, it seems like a really great, mobile, option. Thanks again!

global-goose1 karma

Best of luck to you and enjoy New Zealand!

RickyT3rd1 karma

What model is your laptop(s)?

global-goose1 karma

I use a Lenovo Y40, it was originally Lee's before he switched to a Macbook Air (11 inch) because it suited his photo editing/web design needs a little better. In truth we often switch when the need arises.

Oreatex1 karma

Which country had the friendliest locals?

global-goose2 karma

There are a few places that stand out in my mind, such as Colombia and Cambodia - but I think the friendliest was Sri Lanka. We were always greeted with big, welcoming smiles.

I think it might have been because there was significantly less tourism and travel in Sri Lanka in the recent past. It seemed like the people there were really excited to see visitors, rather than being jaded by them like some of the locals might be in other more popular destinations.

Captain_Dan1 karma

How does tax work if you're abroad for such long stretches of time? Do you pay tax back in your home country or are you just kinda winging it and hoping for the best?

global-goose2 karma

It depends on where you are from. Being Canadian a lot of my income is taxable wherever I am. Whereas Lee being from England has to pay a lot less with being out of the country the majority of the year. Unfortunately I believe Americans are taxable wherever they are.

mahaanus1 karma

I am a Canadian freelance writer and travel blogger. I carry almost everything I own with me in my backpack.

How are you making money?

global-goose2 karma

I'm a freelance writer and travel blogger. (Yes there is some money to be made in writing)

THWINJ1 karma

How did you get started and how could i start?

global-goose2 karma

I basically built up my freelance writing career while working a normal job (daycare). After a while I was making enough to go part time in my regular job and shortly after enough to quite and go full time freelance. This is the point where there was nothing stopping me from working on the road, so we decided to make it happen. I wrote a much more detailed post about it here: How I Built a Successful Freelance Writing Business So I Could Work from Anywhere and Travel the World

Also, we have just launched a paid internship program on our blog. It's aimed at giving experience to novice travel bloggers and making our site more diverse. Check it out: Global Goose Internship Program Launches

mccbala1 karma

Hi.. I'm yet to read your previous AmA. So....

  • Ever been to India?
  • Describe your backpack items.
  • Which is the longest journey you've been through train/road? You have a blog post about it perhaps?
  • You staple diet?

Edit: formatting

global-goose2 karma

Hi There!

  • Yes, we just finished spending a month in India. We went to Delhi, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Pushkar. We had an amazing experience - there are still traces of pink in my hair from the Holi Festival! :)

  • My backpack contains my laptop, my toiletries, my clothes (enough to fill a canvas shopping bag), a few bars of chocolate and my childhood plush lamb toy (for good luck).

  • One of the longest journeys we were ever on was a 36 hour train ride from Winnipeg to Toronto. We boarded the train on Tuesday night and didn't get there until Thursday afternoon. :S

  • Our staple diet changes depending on the country we are in. Right now we are in Thailand, so it's a lot of rice and noodle dishes. Of course, we have favourite dishes that we always seek out when we can get them, like Indian curries and British meat pies. In Argentina we ate a LOT of steak and drank a lot of wine.

AccidentallyGotHere1 karma

Before you started your blog, what did you plan to do in life? When did you start your blog? And do you have any future plans except for traveling in the world? Thanks for the AMA!

Another question: have you ever benn to Israel? And where in Israel?

global-goose1 karma

I was totally freaked out about my future and what I was going to do with my life. I was pretty anxious and worried about making choices, but meeting Lee really helped with that. He was a calming influence on me and he really encouraged me to stop overthinking things and just put hard work into what I enjoyed.

We started the blog in 2011 - it's really grown and changed a lot since then! We still have a lot of work to do to get it to where we want it to be.

As for my future plans, we tend to take things one step at a time. However, we probably will settle at some point and maybe even have a family. That doesn't mean that travel has to spot, it just means that we will incorporate it into our lives in a way that works for the entire family.

AccidentallyGotHere1 karma

Thanks for this answer! How old are you? And about Israel- have you been there?

global-goose1 karma

I am 29. I was 22 when I went to New Zealand and this adventure began.

I haven't been to Israel... yet. :) However, we have met a lot of Israeli travellers in other parts of the world!

marclevin1 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA.

It would be a dream job of mine to do what you do; freelance write (I am more privy to creative works) and travel the world and attempt to enjoy all of the amazing offerings it bears.

My question is, what are the best initial steps towards making such a lifestyle a reality? What did you do before shipping off on your endless voyage and would you do anything differently?

OK that was two questions..... Thank you!

global-goose2 karma

The initial steps that I took when getting started as a freelance writer was to create profiles on all of the writing sites such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour. I didn't have any previous writing experience, so I applied for any writing job I could and I took the bottom of the barrel jobs that really didn't pay very much money. I did great work on them, so that I could have at least something to include in my portfolio. Once I started to get a few things in my portfolio, getting the next jobs became a little bit easier.

I built the freelancing work up while still working part time - I would just write in the evenings and weekends. Eventually the freelance work started to grow to the point where I could go part time at my day job, then a few months later I was able to quite the day job entirely and make a full time income from writing.

Then, before we started travelling we saved up an emergency fund that included enough for flights home if it all went wrong. Then, we sold all of our odds and ends, packed our backpacks and hit the road!

Would I do anything differently? No, I don't think I would. The last few years haven't been perfect and we have gone through good and bad times and made mistakes, but I really have learned so much from everything I have experienced. I wouldn't want to change a thing, as I wouldn't be who I am today without the good and the bad.

TheFlyingPolack1 karma

Im studying abroad in Eurpe next year (most likely italy but i want to travel). Whats the best advice you have?

global-goose1 karma

Enjoy it and make the most of the experience! If you can afford it, invest in some experiences you really want to do. You don't want to look back on the trip and wish you had done something. Take lots of photos - your memories will be your best souvenirs but the photos will help to keep them vivid in your mind.

honeybadgerho1 karma

Did you go to South Korea and if so, how did you like it? Favorite parts?

I know this is a general question, but I am moving there this summer for my husband's job (military). Feeling excited and overwhelmed is a giant understatement.

global-goose1 karma

I haven't been to South Korea, sorry. I am really interested in going though! Hope it all goes well with the move and have fun!

meriemesoukrat1 karma

Morocco? please tell what you think about my country.

global-goose2 karma

We have not been there yet, we hear good things though!

purple_radiance1 karma

What did you study? Where did you receive your education? Did it inspire your decision to do this for a career in any way at all?

global-goose1 karma

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Visual Arts at the University of Victoria.

I suppose it inspired this career in a way, because after four years of sitting through pretentious art school critiques I couldn't wait to graduate and go travelling.

FloatsYourGoats1 karma

What is the biggest culture shock or odd custom you have encountered on your travels?

global-goose2 karma

When I first arrived in England the British sense of humour was a steep learning curve!

Canadians don't really "take the piss" as we are pretty polite and careful not to offend. In Lancashire I was a bit taken aback at first when everyone was teasing me, I even worried that no one liked me. Lee explained that by making jokes about me they were showing their affection and welcoming me.

leftovercaffeine1 karma

What is your favorite unconventional method of transportation and what have you tried?

global-goose3 karma

Jeepneys in the Philippines are pretty amazing. Imagine an old WWII jeep, covered from top to bottom in bright colours, neon lights, tassels and decals. Then, cram as many people as humanly possible inside. Then, drive it down the road at full speed while blaring loud music.

Jjbaum221 karma

How did you get this job? What sort of degree/qualifications did you have before starting?

global-goose1 karma

I didn't have any writing qualifications or experience when I started. I had a degree, but it was in visual art so it was kind of irrelevant.

I built my freelance writing career by starting at the very bottom taking on the crappiest writing jobs. I would get paid a tiny amount for my first jobs, but they allowed me to put something in my portfolio and establish myself. Then, the more I wrote the easier it was to get the next gig.

It took me about 14 months to build it up from the first few writing jobs to making a full time income as a writer. During that time I worked a full time job and wrote on the evenings and weekends until the writing was established enough to rely on - then I transitioned into it by going part time, then quitting the day job a few months later.

Jjbaum221 karma

Wow that's great! I've always been interested in free lance writing and now I think I'll start small and give it a shot.

global-goose1 karma

That's awesome! If you are interested in Travel Writing feel free to apply to our internship.

carlhead1 karma

How much luggage do you carry, is clean clothing ever a challenge?

Also; please, please, please come to South Africa... It's one of the most amazing places you'll experience, we're incredibly hospitable and it is a truly remarkable country.

global-goose2 karma

South Africa has been recommended to me by many and it's definitely on my travel wish list. It sounds amazing.

We carry one backpack each. You can see the size of my backpack in the photo on the top of the About Us page. That's all I need to travel for years at a time! As for clean clothing, a lot of countries offer very affordable laundry services. I love getting laundry done here in Thailand because when they give it back it smells so nice and is folded so neatly!

IFapICumIFapAgain1 karma

How do you actually start when it comes to freelance writing?

global-goose3 karma

Maybe stop fapping for a moment and try doing some writing instead? :)

(Great username btw)

IFapICumIFapAgain2 karma

Can I write about fapping?

global-goose2 karma

Of course you can! I'm sure there is quite a market for that sort of thing. Maybe check out /r/eroticauthors?

Dongo141 karma

I am sure you have seen many places and i am very jealous because you life my dream but to my question: Even tho you have seen many different cultures does it still happen that you come to a place and get a "culture shock"?

global-goose1 karma

Yes, that still does happen! We have seen a lot of different cultures, but every culture is unique. For example, we just spent a month in India and although there were similarities to other places we have travelled it really was like nowhere else we have ever been.

SomeRandomUserGuy1 karma

What has been your least interesting story so far?

global-goose1 karma

I could tell you the story of waiting for 13 hours in total over two days at a visa office in Fortaleza, Brazil... just so that we could see the officer for two minutes and have our visa extensions approved.

Cocoa_Rises0 karma

Are you in a romantic relationship? Have you found love in one of these foreign lands?

global-goose1 karma

Yes, I met my English boyfriend Lee while working abroad in New Zealand. :)

homesickexpat-3 karma

Do you feel weird that you're the main breadwinner and not your boyfriend?

global-goose5 karma

Not at all. :) It's 2016.

I love my job and he gives me a lot of support. I couldn't do it without him.