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Assuming that drilling in North Dakota continues, wouldn't the completion and use of the Dakota access pipeline over traditional oil transportation methods actually help reduce the amount of air pollution and environmental damage?

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Why do Japanese people seem to have trouble grasping and finding humor in irony? Is it a language issue that doesn't translate very well or a culture thing that they simply don't deal with, so can't recognize very well?

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How much do you usually spend in a day and how are you able to keep costs down when low on cash?

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As someone running against him, how do you feel about Gary Johnson essentialy monopolizing the Libertarian Party spotlight as the only "viable" candidate? Will you back him if he is the nominee? What about John McAfee?

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I heard a rumor that you are not allowed to bring North Korean currency outside of the country, that they will search you for it if they thing you are trying to smuggle it out. Is this true? If you did get some out, what does it look like?