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I don't know, are you sure you don't miss standing awkwardly at a school dance with some girl you barely know, sweating a little bit too much in a tux that doesn't fit right and just wondering when the DJ is going to play that Sir Mix A Lot song you requested at the beginning of the night?

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What's the biggest issue excluding funding preventing us from being able to do this today?

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What defines "truly Earth independent?" As in, what all would we need available to achieve that?

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A lot of your music has some dark themes, while a lot of it has some child-like themes.

Does writing towards these themes ever cause your personalities to be affected similarly, or are you able to separate your personal life from the art you create?

A lot of the references to things involve old school video games and TV, were these all freely available to you in South Africa? I think it's awesome how few other rap groups put nostalgia in their music.

How do you manage to stay so energetic all the time, while keeping it cool? Most rap avoids high energy movements but you both embrace it which I think is awesome!

Love you both, thanks for keeping music interesting! Never break up!

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Do you eat a lot of oysters now, or do they ever stop tasting good?

Is farming oysters one of those things where that's all your really farm? Like it's not convenient to also grab shrimp while you're at it?