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Being a doctor you've given a very patient answer. Wow. Kudos.

Edit: wording

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Any other possible benefits for people who might switch from 'reddit is fun'? Might not want to install the app just for AMAs (though I have space)..

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Hi Ms. Bell, Tell us your experience with Boston Legal's cast and crew. Your come back on the series as James Spader's opponent is my favourite!

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Interesting.. I'll take a look.. Hope it doesn't have intrusive ads.

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Do you get ad revenue?

I don't listen to any radio station in my country since most of them are filled with at least 60% mindless ads which seem like they go on forever. Most are not even jingles and just mindless yapping-s of RJs doing the ad. Hope you do get some ads that aren't bad like this.

I salute your determination!