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ChanSungJung5 karma

What's the biggest order someone has clearly made for themself? Once in KFC I saw an incredibly large couple who bought a bargain bucket each and ate the whole fucking thing right there.

However, I FUCKING LOVE KFC and think it completely shits all over the other UK fast food chains. My go to is a Large Fully Loaded Tower Meal, with Gravy as the side, and two Hot Wings! This is my cheat meal every week, it is amazing.

Fanofban8 karma

I've seen someone order a variety bucket and proceed to sit and eat it all, at least take it and scoff it at home! Before I used to love zinger twister with cheese I love it, especially when the cheese has properly melted.

observationalhumour3 karma

Did you know that in Australian KFCs the gravy comes with mashed potatoes? It's amazing, make it happen here please. Also they serve coke not that synthetic pepsi shite.

Fanofban4 karma

I know, I wish they'd make it happen :/, it depends on what drink company you're with we're with britvic not Coca Cola.

jerkwad1533 karma

Does KFC cause raging diarrhea over there as well?

Fanofban7 karma

I've never experienced it from the normal chicken, only the ring sting from the hot wings and zingers.

mufctez2 karma

Do you or your colleagues make fun of, or even just comment on people who eat there very regularly? (In secret of course)

As in "this fat shit is back AGAIN??!!"

Fanofban2 karma

Yes, there's the same family that come at least 3 times a week maybe more, surely it's cheaper and healthier to make your own food? There is also a drunk man that comes in every Saturday at the same time of night he's always stumbling.

RBNaccount42 karma

Have you ever spit in someone's food? If so, why?

Fanofban11 karma

No, I wouldn't, I think it's disgusting.

Magpiepies2 karma

There is an ongoing stereotype that sometimes employees will spit or put other bodily fluids into the food, especially for annoying customers. Is there any truth to this? I always avoid sending food back for this reason and I wasn't sure if I was just paranoid or being bad minded.

Fanofban6 karma

No I've never seen it happen at all, if your a nice person about it I'll give you everything perfect and extra.

Frickinfructose1 karma

Do they still keep the corn on the Cobb in those little vats of grease?


Fanofban1 karma

No, it stopped over a year ago, they just get boiled in water now :)!

Manatime1 karma

Is it true that UK kfc gravy comes frozen in pots and has to be defrosted?

Or is it made from the sweet sweet chicken juices kinda fresh?

Fanofban1 karma

It's not frozen hahah! It has to be made up, one is with the chicken scraps and one with just powder and water.

Tarmac941 karma

Bro, what are the colonels 11 herbs and spices? Keep in mind you can't lie on the internet.

Fanofban1 karma

I don't know, it's already premixed within the flour. Which also gets mixed with an egg and milk mix.

calicomonkey1 karma

I was surprised to find that KFC cut their chicken breasts in half. Is that normal in the UK or just specific to KFC?

Fanofban2 karma

I have no idea actually, I've never even noticed....

Maxbrazier1 karma

What was your worst experience at work?

Fanofban2 karma

Probably when someone threatened me because I supposedly chucked the change into their hand, he told me I had better watch my back!

sushipusha1 karma

So... What happened with the edible coffee cups?

Fanofban1 karma

I never knew these were a thing.

Blueeyedfoxie1 karma

How often do people complain about chicken brains or guts in their food? (like this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3430867/Customer-outraged-served-vile-brain-like-tissue-KFC.html)

Fanofban1 karma

Not often, it's very rare.

BeefSamples1 karma

Why is kfc so much better in europe? it's like real food, not 200lbs of fart flavoured salt. what the fuck is wrong with america.

Fanofban1 karma

I don't think it is hahah!

CoreyNI1 karma

I was in KFC last week and tried to buy a Wicked Zinger Meal. I was told at the checkout that they didn't have chicken. What the fuck is a KFC doing if they don't have chicken?

Fanofban1 karma

The store manager hasn't ordered enough and they can't get any from other stores.

jomari291 karma

Guys got 8 head cookers there?

Fanofban1 karma


cmyer1 karma

If given a map of the US, could you identify Kentucky? I'm not trying to sound condescending. If I was asked anything about the UK I could pretty much only identify the country.

Fanofban1 karma

I know it's on the right side? That's about it

BendiestRhubarb1 karma

What the Fuck has happened to the gravy!?

Fanofban1 karma

The people who make it.

Pawys11111 karma

QSR Industry guy here, hows your drive thru times.? Have you got Digital menu,s yet.?

Fanofban2 karma

Our timers don't work but in busy periods were at 58 cars an hour so it's good! No digital menu yet!

dragonup561 karma

Do you enjoy your job and hope to continue it? Or is it a 9-5 before you start a career?

Fanofban2 karma

I'm not loving it, I won't be able to get a 9-5 job because of childcare and all my family works, I'll probably just do early morning cleaning somewhere, my partner earns enough for us to be comfy, thank god.

Wooogly1 karma

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Fanofban1 karma

To get to the other side.

PoddyOne1 karma

Did you see that BBC documentary about KFC?: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05n7nt5

If so, do you think it was a fairly fair representation of how things operate there?

Fanofban1 karma

No! I'm gonna watch it after I finish tonight!

kevio171 karma

Any sign of the Blazing Boneless Banquet coming back soon? Love me some zinger mini fillets!

Fanofban1 karma

Nope, our stores never even done them before :(

Chopper31 karma

I love the gravy and I love how it varies so very much between branches (some are light, some are dark, some are thick, some are thin), but WHY does it vary so much do you know? Also my nearest branch has a big sign outside that says 'We are "Open"' with the quotes around 'Open' as though they're not really - any idea why?

Fanofban1 karma

It depends how much water, how long it's been cooked (if it's not thick enough it'll get out back in the microwave) I've never noticed and I have no idea :)!

THECapedCaper1 karma

Have you ever tried KFC from a different country? If so, how does it compare to the kind you get in the UK?

Fanofban1 karma

I tried it in Germany once, the fries were nice that's about it.

wallysaruman1 karma

Does your Colonel Sanders have a Cockney Accent? If so, what are some of his phrases? Also: Chicken Pot pie. Do they serve it? What is your stance on the subject matter. What do you think about Syrian refugees? Thank you! P.S.: Is "Finger Lickin' Good" the slogan there, as well? Is the finger licking any good?

Fanofban1 karma

Our colonel sanders has an American accent in guessing it's Kentucky, we don't do pie at all, I don't understand what refugees have to do with my job hah? It was, but they've changed it to 'so good' so it doesn't sound as unhealthy.

flying_head1 karma

Do you hate your life?

Fanofban1 karma

Nope :)!

Taidel1 karma

Wtf is a zinger and a hingi? KFC is fried chicken. In a tub. Whether on the bone or boneless, strips or popcorn. I think there's some sort of crazy thing involving slices of bread, but I stick to the basics.

Fanofban2 karma

Oh god minis hahaha!

Doomtodeath1 karma

Do you get to take in your own food for lunch breaks?

Fanofban1 karma

Yes we can.

whitecd1 karma

Hey, regular customer here..

Does your KFC have a secret menu?

Fanofban1 karma

No only old things that aren't advertised anymore because no one buys them, the mini variety pack is one, I don't think anyone even knows what goes in it, it's been that long since we've packed one.

fuzzycuffs1 karma

What's your typical worst customer like?

Fanofban1 karma

The ones that don't understand it's actually busy and they aren't the only one to serve, then start getting nasty and bitchy at the till/drive thru. If they get too bad I just refuse to serve them, it's funny. Also the ones that keep money in their bra, you see them take it out and pass you it, why?!? There's also the people that are smoking whilst your serving them (at drive thru), I'm a smoker but I don't blow it purposefully into any drive thru window. Lastly the complainers, not the nice ones, sometimes we pack it wrong, fair enough we shouldn't but it happens, if you're not a twat on the phone I'd be more happy to give you your full refund and your meal free with extras. If you're a knob with me, you'll get your food replaced and that's it.

Corndoggy4201 karma

My friend from the UK calls any sandwich with meat on a bun a "burger". So like if he puts a chicken breast on a bun it's a "chicken burger" when in the US that would be a "chicken sandwich". Where does KFC in the UK stand on this topic?

Fanofban3 karma

It's a burger to us, fillet burger, zinger burger.

Colgate2in11 karma

To me if it's in a bun and not sliced bread/baguette/panini or something then it's a burger (Southern England).

Corndoggy4201 karma

So if you put cheese on a bun ...is it a cheese burger?

Fanofban1 karma

No and I don't understand why, it's just how it is.

CaptainBane1 karma

What happened to the chips? They use to be amazing now their these scrappy little McDonald's knockoffs 😞

Fanofban1 karma

I know! When they were swapped everyone got excited until we tasted them, they are awful, the old thicker chips were the best with gravy!