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What's the best way to get a job as a tube driver? Always been interested working on the underground.


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When bowling for soup spoofed slipknot in their video for girls all the bad guys want, what was yours and the band's reaction? The video always makes me laugh.

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I'm a new metropolitan police special, looking to become a regular ASAP. Have you got any advice in the right sort of direction I should be Aiming for? Thank you.

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Friend I work with worked on the set doing painting or something for Star Wars. You might have know him. He was telling me the producers gave out loads of fake story lines to throw off the fans. Is this true?

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I have never had any personal bad experiences with bouncers, but friends of mine have. Few years back on holiday in Tenerife a friend of mine was chucked out for being too drunk. He wasn't being aggressive or anything just to playful, anyway in his drunken stupidity he decided to sneak back in and managed too for a moment. The bouncer at the club walked up to him and punched him in the face and knocked him out. The bouncer was a big dude. My mate wasn't aggressive once and never saw it coming. Needless to say it caused a huge argument and people who weren't with us in the club was all trying to kick this bouncers ass.

Anyway. My question is, have you ever worked with bouncers that are this unprofessional and literally just do the job just to hurt people?