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But yet if I start banging high school girls in the back of a van now, I'm violating the conditions of my parole. Man, some guys have it made.

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tartan passport

If the new Scottish passport actually comes in a tartan design instead of a solid color, I'm all for voting Yes.

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No question, just an anecdote I would like to share.

First time in New York, my birthday. My flight was super delayed the night before, then in the stupidity of taking a Supershuttle from JFK to Manhattan, some other passenger grabs my bag and I don't realize until I get to my hotel and all I have is her bag. Long night of fighting with Supershuttle to put us in contact with each other and I find out that she's staying in Greenwich Village and I'm over in Murray Hill.

Anyways in the morning I grab a taxi in the rain to her place, we exchange pleasantries and swab bags, and I wait in the rain to get a taxi back to my hotel. I get in the taxi with my bag, guy asks where to, I tell him my hotel name, and he's like hell I don't know where that is. So I give him the address and he's like "cross street?" Fuck if I know man.

"Get the fuck out of my cab! I ain't got time for this shit" and he kicks me out of the cab and I'm flabbergasted. I call my hotel and ask for a cross street and get the next cab and it works out. But what the fuck man?

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Paging /u/awildsketchappeared and/or /u/shittywatercolor

Edit: Or /u/shitty_watercolour

Sorry my Americanness precludes my usage of superfluous vowels

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They both sound like winners, then.