I guess it's that time of the year again. I am the owner of a bar & venue in Dublin called "The Thomas House" located on Thomas Street in The Liberties.Yes, it's Saint Patrick's day which is one of our busiest days of the year. This is my third or fourth AMA, the others were fun to do and pretty successful so I'm back again! Ask me anything.

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It begins. This is in Temple Bar, about 10 mins walk away from us.

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Can you bar Yourell for the day please? I hate that guy.

bombidol36 karma

Done deal.

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What are your thoughts on the European Central Bank's decision to move to negative interest rates?

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Worldwide, zero interest rates don't seem to be having the desired impact. Negative is the next step, however as they are pretty much uncharted. We will have to wait and see. It'll probably impact credit ratings more than anything.

mr_grass_man41 karma

do people actually say cunt all the time?

bombidol126 karma

Hourly. It's the law.

bemindful30 karma

This will probably be better off on TripAdvisor, but just want to take this AMA to comment on the sound staff and great welcoming atmosphere of the pub. Especially when dealing with passive-aggressive eejits who don't understand "get out we're closing"! (Very well handled too).

The drink-fuelled entitlement was strong with that lot.

Great selection of beer too, do you ever rotate the selection on tap?

bombidol22 karma

Taps are rotated on availability. We have a list of beers we want to pour and as they become available we swap out taps to make the new beer available.

SinceIWasYoung24 karma

How has the smoking ban affected business?

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Probably for the better. And in multiple ways. It keeps the non smokers happy that they don't have to bathe in cigarette smoke and it creates a crowd outside the pub which makes it look busy. Nothing attracts people like more people.

Supertramp_olin21 karma

Is your name Thomas?

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It's not unfortunately. The bar is very old and came with that name. I was too lazy to change it.

kiwi_hunter19 karma

Be honest with me. Do you like the taste of Guinness?

bombidol62 karma

Love it. It's an acquired taste. But once you get it. Nothing else compares to a good Guinness.

Yehoodi16 karma

Morning lads! I was the one who was tweeting and said how much I was hoping to see this AMA again! Hows the day going so far? Also, Jameson versus Bushmills?

bombidol32 karma

I'm a Bushmills man. We haven't even opened our doors yet. Still in the preparation stages of the day. We pretty much have to be ready to hit the ground running when the time comes (around 2pm local time) 7 staff in total over the day for a small pub is a lot of people to trip over.

Thorjs16 karma

Do you enjoy tourists?

bombidol68 karma

100%. The best part of my job is meeting new people.

ParentalGuidance-1311 karma

I'm trying to stock my bar with quality whiskys. What commonly available sub 150€ brands would you suggest? What are the essential beverages one should have in their home bar?

bombidol36 karma

I'm a massive fan of the Powers range. The regular Powers Gold Label is the best regularly available whiskey out there to me. Their Johns Lane edition is incredible. Any and all of the Teelings range would be a great addition too.

As for a home bar. Patron XO, Powers, Gordon's Gin, Russian Standard Vodka and Sailor Jerry Rum are what I keep at home at all times.

DesperateDuck10 karma

Have you ever seen a really drunk person come on to another successfully in a funny way? And if so, what happened?

bombidol19 karma

Only if the person they are coming on to is also really drunk. Otherwise they just come off as a mutant.

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What would be the greatest Irish customer you'd love to receive?

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We've had McGregor in a few times. Id like to have him in again. Get drunk with him and try and wrestle him. Other than that, maybe Garth Ennis the comic book writer.

sufferationdub2 karma

no shane macgowan sightings?

bombidol3 karma

Not so far!

syrstorm2 karma

Other than that, maybe Garth Ennis the comic book writer.

Do you think there's ANY chance that the new Preacher TV series can capture the comic? I'm skeptical...

bombidol3 karma

I highly doubt it but I'm hopeful.

ElScreecho9 karma

Any Irish beer we should look out for that isn't Guinness or Harp or Murphys?

bombidol15 karma

Most of the O'Haras range is worth checking out. Porterhouse too. Those would be the two most available brands internationally.

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Hi there! I love Dublin. I'm from Boston and went with my fiance for the first time a couple years ago (he's been closer to ten times). It reminds me of Boston in a lot of ways so I fell in love quickly.

How do bar owners/bartenders feel about Americans? We were pretty welcomed but we also aren't typical douche-y tourists. I wonder how most Americans are/what kind of reputation we have in Dublin.

bombidol14 karma

We get all kinds in here. I have zero issue with Americans on vacation here. I've always found the vast majority of them to be very down to earth and fun. You'll always the the random loud obnoxious one but that goes for all nationalities including Irish people.

DrCrapFactoryMD8 karma

Do you watch Conor's fights?

bombidol11 karma

Of course!

Jim1058 karma

What is the most popular beer sold today? What about most popular whiskey?

bombidol18 karma

Guinness. Guinness and more Guinness all day.

aeroru6 karma

Why the fuck has the price of wine in Dublin become so extortionate in the last year?

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Excise duty has screwed up the pricing on a lot of alcoholic beverages. The wine pricing scheme was particular painful for a lot of people.

mehdir_946 karma

Can you share the funniest bar story you have?

bombidol14 karma

There are so many. The legendary one from this bar is the time a regular customer ate a dead gecko.

andr3dias5 karma

Why do you choose your busiest day of the year to do this AMA? Are you ending this AMA before the bar opens?

bombidol8 karma

It's a tradition now. I don't spend a lot of the day behind the bar. I'll jump in and out as needed but I have the staff on that can handle anything. My role today is strictly support.

KeithGallagher3 karma

How was Morrissey? I know the band are regulars but how was the man himself?

bombidol16 karma

He's a gentleman. Very attentive and interested. As well as being interesting to listen to. Loads of stories and future plans. Very cool bloke.

Nomsfud3 karma

If you had to either eat nothing but Nutella for an entire month or sit on a throne of lies which would you pick?

bombidol5 karma


StupidPlibbi3 karma

How much do you drink on St Patrick's day?

bombidol18 karma

Nothing. Maybe a beer or two when it's all over. For me it's all work work work all day.

Yehoodi3 karma

Would you tell the dead gecko story?

bombidol12 karma

A friend and regular patron of the bar called Toner had to out do a tourist who had drank something stupid. We had a bottle of some sort of Asian whiskey in the bar that for some reason had two dead lizards in the bottle. I think it's a tourist thing that they sell in China maybe. Toner smashed open the bottle. Stood up on the bar and ate the whole thing. Bones and all. There's video and photos online somewhere.

BrutallyHonestDude3 karma


bombidol16 karma

Once upon a time it may have. But realistically the bottom line is that these days it's a hardcore drinking day. There are elements of it that stay true, like bringing children to see the parade and the the underlying sense of togetherness. But from my point of view in here. It's a massive piss up being undertaken by groups of people who are terrible drinkers.

Fisherkingrules3 karma

Have you ever had people fight in your pub?

If yes, What was the worse fight to happen in your pub?

bombidol3 karma

It's very very rare that there is a fight in here. I can only think of it happening once years ago. It was dealt with pretty quick though.


Any drink specialty drink recommendations?

bombidol13 karma

Not really. Don't do shots. Drink the same thing all night and you'll feel a little better the morning after. Only drink good whiskey.

Discoberry13 karma

How much did things change after the law banned smoking?

bombidol4 karma

For the better I think. Keeps people indoors happy and makes the bar look busy outside.

ungov3 karma

Do Irish people get offended when they hear jokes/stereotypes that they drink, and sing all the time?

bombidol6 karma

Some will. Most not though. The general spirit over here is one of taking it easy and having a laugh. Most times those stereotypes are turned back on the person asking them and both parties get a laugh out of it.

PerfectStorm7813 karma

Without bias, which city is a better night out, Dublin or Belfast? Feelin' a holiday soon and never been to Ireland!

bombidol3 karma

Belfast is only 2 hours away so you could totally do both. A night in Dublin and a night in Belfast. Both cities are great.

Darkglasses253 karma

Any thoughts about the introduction of minimum alcohol prices here? Do you think it'll ever actually happen?

bombidol3 karma

Minimum pricing should have been brought in years ago. I'm guessing it will eventually happen but might take a long time.

Johnoss3 karma

Have you ever caught a leprechaun?

bombidol10 karma


Wcm19823 karma

How's your day been going? Any unusual things happen?

bombidol8 karma

I just woke up 10 minutes ago so I haven't even left for work yet. We don't open until 2pm today and it's only 10am (ish) here now. But I'm preparing for a hard day at the bar.

Wcm19822 karma

Ah, st pats is nearly over in Australia! It's 8:10pm here. I've had a few to celebrate. Happy st pats! Maybe at the end of the day you could reply with the craziest thing you see. Good evening, sir.

bombidol5 karma

No doubt there will be a million tales and pictures to be posted.

bombidol2 karma

Well that's the end of another Paddys day for us here at Thomas House. All in all it was very quiet compared to usual. From all reports it seems to have been a little quieter citywide. Feel free to keep posting and I'll answer any questions you have. For now, in off to have a beer after a long day.

klevenisms2042 karma

what's for supper?

bombidol9 karma

I just stuffed my face with some sort of microwaveable pasta slop. That'll have to do until about 2am.

hatrickhero2 karma

You watchin the hurling game today?

bombidol5 karma

I'll have no time to do anything today I'm afraid.

Klaus_Goldfish7 karma

Follow-on: Is there any truth to the statement that Hurling is "a cross between hockey and fucking murder"?

bombidol5 karma

Hurling is pretty full on. I don't go to games regularly but I've been to a few. It's exciting to watch. And can get violent fairly fast.

serioussham2 karma

What's your take on Irish craft breweries, in Dublin or elsewhere?

bombidol8 karma

There are multiple craft breweries here in Dublin. Most of them produce decent beer. A few produce amazing beer. I drink a lot of craft stuff, but I also like a lot of older breweries ranges. Belgian Trappist stuff is a favourite of mine.

serioussham4 karma

Out of curiosity, which ones do you consider amazing? Your reply about Guinness being an acquired taste reminded me that the Wrasslers from the Porterhouse (on tap) is probably the best stout I've ever tasted.

bombidol8 karma

Porterhouse Hersbrucker is one of the best straight up Pilsners ever made here. Wood Quay knocked it out of the park with The Pilgrim red ale. Boom session IPA is great. O'Haras stout is fantastic. Galway Bay 200 Fathoms is probably the best beer ever made in Ireland.

AgroKK2 karma

How many nearly full pints of Guinness do you normally have lined up behind the bar as you wait for the last orders bell to toll?

bombidol6 karma

Once it gets busy the staff will have as maybe half done Guinness as space allows. Come last orders you pretty much make them to order as you don't want to be putting too much beer out into the room that it won't be drank or go to waste. Remember, there's only 30 mins from last orders until it's leaving time. Some people get greedy and order about 4 pints thinking they can drink them all. They rarely can. On a night like tonight the staff will be stuck here for hours afterwards cleaning so the sooner the bar is empty, the sooner they can start cleaning and finish up.

ChippersRevenge2 karma

How did you become a bar owner?

bombidol5 karma

I used to work here as a promoter years ago. Old owner walked away about 5 years ago. Myself and a pal were contacted about taking over. Chanced it, still here. But very tired.

sockmonkeyadam2 karma

How busy is it today?

bombidol2 karma

It's pretty busy right now but the Paddys day crowd are pretty random in general. They tend to have a pint in one pub then move on to the next. It won't be until the evening that it kicks off 100%.

Double-ewe2 karma

Do you serve Caffery's, If not why not ?

bombidol2 karma

Pretty hard to find cafferys in ireland these days. I think is brewed for export mostly.

Mr_Skeet112 karma

Ever run out of beer on this holy of days?

bombidol4 karma

Nope. We always make sure we are overstocked for today. Maybe one tap will run dry but there are plenty of other beers to choose from.

Sevran2 karma

How are the tourists so far?

bombidol2 karma

No problems at all so far. Tourists are all enjoying themselves. No one destroyed drink so far.

PayMeNoAttention2 karma

Seeing as today is St. Patty's day, I figured I would throw my name in the hat for a free trip to Ireland. Guess who won? Go on. Take a guess!!!

So, when is the best time to visit your fine country and what are the must do's and don't's when my wife and I get there?

bombidol1 karma

What city are you planning on heading to ?

PayMeNoAttention1 karma

I literally have no idea. From what I gather, they will pay for our airfare and up to X amount of dollars for our lodging. We can pretty much pick where we go. Sadly, I am not too educated on Ireland. I know they have beautiful countryside, amazing history and a couple of pubs.

bombidol1 karma

Well you can fly into Shannon (west coast) or Dublin ( East coast) west coast is maybe a little bit more rural orientated though there are cities there. Or into Dublin and hang out in the capital. However, the country is small so you can get anywhere in a few hours.

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bombidol5 karma

It's a cultural phenomenon. To the point where no one knows what they are celebrating. So they just wear green and get drunk, cause Paddys day. In theory it's fun but in reality it's a bit scary.

BrutallyHonestDude2 karma

How do I order a Black and Tan or an Irish Car Bomb in Ireland without being murdered?

It's on my bucket list, although it might be the last entry.

bombidol3 karma

You can of course.

BrutallyHonestDude3 karma

So publicans have no problems with these drinks? I've heard they were off limits in Ireland.

bombidol2 karma

Not at all.

bombidol1 karma

Just ask for them. Staff know what they are and will gladly accept payment for services and products. No matter the name.

gatorpower1 karma

Do native Irish people still remember the overwhelming racism against the Irish in America several decades ago? If so, is it an unspoken grudge against American tourists or has it been forgiven for the most part?

bombidol2 karma

I don't think it's an issue anymore to be honest. Not for most people.

Comicspedia1 karma

First, it's great to see you answering so many questions. Thanks for that!

Second, have you ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day anywhere outside of Ireland? If so, how did it compare?

bombidol3 karma

I was in Chicago for it years ago. It was fun but lacked the same lunacy as here.

AmericanPixel1 karma

what year was your bar built and what is the oldest known bar in Ireland?

It is rumored UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor owns a bar in Ireland, is this true?

Are you a fan of his?

Is he treated like a god in Ireland?

Any personal thoughts on his loss to Nate Diaz? (assuming you follow UFC)

What do you think of the Delorean?

bombidol1 karma

Our bar was built in 1710. I believe the oldest one is about 50 years older.

bombidol1 karma

I don't know if him owning a bar here but I know there's a bar that sponsors him from time to time. His loss wasn't tragic, he was doing well for the first round but that's a lot of extra weight to perform with. He'll be back stronger than ever. He's definitely a big name here.

bombidol1 karma

The Delorean was a piece of shit looks cool now cause we grew up seeing it in movies.

skrangle1 karma

My company has offices in the Irish Life Centre and from the looks of the Google street view, it looks like you might be a customer :)

Maybe i'll try to stop by next time im in Dublin! I've always liked the pubs in Dublin alot more the then local ones here in Oslo. Much more character, even though most of the ones i've been to are a bit "touristy".

Other than having a nice glass of beer while in Dublin, is there anything you can recommend doing?

bombidol1 karma

Phonewatch ?

sheknitsandreads1 karma

BEST time to come visit Ireland from the states? It seems cheapest to fly winter/early spring but is it true that a lot of places are closed up for the season?

bombidol3 karma

Not in the cities or larger towns, everything will be open there year long. Some of the seaside towns etc will close up for the winter. The weather is terrible at that time of the year though.

NickNash19851 karma

Are there any cultural differences an American should know when visiting a bar like yours? I read somewhere to never order a "black and tan", and call it "half and half" instead. Anything else (other than don't be an asshole)?

bombidol3 karma

You can call it what you like. We don't mind (for the most part) similar rules here. Don't abuse the staff and leave when it's time to go!

UberTheBlack1 karma

How much more do you make in beer sales on St. Paddy's day compared to any other business day? Quite a lot, I'd imagine.

bombidol2 karma

It depend. But on a good Paddys day we could do a weekends trade in one night.

xMeta4x1 karma

It's 20 mins until opening time. How drunk are you right now?

bombidol7 karma

Zero drunk. Highly caffeinated though.

xMeta4x2 karma

When do you estimate you will be drunk by, or is Dublin a very different place to when I was last over there?

bombidol4 karma

I probably won't be drunk today. But Saturday? Yep.

mr_grass_man1 karma

can you get drunk from too much beer?

bombidol7 karma

It's science.