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In Europe, wine is meant to be something that goes along with a food. A good thing to keep in mind is that for the longest time water had this problem of flat out murdering people if they drank it.

That's pretty debatable, to be honest. See for instance this thread - water wasn't poisoned in medieval Europe, and while beer was common enough, it served as a source of carbohydrates ("liquid bread" and all that), while wine remained a luxury product outside of its region of origin until pretty recently.

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He's at the Thomas House, great place.

If you're looking for typical Irish stuff, there's of course the Fish and Chips (Burdocks or Beshoff), but a nice, tourist-friendly place is the Boxty House off Temple Bar. They serve Boxty (crazy uh) and have a fairly nice selection of Irish craft beer and cider.

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Fun fact, Trinity College Dublin also gets a copy of every book published in the UK because Ireland wasn't independent yet when Trinity was founded.

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Out of curiosity, which ones do you consider amazing? Your reply about Guinness being an acquired taste reminded me that the Wrasslers from the Porterhouse (on tap) is probably the best stout I've ever tasted.

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What do you think about the EU stratcom task force's disinformation review?