I'm Dominic Monaghan, currently on my 3rd season of "Wild Things" on Travel Channel, Wednesday at 10PM.

I do stuff and I also do things.

I'm not that hobbit, or am I? So I'm back again, ask me anything!


EDIT: You guys are fantastic, off to tape @Midnight! - see you sooon!

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Wickedawesome311387 karma

Do you still get "You all everybody" stuck in your head? Because I do.

DominicMonaghan616 karma

No not really, I sing other songs but I'm glad it was catchy enough for people to like it.

otama622 karma

You're stuck in the wilderness and hear a distant rumble, trouble awaits you. Would you rather a smoke monster or angry horde of orcs?

DominicMonaghan1018 karma

Smoke monster cause its not real!

OhHelloPlease405 karma

Hey Dominic, I'm going to New Zealand next month and was wondering where your favorite places were from your time there, and if there was an absolute must place to visit to see one of the LotR filming locations, which would it be?

DominicMonaghan580 karma

Queenstown is pretty amazing. Milford Sound is worth seeing, obviously the capital city Wellington, where we shot most of the film is worth checking out. I really like Ruapehu.

theArnoldFans1398 karma

3 easy questions: Batman or Superman? Stallone or Arnold? Star Wars or Star Trek?

DominicMonaghan1122 karma



Star Wars

piewdiepie354 karma

What has been one of your favourite moments during Lord Of the Rings films?

DominicMonaghan1122 karma

I like watching it all with the cast when it was finished and put together. We would watch it in a private screening with Pete in NZ or London or Berlin.

Just to watch it as the people who made it before it was kind of given over to the public to love it. We had that couple of weeks where it was just ours...and that was kind of fun.

HeartyBeast258 karma

What's the story behind getting a spider named after you. Did you just get a call from a biologist one day?

And your forest in India, how actively are you involved in it, what are you currently doing with it and what do you hope it becomes?

DominicMonaghan538 karma

I was working with a arachnologist in Laos in a cave system and he thought that he would find a new species because he never been there before and he was seeing things that looked unusual.

He told me if he did manage to collect something new, I could name it whatever I wanted. A couple months later he called me and told me it was a new species, so we named it a Monaghan spider. He recently found a new one and called it the Bowie Spider.

As far as the forest, the mango tree plantation. I bought it 15 years in a Bangalore, India it just does its own thing. It makes money for the people and feeds people the mangoes. It's as simple as that really.

mikeo119241 karma

Other than Charlie, who was your favorite Lost character in the series?

DominicMonaghan792 karma

Vincent the dog.

pentaquine237 karma

How did you get connected with Eminem to shoot the fabulous music video?

DominicMonaghan426 karma

I was working with a director on a separate project that didn't work out. He called me and said "do you want to be in the new Eminem video?" and that's all I need to know. I'm a huge fan of his.

DarkPasta221 karma

Hi Dominic, should I ask my boss for a raise?

DominicMonaghan482 karma

DEFINITELY. If you don't get it. Quit. Do something else, follow your passion.

forava7214 karma

Doing the Wild Things along with LoTR, you have been to a number of exotic places. What is your favorite place to visit and why, and is there somewhere you would want to visit but haven't yet? Btw love your series!

DominicMonaghan369 karma

I really like SE Asia. For the food. So Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand. People are very friendly, and the weather is fantastic. Animals everywhere. I'll always go back, I know some secret places that people don't know. It feels like a little sanctuary for me.

Jess1491143 karma

What was the most difficult thing during shooting of Wild Things?

DominicMonaghan240 karma

Just the daily lack of basic requirements like food or water or a comfortable bed.

You know, basic requirements can get you down. You might spend 5 days not eating anything substantial or not being able to rely on the local water or things like that.

We have to rely on things like bananas, protein bars, peanut butter and fruit - apples etc. That gets old quickly. You just make do till it changes.

Half_Person136 karma

8 years ago i saw you at 101 coffee shop in hollywood and you were wearing a soccer jersey with your last name. Do you remember what you ordered?

DominicMonaghan310 karma

I'm gonna guess, a tuna melt and english breakfast tea. Do you remember what I ordered?

MaiTook99136 karma

With whom do you share the most funniest memories?

DominicMonaghan356 karma

Probably Billy Boyd, he's very funny he makes me laugh. We have been in ridiculous situations together. We always look for the fun in anything we're doing.

ChanHonYin100 karma

Hey Dom, big fan!

Me and my housemate are looking to get a ball python some point in the near future, any tips on what we should look out for in terms of a healthy snake. Also I was wondering what's your favourite ball python morph and why?

DominicMonaghan129 karma

Mmm...I like het morphs and ghost morphs. That's pretty all can I say, anything that looks unusual and unique. Just make sure you get something healthy and good looking from a reputable breeder.

theArnoldFans191 karma

Your likeness has been captured in many action figures, comics and even have a LEGO likeness...do have keep all of the merchandise that was created of you and what's your favorite piece?

DominicMonaghan192 karma

I have some stuff from Weta Workshop and MacFarlane Toys. Some merch, but I dont have all the merchandise that has my likeness. Neither have I received that many checks to show me that they're selling.

kpbergman90 karma

I read that you find nature inspiring. Can you share a moment when some beauty or power in nature left you in awe?

I have enjoyed your shows and films! Keep up the great work!

DominicMonaghan232 karma

I always like watching waves in the ocean. I like watching night turn into day, day turn into night. But my favorite thing is being in a pitch black jungle and waiting for the animals to come to you instead of the other way around.

Lots of small mammals come to check you out. Nocturnal birds and insects. We make so much noise in the jungle, but if you stand still the animals start to relax and come out a little bit.

VenomTalks84 karma

Hi Dominic! Horde or Alliance?

DominicMonaghan226 karma

I like Horde, super excited about WoW movie coming out. Lucky enough to know Duncan Jones a little bit and he's great at creating worlds. The great thing about WoW, there's no real good side or bad side you can empathize with both POV's.

AngelicBastard80 karma

What's that embarrassing story your parents will never let you forget?

DominicMonaghan193 karma

Uh...I remember my parents laughing for years when I told them I would be a vegetarian. Because I ate meat in every meal growing up. They said what are you gonna eat, you don't like vegetables? But I'm pretty much a vegetarian - I eat fish here or there. So I guess the joke is on my folks.

corporalsniff65 karma

Hey Dominic, why did you paint your nails in the proof photo?

DominicMonaghan379 karma

I don't think it's fair that girls get all the fun. I also think there should be fashion rights for everyone. You should be able to express yourself however way you want with whatever color, style or choice. And it looks great!

caspissinclair62 karma

Have you backed out of any particular situations filming Wild Things? Like because of danger or you weren't comfortable with how the shoot was turning out?

DominicMonaghan244 karma

Only with humans, there's been situations where terrorism is at a heightened level. Or civil war has broken out in countries we want to go to. Humans are the scariest animals on the planet. They can dictate me not going to somewhere. But never with other animals.

DominicMonaghan80 karma

Only with humans, there's been situations where terrorism is at a heightened level. Or civil war has broken out in countries we want to go to. Humans are the scariest animals on the planet. They can dictate me not going to somewhere. But never with other animals.

quiteintriguing57 karma

Was part of your career motivations so that you could travel the world more freely one day or is it just an added bonus?

DominicMonaghan110 karma

I love traveling, I've always traveled. I like immersive travel. I like going to countries outside your comfort zone. I don't hearing my own language, my own currency or food. I like new things.

"Wild Things" is basically my holiday that I turned into a TV show.

Jess149151 karma

Can I ask you, have you ever been in the Czech Republic? ...Thank you for your answer :)

DominicMonaghan99 karma

Yes I've been to Prague, 3 or 4 times. Love the buildings. Love Budvar beer. Its actually the influence for Budweiser in the U.S.

-selina-43 karma

Do you have a life motto or mantra that helps you through tough times, Dominic?

DominicMonaghan141 karma

I have a tattoo "The love you take is equal to the love you make" it's the last line sang by The Beatles from their last album, Abbey Road. I feel like it speaks to the balance of our lives, good times and bad times tend to balance themselves out.

We tend to forget about how many good times we've had and dwell on the bad. It's important to remember things tend to even out at the end of the day.

TooBuyFor42 karma

When filming Wild Things have you ever accidentally killed anything you were trying to film? Butterfly, frog, small lizard, etc.? A misplaced foot here, a falling camera there..

DominicMonaghan84 karma

I'm sure I've accidentally killed tiny creatures, that I didn't even know were under my feet.

Or leaning against a tree and squished something, that I didn't even know...I'm sure I've done it not intentionally!

theArnoldFans140 karma

Is exercise important and a ritual for you? What do you do to stay in shape?

DominicMonaghan112 karma

I have a pretty healthy diet, when Im not too busy working. I go to the gym Mon-Fri so that I can eat whatever I want on a Sunday. It's important to have a fat day.

I'm lucky because my mom's a nurse. So I grew up with fruit, brown bread, brown rice, good choices. I prefer healthier food than junk food. Sushi probably my favorite.

FearlessGT39 karma

Hi Dominic!

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

DominicMonaghan115 karma

I don't think it's happened yet, I think if you think you've reached your peak its over in a way...you're always looking for the next peak when you went over that peak. I'll consider that question when I'm 94.

netgem2138 karma

Hey! How's Quantum Break shaping up?

DominicMonaghan72 karma

Looks pretty good. Coming out in April on Xbox from Microsoft Studios. Great graphics, great gameplay. Exciting game, you'll love it.

TheKeegmeister35 karma

If you could switch lives with any animal for a week what animal would you be? and how do you think they would do hosting your show?

DominicMonaghan60 karma

Oh man...I don't know. I'd like to be a black panther for a week. Kind of fun. Doesn't get more wild than that. I think they would struggle to fix a radio mic on a panther. And it's tough shooting them at night with the shadows.

lula248834 karma

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

DominicMonaghan73 karma

Check the time, see if I can sleep more. If not, head downstairs, warm water, half a lemon, cayenne pepper, turmeric, black pepper...wait 15 minutes.

Turmeric is so good for you. It kills cancer cells, works on free radicals. You should put as much turmeric into your body as much as possible.

Frentis32 karma

Hey Dominic

Firstly thank you for your role in Lord of the Rings, it was a big part of my childhood and so were you or Merry was.

Now for my questions, I hope it's alright I ask more then one.

Ever been bitten by a bullet ant? If not, what's the most painful bite you've ever gotten?

Also did you keep anything from the Lord of the Rings set?

Lastly what's the scariest/creepiest you have experienced on Wild Things? (also what's you favourtie snake? Big fan of The Green Vine Snake and Gaboon Viper myself)

Again thank you again, keep being awesome. Cheers from Denmark!

Edit: spelling

DominicMonaghan55 karma

You don't get bitten by a bullet ant you get stung, and I haven't been stung.

Most painful was a Monitor Lizard in Thailand. 25 stitches!

irvinemike29 karma

How much more difficult is it to act in front of green screens for much of a film's production?

DominicMonaghan106 karma

Yea green screens are harder, because you have to create more in your brain. Its technically more difficult. Sometimes green screens are essential because the things you're looking at they don't exist.

Ask any actor, they'd rather work with real practical things, environments. Who knows maybe Andy Serkis is different.

trigunned26 karma

Hi Dom,

I am a fan of your work! One question: If you could teach one person one important life lesson, what would it be?

DominicMonaghan96 karma

I don't think its my position to teach people anything. I'm still learning myself. Its up to karma to teach people lessons. If there's one thing that I walk around trying to encourage people to think about, its the notion of being curious.

That our planet is something to be explored and enjoyed. Getting out of your comfort zone is the place where you grow as a human.

BlondieClashNirvana23 karma

Hi Dominic! I have an irrational fear of bugs and anything that looks super wicked...how can I overcome this fear of these usually harmless creatures?

DominicMonaghan82 karma

Just research them, learn about their magical powers and incredible abilities. Fear is based in a sense of ignorance. If you start to educate yourself on what you're scared of you'll find that fear goes away.

PHASERStoFAB23 karma

Hi Dom! Thanks for doing this! I'm a big fan and aspiring actor! How did you get into acting? Any advice?

DominicMonaghan61 karma

The best advice is to act consistently do it. Surround yourself with influencers. Plays, films, TV shows you like, actors your admire. Write plays, read plays, go and watch them. Become obsessed. If you're not gonna give up sooner or later it'll work out. Or die trying.

Friturer21 karma

Whats your favourite dish from New Zealand?

DominicMonaghan37 karma

Cooking a lot of bok choy when I was there, which is yummy. They do great lamb which I don't eat too much of anymore. And I like New Zealand pavlova. They do a kiwi version, it's good.

optimusbrides19 karma

Dom, my SO and I watched the 1st episode of code 100*... does it get better ?

DominicMonaghan33 karma

Yea keep watching it, definitely gets better. Darker, scarier.

no_modest_bear16 karma

Hi Dominic! Since so many classic shows are reinventing themselves these days, do you see Lost being one to be revived? Would you consider reprising your role in some form, or is that part of your life over with?

DominicMonaghan51 karma

Yea, I did it. It's been done. Why revisit doing something you've done to 100%. You're only gonna be disappointed with it.

dispatcher_832 karma

Hey Dom, big fan couple questions:

Lost or Flash Forward - Which one did you like better and was it weird being attached to the “new lost” after being such a huge part of Lost?

How did you feel about the ending to Lost and Charlie’s ending?

Do you ever get together with Pip, Sam, and Frodo for a pint and a song or two? Or does Rosie have Sam’s balls in her little hobbit hands?

DominicMonaghan16 karma

What's "new Lost"? Wait, are you drunk?

Lost I guess compared to FF. About the ending? I didn't watch it.

I often hang out with Elijah and Billy. We sometimes drink beer.