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Movie you passed on, that wish you wouldn't have?

Role you've always wanted to play?

Huge, huge fan of yours, Azeem from Robin Hood will always outweigh everything else, even God, for me personally.

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Ms. Page, welcome to reddit!

  • you describe yourself as a feminist, and for a very attractive actor you've made a career that focuses more on the characters you play and their struggles rather than sexual appeal...was choosing these roles deliberate? For someone your age, has this been difficult for you to avoid a romantic comedy role or a typical love story type film?

  • You played the audience role initally in Inception - understanding a world the rest of the characters grew into and were expected to take adapt and understand what was common place for them. How was it working with Mr. Nolan? Would you work with him or any of the cast members again?

  • What has been your challenges as an actor balancing a normal set film, a film with green screen and a set, and a video game role?

  • Are you a wine person, a whiskey person, a water person or a beer person?

Thank you for your time!!!

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People really think that? At least it promoted responsible options rather than becoming a teen mom who isn't ready.

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Some people are "foodies", Denzel is an ice cream guy. Didn't see that coming.