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I just imagine a large team of Reddit Social Advisors perched on the arm of the sofa next to him. "Just type r-a-m-p-a-r-t Zach" >stifles snigger< "Why?" "Oh don't worry, they'll eat it up".

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Back in the late 90s, a colleague of mine waged a little campaign to use 'web' rather that www.

In fact quite a few of our public servers were web.example.com shame it never took off.

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What's the story behind getting a spider named after you. Did you just get a call from a biologist one day?

And your forest in India, how actively are you involved in it, what are you currently doing with it and what do you hope it becomes?

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I travel a fair bit and I get the impression that though the guys at Heathrow take the security very seriously, they like to at least try to be human in most circumstances. US security, by contrast more often falls into the 'I'm really bad-ass' mind-set.

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I remember trying this in the Peruvian rainforest when I working as a resident naturalist. What I mainly remember was how unnerving it was. Walked out in to the forest. Turned off the lamp and sat down on a small folding stool, looking at a few stars peeking through the canopy.

The sounds of the forest were amazing. About 5 minutes in there was a rustling and something brushed my leg. I screamed so loudly, I suspect all the rest of the fauna for a mile legged it.